Nov 22
RTA November SDP Planning

     After reviewing the diagnostic assessments and locally designed screens gathered in September and October, RTA staff met on Friday, November 12, 2021, to design lessons which incorporate high impact strategies connected to the School Development Goals: Literacy, Numeracy and Wellness.

The RAVENS Learning Agenda:

Wellness SDP Goal:

  • Students' critical reflection about belonging will increase.
    • ​Micro Goal: Students will learn how they can help everyone belong.

TASK 1: Report Card RESULTS Stem Unpacking

In our SDP, we are using the Report Card Stem, Results 3: Citizenship | Exercises democratic rights and responsibilities within the learning community as a measure of student wellness.  

Purpose: we need to create a common grade team indicator scale for the Report Card Stem

Learning Leader, Mr. Lee shared examples of how he embeds the Results into classroom task design, including conversations and writing reflections.

In grade teams, teachers created  a rubric, providing grade team criteria for the following indicators: 

  • EX: Exemplary Strengths 
  • EV: Evident Strengths 
  • EM: Emerging Strengths 
  • SR: Network of Supports Required 

CBE Reporting and Assessment Document – Results 3: Citizenship | Exercises democratic rights and responsibilities within the learning community 

  • Contributes to events of common concern 
  • Advocates for self, others, and the common good 
  • Takes responsibility and action to help the group work smoothly 
  • Adheres to community expectations and personal convictions in conducting and representing learning 

Teachers will shared the common rubric with students.

TASK 2: Science Fair Planning

Purpose: In grade teams, teachers created a Science Fair Checklist for students and families to help them organize and chuck the learning tasks, requirements and deadlines.

TASK 3: Literacy and Numeracy PLC (Professional Learning Communities)

Literacy Goal 2021-22 |Students' achievement in managing and evaluating information and ideas will increase.

  • Micro Goal #1: Students will be able to paraphrase and summarize key ideas, concepts and information.
  • Micro Goal #2: Students will develop and build their vocabulary.

Mathematics Goal 2021-22 new | Student achievement in understanding and expressing patterns and relations will increase.

  • Micro Goal: Students will be able to express and solve problems using equations

​Purpose: To review students' assessment data aligned with our SDP and to plan the next steps.

Teachers divided into the Numeracy or Literacy Teams.

STEP 1: Document data observations and data needs.  

  • What are some strategies that we can use for our students at risk? 
  • Where they at risk last year? 
  • Does the data match what I see in the classroom? 
  • Did the format of the data gathering (ie. Test environment) affect the results?  
  • Do I need to gather more data in a different way? 
  • Do we need to look at last year's data? 

STEP 2: Identify the next step. We need to design/focus/etc. 

STEP 3: What is the action plan? 

STEP 4: What is the homework?

Yours in learning,

Brenda Lewis


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