Business Administration, Finance and Information Technology (BIT)

Business Opportunities 10 (1413)

This will be an introduction into the world of business. You will investigate market research basics, customer service, advertising and retail management. You will explore some of the software commonly used in a business setting. You will then apply your knowledge and skill in a variety of ways and learn the many aspects of operating a business. Prerequisite: None

Business Opportunities 20/30 (2413/3413)

You will develop entrepreneurial skills needed to create and operate your own business. You will continue to develop your proficiency levels in the use and application of business software. You also will look at real-world businesses; study the theories behind business ideas. Business 30 students will continue to develop and deepen the entrepreneurial skills necessary to create and operate your own business. You must have a solid foundation in business theory and the use of different business software programs. You will need to be an independent and self-motivated student. Prerequisite: None

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