Jun 29
Good Afternoon SPB Community! A few parting remarks at the end of this amazing school year:

School Council/ Parent Association Acknowledgment

I want to offer my sincere appreciation for the participation, organization and commitment that our School Council and Parent Association freely gave this school year.  I very much enjoyed the conversations and parent/ guardian input that was crucial in many decisions.  I found it very helpful to hear the perspectives and concerns of our school community.  All input was vital in shaping policy and protocols that helped in the implementation of our School Development Plan.  I know that education and learning was significantly improved because of the direct input and efforts of our School Council and Parent Association.  I truly look forward to the next school year when SPB staff and parents/ guardians can continue the collaborative work of improving the learning of all SPB students.


Staffing at SPB for 2021-22

We have had some staff turn-over this year.  A number of SPB staff have gone on leave, resigned or have taken positions in other CBE schools for 2021-22.  The following teachers will not be continuing at SPB in September:

  • Nicole Lamboo (on leave)
  • Tria Pallesen (on leave)
  • Erwin Blanco (on leave)
  • Laura Groulik (resigned from the CBE)
  • Pato Inostroza (new CBE school)
  • Maria Parkin (new CBE school)
  • Christian Hawkins (new CBE school)
  • Chelsey Lackner (new CBE school)
  • Melisa Easton (new CBE school)

    We will miss each of these staff members and all the positive learning they brought to each SBP student.  We wish them all the very best in their new teaching endeavors.

    The following staff have been hired at SPB for September:
  • Veronica Gugliotta
  • Nayem Al-Salem
  • Maria Aguilera
  • Marina Milan-Bugg
  • Claudia Espinosa
  • Ruth Oliver
  • Margaret de le Jara
  • Federico Lopez
  • Jenifer Rojas

    We are very excited to begin work with all new staff members.  Each of the new staff bring Spanish expertise, professional dedication and an abundance of enthusiasm to the work.  Welcome to all!


    Year End Message

The 2020-21 school year has been a very important year in education for many reasons.  First, as a school community, staff and students have learned and lived the value of putting the needs of the many before the needs of the few or the one.  As adults, we became familiar with this concept when we all watched the Wrath of Khan back in the 80s.  However, after this school year, the practical application of Spock's famous line is far more tangible.  This year, all SPB staff and students have had the unique opportunity to explore and live the meaning of sacrificing personal freedoms in the interest of the greater good.  It has been wonderful to see all SPB students understand this part of the Alberta Program of Studies that is normally taught in grade 12.  I have been amazed as SPB grade 6 students have discussed and debated the merits and challenges of putting the needs of the collective prior to the needs of the individual.  This pandemic has provided a first-hand experience that has strengthened all SPB students with an incredibly deep understanding of high school Social Studies concepts that will certainly serve each student as they progress into the higher grades.

SPB students and staff have also gained a tremendous measure of resilience during this school year.  I have constantly marvelled at the way students have been able to change, adapt and endure several alterations to traditional ways of learning.  Students have been so flexible and accommodating with each of the many, many changes that have been heaped upon them for the past 15 months.  I am very proud of all SPB students as they have shown great maturity and personal responsibility in doing their part to implement scheduling changes, option class changes and cohorting changes through the year.  Without exaggeration, I have not dealt with a single complaint from students regarding the many restrictions that they faced in school this year.  I attribute this excellence of character to the SPB parents and caregivers that have clearly been so supportive of the school community.

As we wrap up the 2020-21 school year, I wish to express my gratitude to all SPB families for helping our school to make the most out of a difficult COVID situation.  Your unconditional support has allowed teachers to help each student to become stronger and far more resilient than ever before.  I look forward to seeing how our robust SPB students face whatever reality we face in 2021-22.  Regardless of the challenges we may face, I know our students are abundantly prepared to face new learning opportunities head-on.


Have a fantastic and restful summer.  I know I will.




Joel Leavitt​


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