Vandalism and Damage to School Property

CBE policy outlines expectations regarding protecting school property. Whether deliberate or through carelessness, you and your parent/guardian may be held accountable for the costs to school property. Please be responsible to:

  • Respect school property.
  • Report any vandalism and/or damage as soon as possible.

Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs

As a student at SJAM, you will not possess, use, distribute, or be under the influence of tobacco (including e-cigs, vapes), alcohol or illegal drugs while on school property or during the school day. This expectation applies to any school-sponsored function or activity. All smoking on the school property is prohibited.


Contraband is described as anything that you are not legally able to purchase and includes such items as weapons or any objects threatening the creation of welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments (e.g. drug paraphernalia, stolen goods, pornography, lighters, matches, laser pens, fire crackers). As an SJAM student, you are responsible to:

  • refrain from possessing, using, or distributing contraband items
  • report to a school staff member when you suspect another student possesses contraband items
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