​One of the most important ways parents/guardians and community members can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on the school council. Under the Education Act, a school council is a collective association designed to advise the principal and the CBE Board of Trustees on matters related to the school. School councils have legislated advisory. They are different from Parent Societies & Associations, whose main function is to raise funds for the school.​​ You can find more details in the CBE School Council Handbook​.​

School Council

Meeting Dates/Schedule

School Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:45 PM. To help parents attend meetings are currently being held in a blended format with in-person and on-line access. If the second Tuesday is a holiday, School Council will meet on the third Tuesday of the month. See our Calendar page for dates. 

Our School Council Members

Chair: Taysha Boehmer
Vice Chair: Kevin Scott
Treasurer: Michael Grier

Secretary: Charlie Christin

Volunteer Coordinator: Jennifer Makus
Casino Coordinator: Christina Bain

Contact the School Council

Email: ranchlandscouncil@gmail.com


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We are planning a drive by parade to loudly celebrate our Grade 6 students at 7:30 pm on June 24. Please watch for further details. https://t.co/23R1g49Uzc

We had hoped to do something special this year to celebrate this day, however with the situation being what it is, we invite you to recognize this day at home with your children. One of many sites to learn more is.. https://t.co/wsegzcOJjV