Jun 19
National Indigenous Peoples' Day

National Indigenous Peoples' Day:

National Indigenous Peoples' Day is honoured annually on June 21st, marking the beginning of summer solstice. In Indigenous communities, summer solstice signifies a time of renewal and ceremonies which are connected to the seasons, land and spirituality. National Indigenous Peoples Day is for all Canadians to recognize the diverse cultures and outstanding contributions of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in Canada. It is a day for communities to come together and acknowledge Indigenous peoples contributions, both historical and contemporary. It is important to honour the traditional territory on which we live and the original peoples of this land.

While we acknowledge the significance of this day, teachers will be thoughtful to include rich learning opportunities that live through the disciplines, and connect to ongoing, long-term work to honour and learn from Indigenous knowledge systems, languages and histories.

As part of our ongoing work, several RTA teachers will be also be working with an Indigenous Education Leader at Carburn Park over the next couple of weeks, continuing to grow and to connect our sacred space to rich and meaningful learning.

Community Resources for RTA families:

While this learning is embedded each and every day at RTA, in all subjects and disciplines, teachers, staff and students will be mindful to take some extra time to celebrate and to share stories.

Grade 5 & 6

  • Students will visit Carburn Park in these last couple of weeks, revisiting their sacred spot and sharing stories.

Grade 7

  • Grade 7 students will visit Carburn Park in the PM
  • Students will eat lunch and then identify 5-6 local plants that Indigenous people used and learned about in class.
Grade 8
  • Indigenous Summer Solstice Virtual Presentation 
  • Science – Grade 8 students will be exploring the Indigenous Perspective on Science (Two-eyed seeing and what is indigenous place). We will also be exploring various Indigenous perspectives on the Northern Lights. 
  • Humanities – Grade 8 students will learn the importance of the summer solstice to Indigenous communities and do some writing inspired by summer-themed art and music.

Grade 9

​Physical Education

  • ​All PE classes will be participating in two traditional Indigenous Games.  
  • The background and history of the games will be shared prior to playing Lacrosse and Sticks.
  • Lacrosse Legend

We are so happy to be able to share this very important work,

Brenda Lewis 


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