Expectations for Student Conduct 

Purpose of the Statement

The purpose of this statement is to outline expectations for behaviour as a basis for creating a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. Each child has the right to be safe both emotionally and physically in our school. We believe that each child is responsible for behaving in an acceptable manner while at school, travelling to and from school, and during any school related activities.

Development of the Statement

The statement was developed by the school administration in consultation with the staff, the students, and the parents of Silver Springs School. The information in this document is intended to be consistent with the beliefs of the staff, students and parents of Silver Springs School. It is also consistent with the law and with the policies and regulations of the Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Education.

Our Expectations for Student Conduct

At Silver Springs School, students are expected to be responsible for their own behaviour and the consequences of their actions. Students should develop a respect for the dignity and welfare of other people and their property. Interactions with and from students should be polite and courteous within a spirit of co-operation. Our goal is the development of the capacity for self-monitoring and control. We encourage our students to be bucket fillers, promoting kindness and caring towards others.

School Expectations for Discipline Procedures

At Silver Springs School we expect that students will be treated in a manner, which would be practiced by that of a kind, loving and judicious parent. These procedures should be fair, objective, consistent and reasonable. We believe in holding the bar high in terms of standards for learning and behaviour.  Silver Springs is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all. Our goal is to help children develop into socially responsible and moral citizens. We view discipline as a shared responsibility between students, staff and parents.

Communicating to Promote Understanding

Through effective communication and collaborative problem solving and decision-making, the community of Silver Springs School can work together to provide a positive environment where quality learning is enhanced. Students, parents and staff can foster a positive working relationship by:

  • working as a team to understand and be understood
  • sharing information to the fullest extent possible, at the earliest opportunity
  • striving to deal with issues quickly and as "close to the source" as possible
  • consulting with the people affected before making decisions or taking action
  • focusing on the issue, not the person
  • giving one another an opportunity to discuss the reasons for actions taken
  • working to resolve issues together before raising them with third parties

If parents have any concerns about the professional conduct of an employee or volunteer in the school they should request a meeting with the principal to discuss their concerns.

Silver Springs School Etiquette

We respect and celebrate that we all bring gifts and talents and that we are all unique.

We take care of ourselves, others and this place.

We can ask for help from any adult.

We all have the right to be respected and the responsibility to show respect for others. 

Unacceptable Behaviour

1. Personal Harassment- behaviour that alarms, annoys, belittles or isolates a person such as:

  • Swearing
  • Hurtful teasing or name calling
  • Unwanted chasing
  • Theft

2. Sexual Harassment- behaviour that is unwelcome and sexual in nature such as:

  • Unwanted physical contact
  • Unwelcome remarks or invitations
  • Displaying suggestive pictures or notes
  • Leering, whistling or gestures of a sexual nature
  • Demands for sexual favours

3. Violence – behaviour that threatens, distresses, or harms a person such as:

  • Pushing, tripping, hitting, or kicking
  • Bullying
  • Fighting
  • Using a “weapon” ( a weapon is any object used with the intent of injuring another)

4. Noncompliance– behaviour that shows unsafe or disrespectful behavior.

  • Talking back or arguing
  • Yelling
  • Refusing to follow directions
  • Being untruthful
  • Disrupting the learning of others

5. Vandalism – behaviour that willfully damages personal or school property such as:

  • Defacing a book
  • Writing on desks, walls, bathroom cubicles
  • Painting graffiti on the outside of buildings
  • Throwing rocks at cars or windows
  • Damaging school furniture or equipment

Consequences for Unacceptable Behaviour

All staff members attend to student discipline. The goal of resolving issues is to help students find a better way of doing things so the issue doesn't present itself again.  We strive to include parents in the development of habits of mind and ask for their support in developing consequences and or actions. We also ask that parents notify the school if they know of unsafe or unkind behaviour. 

Student consequences may include any of the following. 

  • Making restitution and or loss of privleges
  • Creating an action plan with the support of adults
  • In-school suspension
  • Suspension from school

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