Jan 04
Week At A Glance: WAG

​Dear SJAM Families:

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If you are needing help with access to your child's records, this link provides support:  Parent Support

Should you need to contact the school, please call 403-777-7670 or email us:  SJAM Staff

"Together We Make A Difference".  Our staff is committed to creating a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning community.  Families play a vital role in their child's success in school.  We value, need and appreciate your active input into co-creating the conditions for your child to thrive.  Thank-you for your active involvement and pro-active contact with our SJAM staff.

With appreciation,

Michelle Hornby, Principal

Moe Rachid, Assistant Principal (A - L)

Lee Jensen, Assistant Principal (M -Z) 

Jun 27
June 19

Hello SJAMmers,

PATs and final projects are underway. We are excited to be entering the home stretch with our students as they look forward to new adventures next year. Lockers were cleaned out on Thursday; students will only need to bring a binder, pencil/pen and lunch for our final days. Unlike previous years, we have full days of classes for all grades during PATs. Grade 9s move to their regular class rotation after writing in the morning. 

STUCO Newsletter! WEEK 24!

Hey everybody! It’s Josi, Annie, and Emily! Welcome to this week's STUCO Newsletter!                       

This Week’s Past Events!

Grade 9’s had their first Math PAT this Friday
Wednesday was culture day
Locker clean outs were this Thursday 
This is STUCO’s last newsletter! We are sad to say goodbye but the newsletter will be passed down. 

Our Gr.9’s PAT’s continue and end next week:
Monday - Social Studies PAT
Tuesday - No PAT                                             
Wednesday - Math Part B PAT
Thursday - English Part B PAT
Friday - Science PAT
Tuesday is National Indigenous People’s day, the students will take the day to acknowledge and appreciate the land we gather on
Last day of school is the 28th
Mustang Olympics will be held the last week of school

WEEKLY QUOTE:   “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” —Dr. Seuss

Thanks for reading everyone! We’ve had a great time creating STUCO Newsletter for you this past year. Have an amazing summer! - Jemie  

Tue, June 21st is Summer Solstice

Elder Randy Bottle (saa’kokoto) has shared with us solstice is a time of renewal and connection. Many of us are looking forward to renewing our spirits this summer and making connections with family and friends after so much time with Covid-19 restrictions. Look for ways to connect to the land as well. 

Summer is a season of abundance. Flowers and plants are growing and we look forward to harvesting those vegetables and fruits we may be growing in our gardens. Elder saa’kokoto reminds us to “harvest life itself - the things we experience make us who we are.” 

So look to the east on Tuesday, to greet Grandfather Sun (Na’toosi in Blackfoot) and allow gratitude to enter your thoughts for the summer gifts.  We encourage you to tweet a picture or a thought using the following hashtag #greetingnatoosi.

National Indigenous Peoples Day - June 21

Tuesday June 21st is the day designated by the Federal Government to celebrate the “unique heritage, traditions and knowledge” of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. There are various events around Calgary honouring the First Peoples of Canada. We have events planned in our school including a student land acknowledgement, Summer Solstice teachings by Elder saa’kokoto, lessons for each grade and a round dance at our Infinity Garden to finish the school day featuring Singer and Drummer, Darcy Turning Robe. 

Around the area the Banff Centre has many events including a livestream concert of Indigenous recording artists Twin Flames starting at 7:30 pm. There will be a virtual Indigenous market opening at noon until June 26th. See the full lineup of events here​.

Infinity Garden Opening - June 21 4:00 - 5:30 PM

All are invited to the opening of the Infinity Garden, a collaborative effort between the students from John G. Diefenbaker and SJAM schools. There will be four YYC Food Trucks parked in the circular drive behind Diefenbaker school and a bannock sample for the first 100 visitors. Darcy and Frank Turning Robe will be singing and telling stories, and students will be leading garden tours. Community agencies will be set up to share events happening this summer and share resources available at each agency. Please stop in and check it out. [/calgary/emailattachment.php?id=234100&caid=310271&name=Infinity Garden Opening Poster.pdf]Infinity Garden Opening Poster 


It’s that time of year again! The SJAM Yearbooks have arrived and we are getting them ready to distribute for the afternoon of Thursday, June 23rd. For anyone who hasn’t purchased one but is still hoping to get a copy, we do have a limited number available. To lock in your copy, you can go directly to the Office to make a payment with Ms. Moore, our bookkeeper, by Wednesday, June 22nd. Yearbooks cost $35. That process will be first come, first served until we meet our limit. If copies still remain, we will plan to sell them after distribution at the end of Thursday, but it will require putting your name on a list and we will do a draw based on how many copies are available to how many people are on the list. For those people, you will still need to come prepared to pay $35 for your yearbook. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Boivin at njboivin@cbe.ab.ca

Melissa's Corner

We have just over a week of school left with PAT's and lots of fun activities too.  I would like to share some resources for parents to have in your back pockets in case you and your kids need additional supports.

For Kids:

Calgary Connect Teen is distress line provided by the Calgary Distress Centre especially for youth.  Kids can access with a phone for a call or text. They can also do a live chat via the website - I've put in a link below. Phone: 403-264-8336 or text: 587-333-2724 Here's the link: https://calgaryconnecteen.com/
Kids Help Phone: https://kidshelpphone.ca/ Phone: 1-800-668-6868 Text: 686868. Their website has many online articles and resources for a variety of subjects related to kids' mental health and wellness check them out.
For People of All Ages including Parents/Families:

Calgary Distress Centre: Phone number 403-266- 4357 This is a great resource and it's also 24/7.  Here's the link. https://www.distresscentre.com/
Closer to Home Family Support Network  Phone:(403) 543-0555: https://closertohome.com/north-central-family-resource-network/ This "hub" is our community's designated service provider to help families connect with the services they need.  There are many programs available including crisis counselling, family therapy, individual therapy for youth, and other resources. Check out their website for a list.
Woods Homes Phone: 403-299-9699 Available 7 days a week - check website for hours.  Services include in-person, phone and online counselling and support.  Mobile Services can be requested.  Webseite: https://www.woodshomes.ca/programs/eastside-community-mental-health-services/
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about any of the above services.

We hope you are having a great weekend.  

Cat, Andrea & Sandy

Jun 27
June 12

Hello SJAMmers,
It was a busy week at SJAM.  The Track Meet was on Tuesday and despite the fear of rainy weather the sun shined. It was reported that school spirit was impressive from the SJAM team. Congratulations to all the participants. Thanks to the teacher supervisors and our student nurses for their assistance at the meet. 
We also had our final Fit Club for this year on Friday morning. It is amazing how many staff and students commit to the early wake up and work out.  
The highlight of the week was the Grade 9 Farewell; it was refreshing to have an in-person event. Seeing the gym filled with family and friends, to wish our grade 9s success in their high school endeavors was wonderful. We want to thank the teachers and many Grade 8 students for their efforts to create a memorable evening for the Grade 9s. 
STUCO Newsletter! WEEK 23!
Hey everybody! It’s Josi, Annie, and Emily! Welcome to this week's STUCO Newsletter!     
 This Week’s Past Events
Grade 9’s had their farewell ceremony and dance on Wednesday! ○ This was our first Grade 9 farewell since Covid! We were so excited to see a celebration similar to old SJAM. Special thanks to all the teachers and students that helped make the night possible.
Track students had a meet this Tuesday  
Friday was the last day of fit club for this year! 
Grade 9’s have their math part A PAT on Friday  
The next PATS will continue through the following week
 “You can’t just wish for a better life, you must go out there and create it.” Joel Brown
Thanks for reading everyone! Have an astonishing weekend! - Jemie
We hope you are having a great weekend.  
Cat, Andrea & Sandy​

Jun 09
June 4

Hello SJAMmers,

June is here, we can tell by the excitement of the students and the ever-changing weather that summer is near. Teachers are covering the last of the year’s curriculum, making sure that students are ready for final projects or PATs. Track and field practice has been happening before and after school preparing for the Track meet on Tuesday.  We are encouraging students to start to clean up their lockers.  Library books need returning by Friday. It is time to bring home that winter coat and the container that is the start of a science experiment! Wednesday will be a very special day for our Grade 9 students as we have a wonderful Farewell Celebration planned for them. 

STUCO Newsletter! 

Hey everybody! It’s Josi, Annie, and Emily! 

Welcome to this week's STUCO Newsletter! 

This Week’s Past Events! 

● It’s been a while since we have sent out a STUCO newsletter. Due to our short weeks a lot has happened! 

● Track team lists were released today 

● Badminton wrap ups were held throughout the last two weeks 


● Track meet on the 7th

● Our grade Nine farewell is this upcoming Wednesday the 8th 

● PATs will continue on the 17th! 

● Good news! SJAM will be holding our Annual Science Olympics toward the end of the year, some grade nines will remember this from grade seven! 


WEEKLY QUOTE “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” - Martin Luther King 

Thanks for reading everyone! Have an astonishing weekend! - Jemie

Melissa’s Corner

A big thank you to the SJAM School  Council for organizing and presenting Wednesday's online presentation, Navigating the Digital World with Nicole Doughtyon.  It was well attended by our parent community and Nicole addressed many ways to positively manage the internet in our junior high student's lives.  If you'd like more information or would like to view the slide deck, please contact  School Council.  My favourite take-home message was to start with connecting with your child to get to know how they use the internet in their lives; we will have more success by asking questions and listening as opposed to lecturing.  There was also lots of helpful information on different ways kids use the internet and how to start conversations with kids...so much to learn.  Thanks again.  

We hope you are having a great weekend.  

Cat, Andrea & Sandy

Jun 09
May 29

Hello SJAMmers,

It has been a busy couple of weeks in the building. Students have gone kayaking, visited Calaway Park, attended Badminton Competitions, and performed / shared art at the Fine Arts Evening   There is also a huge group of students practicing for the upcoming Track and Field Day. 


Congratulations to the SJAM Badminton Teams for the wonderful showing and great sportsmanship. The grade 9s placed 1st and the grade 7 and 8s placed third in their tournaments.


The Fine Arts Night was a resounding success.  Congratulations to our artists and performers from the Fine Arts Evening for sharing their talent. Thank you to our friends and families that supported the event.

Melissa’s Corner

Parent Workshop

It would be great to see many parents / guardians join us for the virtual presentation on Wednesday, June 1st at 6:30 PM. Thanks to the School Council for arranging this. We will be sending out the meeting link prior to Wednesday.


Navigating the Digital World with Nicole Doughty

Nicola Doughty is a registered clinical counselor who has worked in education and private practice for the past 25 years. Nicola’s work is always centered on building deeper connections in relationships in order to promote resilience and positive growth.


There are many benefits that come with using technology, but how do we gain enough knowledge to make thoughtful decisions that support our tweens and teen's physical, mental and emotional health while maintaining close, connected relationships? Keeping up with what's going on in the digital world is a challenge for most families. Navigating the various forms of technology can cause frustration, arguments and disconnection within relationships. Along with the many benefits of technological progress, there can also be an unmistakable cost. There is no one perfect plan for every family.


Learn how apps, games and messaging tools can be effectively managed. Discussion will focus on the common ways that students misuse their technology (typically amongst their peers) and guide parents in determining what is best for their family in terms of filters, controls, supervision, and communication at home.

We hope you are having a great weekend.  We look forward to seeing you online this week for the Parent Workshop.


Cat, Andrea & Sandy

Jun 09
May 13

Hello SJAMmers,

This past week has been a full week of adventure, including amazing Band performances at some of the feeder elementary schools, grade 9s going to the Zoo, and Outdoor Ed. students having a lovely morning canoeing. On Thursday, we had a motivational speaker, Michael Chaisson, come to the school. His message was about decision making, “The decisions we make today will determine the stories we tell tomorrow.”


In honor of Asian Heritage Month Mr. Crossman and some students have been working to bring attention and open discussions amongst our school through a large graphic in the Learning Commons.


Students have also been preparing for a school-wide written exam on Monday, which will occur while the grade 9s are writing their English PAT. 


Grade 9 English PAT Part A:  Students are reminded to come to school on Monday prepared to spend the morning in an exam writing situation. 


Please note, as a result of the next two weeks being short four day weeks, this will be the only Week-at-a-Glance until May 27th. 

Melissa’s Corner

Last week was Canadian Mental Health Week (May 2-8th) and my apologies for not acknowledging it in last week's Melissa's Corner.  I firmly believe in the saying, "better late than never" so I'd like to encourage you to explore the Canadian Mental Health Association's Website marking the occasion.  The year's theme is around empathy and the links are still live so I encourage you to check it out.  Having empathy and compassion for others (and ourselves!) goes a long way to boost our mood through connection and understanding.  Here is the link: 



STUCO Newsletter!


Hey everybody! It’s Josi, Annie, and Emily! Welcome to this week's STUCO Newsletter! 


This Week’s Past Events! 

• Grade 9s went to the Calgary Zoo on Friday 

• Track and field tryouts continued throughout this week 

• Jazz band students performed at elementary schools this Wednesday! 



• Grade 9s have their first PAT on Monday, good luck everyone! 

• Badminton tournaments @Churchill High School 

• Grade 7s Tuesday the 17th 

• Grade 8s Wednesday the 18th 

• Grade 9s Thursday the 19th 

• Next week starts with a block 7 

• Next week is a long weekend with Friday and Monday off. 


WEEKLY QUOTE “Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future.” -Paul Boese Thanks for reading everyone! Have an astonishing weekend! - Jemie


The federal government has expanded a program that provides high-speed internet at $20 per month to low-income families and Seniors across Canada. By working with 14 participating providers, including major players such as Telus, Bell Media and Rogers many more people with have access to affordable internet.  The plan will provide people with 200 gigabytes of data usage per month, at speeds of 50 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload. It expands eligibility from families receiving the maximum Canada Child Benefit to Seniors receiving the maximum Guaranteed Income Supplement.  Eligible households will receive a letter from the government to allow them to sign up for the program.​


Canada has some of the highest costs for internet (and mobile plans) in the world.  A recent study found Canadian plans offering 100 gigabytes of data averaged around $80, compared to $55 in the United Kingdom and $62 in the United States.


We hope you are having a great weekend.  

Cat, Andrea & Sandy

Jun 09
May 8

Hello SJAMmers, 

As you are aware there have been some temporary changes in the leadership team at SJAM.  Ms. Gammell is stepping into an acting Principal role, and we welcome Ms. Sandy Mann to an acting Assistant Principal. role. These changes will allow things to continue to run smoothly during Mr. Toews leave.  Many of you have forwarded well wishes to Mr. Toews.  He certainly appreciates the thoughtfulness that has been shown.  
Another busy week at SJAM.  On Wednesday many students and staff wore their hats to show support for Mental Health Awareness. Thursday was Red Dress Day, The National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and 2SLGBTQQIA. Red dresses were hung in the courtyard to honor the day.  Thank you to Mr. Crossman’s classes and the TASC class for getting the courtyard ready.  Thursday evening was full of excitement as we had our first school dance in over 2 years. Thank you to Ms. Greenham and the Leadership classes as well as Mr. Jones for their preparations for the evening. There were over 300 tickets sold for the event which made staff very appreciative of the parent volunteers.  Area 2 Principal, Mr. Hutton and Area 2 Director, Ms. Healing even came by for a visit.   It was a wonderful evening for all.  
Asian Heritage Month 

Since the late 1700s, people of Asian descent have made important contributions to Canada's history and identity. In 2002, the Government of Canada officially recognized the month of May as Asian Heritage Month; a time to reflect on and celebrate the contributions that Canadians of Asian descent have made and continue to make, to the growth and prosperity of Canada (Source: Canada.ca).   Asian Heritage Month Facts 
Moose Hide Campaign - May 12th 

Eleven years ago a small gathering of men and boys came together to raise awareness about the violence towards women and girls. The Moose Hide Campaign is a national movement that calls upon all Canadians to stand up against this violence. You may see people wearing a small square of moosehide pinned to their clothing as a pledge to support this campaign. On May 12th, Moosehide Campaign Day is a livestream event that includes traditional ceremonies, keynote speakers, and interactive online workshops. Learn more here​
Melissa’s Corner 

This is the time of year that tests and exams are scheduled as final assessments and report card writing begins.  Test anxiety can be very common and it is important to note that it is normal to have these feelings. Anxiety can even be helpful if it cues us to pay attention and prepare.  Here are a few strategies for making sure that normal anxiety doesn't get in the way of test-taking.   
1. Take advantage of opportunities to practice. Practice reduces the uncertainty of the unknown and can increase confidence. PATs are resuming this spring (May 16th is the first day) after several years hiatus and Grade 9 teachers are scheduling practice tests so students will understand what the process is like.  Grade 7's and 8's will have the chance to practice the same day as the Grade 9's write so the whole school will have a chance to experience PATs. 
2. Reassure your child that feelings of anxiety are normal and can be managed.  Practice relaxation techniques that can be used while test-writing. For example, deep breathing (box breathing) can be done while sitting at a desk and it is one of the most effective ways of calming our brain and body.  Progressive relaxation can also be done while test-taking - take 30 seconds to notice any tension in the body and purposely let it go while breathing (especially the shoulders, neck, jaw and hands).   
3. Get a few nights of good sleep.  Take a week or so (now is a great time to start) to get bodies back in a healthy sleep rhythm by creating a routine with similar times for getting to bed and getting up, so that students can be well-rested the day of the exam.  (This is important for regular school days too, not just during exam time.) 
4. EAT BREAKFAST.  Research has shown that hungry people (even prepared hungry people!) have less success on exams than people who eat something in the morning.  Even if your student doesn't usually like to have breakfast first thing, have a conversation about how this can happen.  Can they get up a bit earlier so they don't have to rush?  Can a favorite food be prepared the night before so it just has to be heated in the morning (whole grain pancakes are great in the toaster the next day)?  Can they take extra snacks (especially high protein) so they can eat a little later?  It is significantly harder to focus and manage emotions on an empty stomach. 
5. Ask for help ahead of time.  Is there something specific your child is worried about?  Have a conversation now so there is time to ask your child's teacher about opportunities for help, extra time, or extra practice.  Now is the time to seek these things out. 
Exams in May and June are another marker that things are getting back to "normal" along with activities like dances, band concerts and field trips. Resuming/taking part in activities can sometimes cause stress but learning how to deal with stress and anxiety is an important life skill to develop so we can enjoy a well-rounded life. 
STUCO Newsletter! 

Hey everybody! It’s Josi, Annie, and Emily! Welcome to this week's STUCO Newsletter!  
This Week’s Past Events!                                                                                                                                    
●  Our school held our first dance in over 2 years!                                                                 
●  Track and field tryouts began this week.
●  This weekend was the deadline for the Spring Fling Fitness Challenge. Thank you to everyone who participated!                         
●  This Thursday was Red Dress Day.                                                                                            
●  Hats On For Mental Health Day was Wednesday.                                                                            
●  The zoo trip for grade nines is next Friday on the 13th                                                                   
●  Next week starts with a block 7 
WEEKLY QUOTE  “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”       -Norman Vincent Peale                                                         
Thanks for reading everyone! Have a marvelous weekend - Jemie  
The federal government has expanded a program that provides high-speed internet at $20 per month to low-income families and Seniors across Canada. By working with 14 participating providers, including major players such as Telus, Bell Media and Rogers many more people with have access to affordable internet.  The plan will provide people with 200 gigabytes of data usage per month, at speeds of 50 megabits per second download and 10 megabits per second upload. It expands eligibility from families receiving the maximum Canada Child Benefit to Seniors receiving the maximum Guaranteed Income Supplement.  Eligible households will receive a letter from the government to allow them to sign up for the program. 
Canada has some of the highest costs for internet (and mobile plans) in the world.  A recent study found Canadian plans offering 100 gigabytes of data averaged around $80, compared to $55 in the United Kingdom and $62 in the United States. 
We hope you are having a great weekend.  Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the community. 
Cat, Andrea & Sandy 

May 05
May 1

​Hello SJAMmers,​​

There is a buzz in the building as students and staff prepare for our first SJAM dance since March  2020.  Our Leadership students are selling tickets at lunch and after school along with creating some fantastic tropical art work in the front foyer.  The upcoming week has other significant and important events as Ramadan concludes and Eid al-Fitr is celebrated starting on Monday, May 2.  Wednesday, May 4th is Hats On for Mental Health Day part of Mental Health Week. Students are encouraged to show their support for mental health awareness by wearing a hat.  Red Dress Day is on Thursday, May 5 to honour missing and murdered indigenous women and girls across Canada.   Please wear red to show your support!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 2  (Block 7 Start):  AM Grade 9 Badminton / PM Grade 7 Badminton

Tuesday, May 3  (Block 6 Start):  PM Grade 8 Badminton  

Wednesday, May 4 (Block 5 Start):  AM Grade 7 Badminton / PM Grade 9 Badminton

Hats on for Mental Health Day

Thursday, May 5 (Block 4 Start):  AM Grade 8 Badminton - Red Dress Day -  School Dance (4:30 pm -7:00pm)                         
Friday, May 6 (Block 3 Start):    AM Fit Club 

Red Dress Day 

The National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) and 2SLGBTQQIA is May 5th and also referred to as Red Dress Day. Each year we honour those that are no longer with us by wearing a red dress, red shirt, or red ribbon. Some of Mr. Crossman’s classes are working on a display of red dresses around SJAM school to bring more awareness to this crisis. The leadership classes are creating many displays to share information and making red ribbons for students that don’t have red. Lesson plan ideas will be shared with teachers to use during the week. 

 Red Dress Day began in 2010 by Jaimie Black, a Métis artist from Winnipeg. Her art installation of red dresses has appeared all over Canada and in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Museum. Read more about it in this  video.

The inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls began in August of 2016 and concluded in June, 2019. Almost 2400 people participated in the inquiry. There were 1484 family members and survivors who provided testimony from sea to sea to sea. It was determined that the history of colonization and the attacks on culture through Residential Schools, Sixties Scoop and other discriminatory practices were a starting point for violence against Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA people. Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Women and Girls is a synopsis of almost three years of investigation. We challenge all Canadians to become informed about this crisis and how to put an end to this violence. We can all play a part.  Start by reading the first chapter entitled “Centering Relationships to End Violence” here

Grade 9 Indigenous Transition Ceremonies - April 29th

Each year as part of the holistic transition of Grade 9 Indigenous students to high school, the Indigenous Education Team arranges for Elders and Knowledge Keepers to conduct ceremonies that mark the passage of one stage of life to another. This year we were able to have a combination of virtual and in-person ceremonies at SJAM. 

Elder Kerrie Moore conducted a virtual Grandmother Tea ceremony. Hal Eagletail of the Tsuut’ina Nation held a virtual Pipe Ceremony and Dr. Albert Mcleod, Cree/Métis Two-Spirit Elder hosted the third ceremony for students who invited a parent, grandparent, auntie,uncle or another important adult to support them. We hosted two in-person ceremonies at SJAM and several more students joined virtually. We were also fortunate to have three generations represented at  the Grandmother Tea ceremony. Ay hay Elder Kerrie and Elder Albert. Siyasgaas Hal! Hand to heart for your teachings today. 

Melissa’s Corner

As the end of the school year approaches we start to think about students moving forward.  It brings the opportunity for us all to review the year and look for growth and celebrate successes.    Did you try a new club, activity or option this year?  We have had students out on field trips for band camp, outdoor education (climbing, snow shoeing, skiing, canoeing, to name a few) and there are upcoming things like Drama Club and trips to the Zoo, for example.  Will you be attending your first dance (coming up on May 5th!), contributing to the Art Show, performing in an upcoming band concert, or sports tournament for the opportunity to take part?  Maybe you are working hard to keep up with assignments, preparing for PATs or working to catch up after an illness or absence.  These experiences may cause moments of stress and worry but challenges that lead to growth often do - keep breathing and keep trying.  Remember, trying new things, taking risks, and asking for help all take courage but can lead to joy and feelings of accomplishment - something we all deserve.  

STUCO Newsletter

 This Week’s Past Events!

There was no fit club on Monday and there will continue to be no fit club on Monday until the badminton season is over. Fridays are still on though! Feel free to come by and join us!

Next week starts with a block 7
This weekend is the deadline to complete the Spring Fling Fitness Challenge.  Submission checklists with a parent signature are to be handed in to Mr. Jones May 2nd-5th.
Our track and field try-outs are beginning next week. Schedules will be posted in the school and on our website.   We look forward to a great month of activity.
Our dance is scheduled for May 5th!
Our theme is Tropical/Beach, get ready to get your groove on!
Tickets are being sold for $2 in the foyer during lunch and after school! The last day to get your tickets is Tuesday.


“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face; You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

 Thanks for reading everyone! See you next week! - Jemie

We hope you are having a great weekend and Eid Mubarak everyone!

Darren, Andrea & Cat

May 05
Apr. 24

​Hello SJAMmers,

We hope that you have been enjoying the signs of spring and the moisture from all our snow that has been coming for the fields and green spaces. This short week has been full of great experiences for our students, there have been field trips to the climbing center, Band camp at Lake Chestermere, labs, projects, and other engaging opportunities to learn.  We would like to thank the parents and Staff who have supported the field trips. A thank you also goes out to all our parents who came to the School Council evening and had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Wayne Hammond.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, April 25 (Block 7 Start):  AM Grade 9 Badminton / PM Grade 7 Badminton

Tuesday, April 26 (Block 6 Start):  PM Grade 8 Badminton  

Wednesday, April 27 (Block 5 Start):  AM Grade 7 Badminton / PM Grade 9 Badminton

Thursday, April 28 (Block 4 Start):  AM Grade 8 Badminton                                   

Friday, April 29 (Block 3 Start)      AM Fit Club 

Melissa’s Corner

We have been talking and hearing a lot about stress and anxiety lately and I'd like to share a useful resource that helps us know the difference.   Here is a link to an infographic and a quick video for kids and parents.

Stress itself is not necessarily a bad thing.  It can motivate us and signal us that we need to prepare for a challenge.  When we face a situation that is causing stress and deal with it successfully (instead of avoiding it!) it can increase self-esteem and self-confidence.  Avoiding stressful situations often creates more anxiety as the problem remains unsolved.  Supporting our kids to face things that cause stress helps them build skills like problem-solving, good communication and emotional regulation.  

STUCO Newsletter

 This Week’s Past Events!

This week was a short week.  Monday was off!
Badminton teams were set for the 8’s and 9’s and the last tryouts were held for the 7’s this week!  We are looking forward to the upcoming season.
Band students went to band camp on Thursday
Students in outdoor ed went rack climbing at the Calgary climbing center!

Mrs. Beniuk has started an art show!
If you have any art you would like to submit, you can hand it to her before May 16th
Our dance is scheduled for May 5th!
Our theme is Tropical, get ready to get your groove on!

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.”

-Helen Keller

 Thanks for reading everyone! Have a remarkable weekend! - Jemie

We hope you are having a terrific weekend!

Darren, Andrea and Cat​

May 05
Apr. 10

Hello SJAMmers,

We are in our second week of April which means badminton tryouts and our budgeting process for next year are upon us.  Administration will be crunching numbers and staff will be looking at some different scenarios to make SJAM an even better school next year which is what we continually strive to do!

The next two weeks are short as we have no classes next Friday, April 15 as it is a holiday and Monday, April 18 is a non-Instructional Day.  For this reason the WAG will cover the next two weeks and please do not expect one on April 17th.

We have some exciting trips coming up for our students in the next two weeks as our Band students are headed to Camp Chestermere, we have Outdoor Education students climbing the walls at the Climbing center and Heritage Park.  Thank you to Ms. Hardy for organizing a hike out to Grotto Canyon and Ms. Gladden for accompanying them.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, April 11 (Block 3 Start):  FIT Club PM

Tuesday, April 12 (Block 2 Start):  Another fabulous day at SJAM   

Wednesday, April 13 (Block 1 Start):  Pink Spirit Day - make sure to wear Pink!

Thursday, April 14 (Block 7 Start):  Another fabulous day at SJAM                                   

Friday, April 15 No school    Good Friday 

Monday, April 18 No school   Professional Development Day  

Tuesday, April 19 (Block 6 Start): School Council at 6:30
                                                       Outdoor Ed Climbing Field Trip - Grade 9’s

Wednesday, April 20 (Block 5 Start):  Another fabulous day at SJAM 

Thursday, April 21 (Block 4 Start):  Band students at Camp Chestermere
                                                          Outdoor Ed Climbing Field Trip – Gr. 7s

Friday, April 22 (Block 3 Start): FIT Club (all students) AM / Noon Dismissal

Melissa’s Corner

This past week, I had the pleasure of meeting with all the Grade 8 classes along with the Mt. Royal nursing students, who did a fun Jeopardy-style presentation on mental health and wellness.   The Grade 8's were impressive in their knowledge about the topic and their willingness to talk openly.  I then spoke to them about the acronym THINK, which is a helpful reminder to think before posting, texting or speaking to others and to consider if what is about to be said is True, Helpful, Illegal, Necessary and Kind.  We had very interesting discussions about how hard it is to take a few seconds and reflect in this fast-paced world with technology at our fingertips.  We also talked about how much power each person has with their individual choices; the power to contribute positive messages, support each other and avoid making problems bigger by choosing NOT to spread rumors or participate in negative conversations.  Small individual choices to be kind and THINK before we speak, text and post can help create positive classrooms and communities.

STUCO Newsletter

 This Week’s Past Events!

Grade nine outdoor ed went to Grotto Canyon.
Diefenbaker IB transfer forms were emailed out.
Badminton tryouts were held this week for all grades!
Candy grams were sold this week and will continue through next week!


Next week is a short week. Friday is off!
Next week is the last week for badminton tryouts.
Next week starts with block 5 day.


“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy”

-Paula Cole

 Thanks for reading everyone! Have a remarkable weekend! - Jemie

We wish everyone a good week as well as an enjoyable long weekend.  For those of you celebrating Easter we hope your celebrations go well and those families participating in Ramadan, we wish you a Happy Ramadan. 

Darren, Andrea and Cat

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