Lunchtime Routines

Grade 6 students will be actively supervised by lunchroom supervisors, in which daily lunch attendance is taken. After taking attendance and eating in their homeroom, Grade 6 students will then proceed outdoors for a recess. Grade 6 students must come to school dressed for the weather and ready for fresh air and exercise for 20 minutes daily at lunch. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information and how to register.

Designated areas for eating for Grades 7 to 9 include:

  • Cafeteria / lunch lounge on the main floor
  • School courtyard
  • Hallway benches
  • Teacher classrooms (by invitation).

Eating on the stairwells and landings is not permitted as it is a safety hazard. Careful supervision from meal supervisors and teachers, in classrooms, lunchroom, hallways and outdoors at lunchtime is a high priority.

Food Choices & Amenities

  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring a healthy lunch, and also participate in the weekly Healthy Hunger. 
  • Purchasing unhealthy food and beverage options from the various locales surrounding the school is discouraged for the Grade 7-9 students who choose to leave the campus at lunch. 
  • (Option currently unavailable due to COVID-19) Snacks are available from the vending machines in front of the main office. You may access the vending machine before or after school, during nutrition break and lunch. You may not access the vending machine in between classes. 
  • (Option currently unavailable due to COVID-19) Numerous microwaves are provided in the throughout the school for exclusive student use.

Healthy Hunger - Coming Soon more information to follow

A weekly online ordering system is available to students, called Healthy Hunger. Parents sign up and order meals on a weekly basis, which are delivered to the school and distributed by to homerooms. Healthy Hunger lunch options include Boston Pizza, Subway, Edos, Booster Juice and others.


As a number of our students have severe allergies to nuts, including peanuts, we are an Allergy Aware school. We ask for your support in protecting students with allergies by not sending foods containing tree nuts or peanuts to school. For more information about this and other health concerns see our Illness & Medical page.

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