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My philosophy about learning:

"How well students learn a concept in school depends largely on the state of mind of the learner, the openness of the learner toward the act of acquiring the skill or understanding the concept. An open spirit of ownership will help students become active, critical, thoughtful investigators, rather than passive receptors or rejecters. When in such a state students and teachers will waste less time and students will tend to work for something that goes beyond receiving a good mark." - Robert L Fried, The Passionate Learner. 

Math 9 and Social 8

Course outlines and content material are available for each math class in the D2L under Content.

Bi-Weekly summary of what we are doing in class and assignment due dates will posted in D2L announcements. 

Here is the link to D2L: https://d2l.cbe.ab.ca/d2l/home

Please note that every student will need to bring a calculator for math class. Although we will develop skills in mental math and estimation, a calculator is required.

Grades will be posted in Powerschool. 

Any questions or concerns, please email me. 


Sr Menjivar



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