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Sam Says: Week of October 10 - 14, 2022

As I write this, we have just completed our System Indigenous Education Professional Learning Day. The day was named Maatoomsii'Pookaik​s by Elder Leonard Bastien. It is Cree for “Children First.” As CBE employees and educators, we have been tasked with reflecting on how we acknowledge the truth of the impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities and peoples. We engage in the process of reconciliation by supporting improved achievement, equity, and well-being for students who self-identify as Indigenous, and by creating opportunities for all students, staff, and school communities to engage in practices that facilitate reconciliation. To support our understanding, Rayna took the staff on a sunrise walk through Fish Creek where we acknowledged the land and looked at medicinal plants that grow in the area. Back at the school, the staff watched a presentation by the day’s keynote speaker, Dr. James Makokis, a Cree leader who spoke about the history of the impact of colonialism on Indigenous peoples and communities. Although as school staff we are all at different points in our learning, we all commit to creating opportunities for our students to increase their understanding and engage in acts of reconciliation. For more information about what this looks like in the classroom, please take some time to look at the Indigenous Education page of the CBE website. 

Here are some other items we would like to highlight this week: 

Lockdown Practice 

You may have noticed in the Important Dates section of Sam Says that we have a lockdown practice approaching. All CBE schools are required to conduct two lockdown practices per year. A lockdown would occur if there were a threat inside the school. We practice this process with the support of the Calgary Police Service. Typically, a lockdown practice takes about twenty minutes. The lockdown is announced over the PA system. Students and teachers go to the muster points in their classrooms. The muster point in each classroom is in the part of the classroom least visible from the doorway. It is indicated by a small poster on the wall. Other areas of the school, such as the gym and Labo-Créo, also have muster points. Before the teacher goes to the muster point, they close the door of the classroom.  Doorknobs should always remain in the locked position so that all teachers have to do is swing the door shut. Students remain seated silently on the floor with their teacher until their door is opened by a school administrator accompanied by a Calgary Police Service officer. The CPS officer will provide the students with feedback. Students will continue quietly with their schoolwork until all classrooms are opened. The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes. We announce our lockdown practices ahead of time so there are no surprises for students or teachers.  

School Engage 

If you have not yet done so, please go into School Engage and complete your demographic verification form. You may also register for noon supervision and complete the CBE consent to publish annual authorization. You can access School Engage via the MyCBE portal. 

Photo Retakes 

Photo retakes are on Tuesday, October 25. If you would like your child to have a retake, please let the teacher know by email. Please put PHOTO RETAKE in the subject line. 

Important Dates 

  • Monday, October 10: Thanksgiving Day, School is Closed 
  • Tuesday, October 11: Lockdown Practice 
  • Wednesday, October 12: Fun Lunch 
  • Monday, October 24: School Council and Parent Association Meetings 
  • Tuesday, October 25: Photo Retakes 

 Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend,  

Rayna Bergerman (Assistant Principal) 
Scott Fehr (Principal) ​


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