Multidisciplinary (MD)

Engineering Design

Learn to shape the future through design, innovation and invention. Engineering Design (DEI) combines modules from a variety of CTS clusters to provide a uniquely interdisciplinary course where students learn to design, engineer, and prototype innovative projects using a variety of cutting edge programs, tools and technology. Students will explore 3D printing, laser cutting, electronic design, prototyping, Arduino microcontrollers and other emerging technologies. DEI is for anyone who wants to unlock their creative potential to design and make dynamic projects, create real things for real people, and change the world through innovation and invention. 

Engineering Design 10 (1418)

Design, Engineering & Innovation 10 focuses on developing foundational mindsets and skills needed to increase their creative capacity for idea generation, design, and project prototyping. These skills are critical for the next generation of engineers, designers and inventors. Student will engage in various design and engineering challenges, intended to
develop divergent thinking and creative problem solving. Students will also learn 3D design software, basic electronic design and production, microcontroller programming, and laser cutting. Students who learn to combine high level thinking with cutting edge tools and technology will shape the future of our world. Prerequisite: None

Engineering Design 20/30 (2418/3418)

Design, Engineering & Innovation 20/30 will continue to expand student capacity for more complex design, innovation and invention. Students will continue to develop higher level technical skills in all areas with the goal of applying those skills to design, engineer and prototype more complex projects. Project possibilities continue to expand and students will be challenged and supported to develop projects that may shape future innovations for our society. This course is great for students who love invention and innovation, like to work and think with their hands on physical projects, and those wanting practical experience in the fields of design, engineering and innovation through invention. Prerequisite Engineering Design 20: Engineering Design 10. Prerequisite Engineering Design 30: Engineering Design 20.

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