Apr 29
April 29, 2021

Hello SWL Families and Students,


Yesterday we received notice that our grade 7-9 students will continue to work online for an additional two weeks, resuming in-person learning on May 17.  Our grade six students will be returning to school on May 5 and we look forward to seeing them. 

Student attendance in online classes these past two weeks has been excellent, ranging at about 95%!  Thank you for supporting the continuation of learning by making sure your children attend school, get daily physical activity and show their faces and share their voices while working online.  It is so helpful and so important!  Good work SWL!  Our students continue to demonstrate resiliency and perseverance; so proud of them.


With respect to learning, we have purchased exam bank which students are welcome to use to enrich their learning by way of extra practice.  Students can also use Solara which is a free online bank of questions to support extra practice.  To access these resource, please follow these links and instructions. 

Steps to Accessing Solaro 

Link to Solaro Access Instructions if you can't access the attachment:  https://school-edit.cbe.ab.ca/School/Repository/SBAttachments/097394b1-91dd-472b-8c73-5fcb08b6d75c_STEPSTOACCESSINGSOLARO(UsingCBEGmailAccount).pdf


Congratulations to all of our grade 9 students for conducting thorough research and putting on some amazing presentations in support of a local charity as part of our Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.  The Children's Cottage Society team took first place and secured a contribution of $5000 to support this organization.  Congratulations to Yuvika, Divya and Tanishsa!  A special thank you as well to Akashdeep, Archana, Shaminder, and Hari for their willingness to be student judges.

We also had quite a few grade 7-9 students participate in a University of Calgary Math Challenge yesterday.  Nice work!

Stay safe and be well. 

Daryl Martin


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