Oct 16
Weekly Up-Date October 16, 2020

Hello SWL Families,

The beautiful days of fall seem to have shifted to the long upcoming days of winter!  We continue to wish wellness and good wishes to our school community.  A few updates to share with you this week.


We hosted a virtual Annual General Meeting for School and Parent Council/Society last week.  Thank you to the many parents who attended and for your willingness to volunteer for nomination for several executive roles.  I could not be more pleased to work with our newly formed council and every parent who chooses to attend in support of our school.  Thank you!!!


Please ensure your child dresses appropriately for both TLC and weather conditions.  A few things to know:

  • WALKING NEXT WEEK: Students will be out walking a lot next week (rain or sunshine) in support of Secret Path Week…time to pull out the winter wear, please!
  • LUNCH TIME: Students will continue to go out for 20 minutes at lunch for a mask break and to refresh the air inside the building. Students will be outside every day unless we reach a wind chill temperature of approximately    -20 degrees. 
  • PE will continue to take place outdoors as much as is possible
  • SCHOOL UNIFORM and STAYING WARM:  we ask that all students wear a crested TLC shirt and navy/black pants while in the school and classrooms.  Students are also welcome to wear SLW hoodies in their classes, or a navy/dark cardigan or dress sweater (preferably TLC crested).  Other types of hoodies may be brought to school but ONLY worn outside and during PE.  
  • Ms. Chan has provided a video link if you want to learn more about layering for warmth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXr2iPeMLfs&feature=youtu.be


Youth and Philanthropy Initiative:  We kicked off our Youth and Philanthropy Initiative with the grade 9 students yesterday and I was so excited to speak with them. They will be researching charities and preparing persuasive presentations in the coming months for their chosen charity.  The winning grade 9 team will receive a cheque for $5000 to give to their charity.  A real example of authentic and real life learning!

Secret Path Week: This year SWL will be partaking in Secret Path Week, a national movement that occurs annually from October 17-22.  The week was inspired by Chanie Wenjack, a victim of the residential school system. From October 19-22, students at SWL will be partaking in activities to start conversations toward understanding residential schooling in Canada, the many forms of resistance that indigenous children exercised against residential schools, and how to imagine and enact reconciliation.

Gauss and Pascal Math Competitions:  We have been busy encouraging students to sign up for these two excellent math competitions and finalized our numbers yesterday, with over 50 students signing up to take on a great math challenge opportunity.  SWL is pleased to subsidize the cost of this in support of numeracy education and we will ramp up this activity as we get closer to the competition dates.

Global Read Aloud:  We cannot undertake field trips, so we are bringing them to us.  We started a Global Read Aloud which allows our students to virtually connect to read and learn together with teachers and students from all over the globe.  Next week, some grade 7 students will be connecting with students and schools in Michigan as we share a novel study together, they are quite excited.

Student Assessment:  We have completed diagnostic assessments in reading and mathematics to make sure we target where our students are at in their learning following a six month period of being out of in-person school.  This data is invaluable in our work and support of your children.

School Spirit:  Rumour has it there will be a Spirit Week in late October, a good time to focus on wellness through laughter and joy…more to follow.

Have a wonderful week-end,  I hope you were able to see the video links provided by homeroom teachers and feel more comfortable seeing and knowing who is working closely with your children. 


Mr. Martin
Principal ​

Sep 24
Weekly Up-Date September 24, 2020

Hello SWL Families,

Important Dates to Remember
September 28 - Picture Day - Formal/Informal Uniforms required
September 30 - Orange Shirt Day
October 1 - Terry Fox Run
October 5 - Meet the Teacher (virtual)
October 8 - School/Parent Council Meeting (virtual)

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the first beautiful days of fall.  A few updates this week:

Picture Day
Picture Day is on Monday, September 28.  Students are required to wear their TLC uniforms, either formal or informal. Remind them to smile for their photo J

School and Parent Council
We will host our first School and Parent Council Annual General Meeting (AGM) on  Thursday, October 8 at 6:00 pm using Microsoft Teams as our virtual meeting place. Please complete the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Council Form to let us know if you plan to attend. We have several Council positions to fill this year and would appreciate if you review the form and indicate if you can serve on a Council Position.  We will e-mail a teams invite to any parents wishing to attend. The link to this very short form and council invite is:  https://forms.gle/PgESFuZDGnMsMbU28

Meet the Teacher
This year, as part of the guidelines regarding COVID pandemic, we will not be having families come into the school to meet the teachers, tour the school, and learn about their child's program of study.  Given the context we are currently living and working in, we need to adjust how we can achieve the outcome of connecting and communicating with parents and families.  With that in mind, our Meet the Teacher will proceed as follows:

On October 5, a School Messenger will be sent home with links to videos created by our teachers.  These will be introductory videos where you will learn about your child's teacher, the grade team and key components of your child's educational program.  In addition, homeroom teachers are making a phone call to parents of  students in their homeroom between now and October 5.  This will allow us to learn a bit more about our students and provide a few minutes for parents to personally connect with their child's lead teacher.

Parents/Guardians:  If you receive a phone call and the caller is not identified, please note this may be your child's teacher trying to reach you!

Orange Shirt Day
On Sept. 30 we will participate in Orange Shirt Day using several resources provided by our Indigenous Education Team and SWL Learning Leader, Ms. Araki.   We would love to see as many students as possible wear an orange short on September 30.  We are going to watch a live streamed event, view a powerful power point presentation, then give opportunity for students to journal and reflect on the importance of truth and reconciliation.   Parents interested in watching the event can find out more here: https://nctr.ca/map.php

Terry Fox Fun
On October 1, SWL students will participate in the Terry Fox Run in honour of the Marathon of Hope, which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars to support finding cures and treatments for cancers.  Students are asked to dress in  appropriate clothes and shoes for running outside, bring water bottles, and should do their best to bring a cash donation to support cancer research.  Last year, we did a great job fundraising.  Providing support to important lifesaving work is a key citizenship and character development component of the TLC Program.

I am very impressed with how the students are handling school this year.  Our HUB online students are up and running this week and I look forward to connecting virtually with them in the coming weeks.  Our in-school students are doing a great job following the safety protocols and are working well in their classrooms.

Have a wonderful week-end,
Mr. Martin​

Sep 11
Weekly Up-Date September 11, 2020

Hello SWL Families,

I would like to thank families for your support as we re-entered school throughout the past weeks, whilst also making preparations for SWL students enrolled in online hub.  We are excited to have our school program underway and as of this week, we have been able to deploy teachers to in-person or online hub teaching assignments. As a result, we have reconfigured some classes to optimize student learning.  You may notice a change to your child's homeroom assignment in PowerSchool as we wanted to make sure homeroom/cohort groupings were relatively equal in size and balanced with a variety of student personalities to make our learning time together rich, fun and varied.  We will also start options/exploration classes next week (yahoo), but unlike previous years, we will be offering one exploratory course at a time for about 6 weeks duration and then we will introduce a new one.  This allows us to physically distance in cohorts and still provide opportunities for Art, Environmental Studies, Drama, etc.

Now that our homerooms are established, teachers will set up their classroom blogs and update them weekly so that you can stay informed of what students are learning and assignment due dates.  Teachers will also work together to create Google Classrooms at each grade level, where they will deposit links and assignments in the event your child is absent from school and wants to stay up to date.

I greatly appreciate that you are providing nutritious lunches in the absence of a school cafeteria and microwaves.  I am also seeing more students dress for outside activities as we are conducting classes outdoors as much as possible. A reminder that formal uniforms are not required at this time; we want to see the informal TLC polo/golf shirts, and layered clothing choices to support physical activity during colder weather.  Good footwear and a water bottle is essential.

We are not gathering in large groups or inviting parents/guardians into the school at this time, but we still will have a Meet the Teacher event, most likely in a virtual or online format by the end of September.  We will let you know the specifics once we have had a chance to finalize our planning.

My current understanding is online hub classes are scheduled to start on or about September 14, and I am very excited for our students who are registered.


We are optimistic with how well the students are learning and adhering to the safety protocols. They arrived with excitement and anticipation and this has renewed our passion as their teachers.  Over the next few weeks, we will review and reflect on what is going well and what we might revise to best support our students.

I wish you a wonderful fall week-end.  It has been so nice meeting and reconnecting with students!

Sincerely Yours,
Mr. Martin​

Aug 31
August 31, 2020

Weekly Up-Date August 31, 2020



We are excited to welcome you back to school this week!  A few reminders as you prepare for staggered entry this week:

First, my apologies as our supply order is late arriving.  If students can bring a small notebook or some paper to write down a few notes, and a pencil or a pen, that would be very helpful.

Please remember to wear your informal uniform and a mask (bring an extra one), bring a lunch, a snack, and a water bottle. Keep in mind that you will not have access to a microwave or hot water at school.  I also strongly recommend that students always have a book to read.

STUDENTS REGISTERED IN HUB ONLINE LEARNING DO NOT NEED TO COME TO THE SCHOOL AT ANY TIME.  Students taking HUB  online learning will receive instructions at a later date.

Students not in HUB:

Tomorrow, Sept. 1:   Grade 6  ONLY,   full day.

Wednesday, Sept. 2:  Grade 7 ONLY, full day

Thursday, Sept. 3, grade 8 and 9 ONLY, full day

Friday, Sept. 4: ALL grades, early dismissal day.

Parents should have received an e-mail today with the name of their homeroom teacher and students in grade 6 and 7 will meet their homeroom teacher on the school field for their first day of school. Don't worry if you don't know your homeroom teacher, there will be lots of teachers to provide assistance this week.  Students in grade 8/9 will proceed directly into the school using the rotunda entrance.

Welcome Back! J

Mr. Martin

Jun 30
June 30, 2020

Hello SWL Families,

On behalf of the school faculty, we wish you and your loved ones a fun, safe and healthy summer!!!

I want to thank you for your incredible support of your children this year and in particular, over the past three and a half months.  Without your partnership and commitment their learning experiences would not have been as valuable as you helped make them.

At SWL our current focus is on planning for re-entry in the new school year and we have plans in place for the three re-entry scenarios issued by the Alberta Government.  Please know that we will be providing regular updates and information as our plans for re-entry evolve, particularly after August 1, 2020.  Student and staff safety remains paramount during this pandemic and at SWL we will be incorporating a multitude of measures to keep our school safe.  While as a school we will be vigilant in this endeavor, this will require all of us in our learning community--------students, parents, partners--to do our parts.

We are saying good-bye to Mr. Cousin after 10 years of service to SWL. He will be dearly missed and we are grateful to have had him at SWL.   We also wish a fond farewell to Mr. Ng who served students in a temporary teaching assignment this year.  It is with pleasure that I officially welcome Mr. Smith as a grade 7 Humanities teacher and Ms. Araki who comes to us with a wealth of experience in English Language Arts. 



Students will NOT be required to wear a formal uniform on Mondays to start our year in September.  As a TLC community, we greatly value the uniform, but because we cannot change out for PE/Gym class until restrictions are lifted, we request that students wear their informal uniform (crested golf shirt, navy pants/leggings) each day so that we can focus on academics and provide exercise opportunities to students.

We will let you know when to purchase formal uniform pieces.


Parents do not need to purchase school supplies to start the year.  My understanding is the CBE is implementing a student supply fee to minimize the effort for parents to arrange the purchase of supplies.  We have supplies on order to provide to students on the first day of school.

More announcements will follow in late summer/early fall.    Together, we will make the 2020-21 school year a valuable and enriching learning experience for students who attend SWL.  Until then, stay safe and enjoy summer! 

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Martin​
Jun 15
June 11, 2020

Hello SWL,

I have enclosed a letter from the Education Director, Ms. Unruh, who oversees  the TLC Alternative Programme.  Specifically, all TLC schools have increased their hours of French Instruction toward a goal of 95 hours per year and we will continue to explicitly teach Character Education at SWL.  TLC schools are also directed to make changes to Music programming for our grade 6 students who will now take General Music in grade 6 and begin full instrumentation (Band) in grade 7.  We were able to purchase the necessary resources to support this change in programming and have decided to begin grade 6 General Music this September.

TLC Parent Letter (002).pdfTLC Parent Letter (002).pdf

The Alberta Government’s 2020-21 Re-Entry Plan was introduced to the public yesterday and it appears, at this time, that parents and educators will be informed on August 1 as to what school/education will look like in September 2020.  Fingers crossed that we do well in flattening the curve in our province and we see children and staff in schools with optimal safety plans and considerations in place.

Teachers are finalizing report card grades this week-end and we are able to make report cards available to you online as of June 26.  I would like to thank the students and parents, once again, for working closely with us to support your children in an online learning environment.  They did quite well as did the teachers! Nice work SWL community!  We will continue to provide lessons and activities in our online classrooms until June 26 and students are encouraged to complete as much as they can in preparation for next school year.

If you have any questions about the content of Director Unruh’s letter, please feel free to contact me.

Currently we are preparing a virtual welcome for our incoming grade 6 students and a little tribute to our grade 9 students who we are saying good-bye to in a few short weeks.

As always, I wish you health, safety and happiness as we navigate our transition into summer during these uncertain times.​

May 14
May 14, 2020

Hello SWL Families, 

The sun is shining today providing a spiritual uplift and a great opportunity to enjoy being outside, albeit from a safe social distance from each other.  A reminder that Friday, May 15, 2020 is a non-instructional day so there will be no Google Meet sessions or online classes taking place.  Also, Monday, May 18, 2020 is a statutory holiday so there will also be no Google Meet sessions or classes.

Please ensure you phone or e-mail the school if you have not yet scheduled a time to return school property, such as textbooks, library and music books.  We are in the process of issuing school based refunds and getting these out to you as quickly as possible.  Starting Wednesday, May 20, all refunds will be finalized at the school level and unreturned materials will be deducted from any refund monies owed to you.  A great time to have your kids clean their closets and under their beds to find any books and supplies that belong to the school. 

A final reminder as well to parents who have unpaid  school fees issued in September. Payment of fees can be made online or by phoning or e-mailing the school to schedule an appointment. The school phone number is (403) 777-7370 or you can simply reply to this e-mail and it will go directly to Mrs. Holland.

I want to congratulate and encourage SWL students to keep participating in their online classes and checking in with their teachers during tutorials and Meet times.  The overwhelming majority of our students are engaging with teachers, peers and doing their best to learn the key essential topics and concepts that remain in their curriculum. We are excited about next year and I am in the process of finalizing the school budget and meeting with staff to equip our school for some exciting experiential learning in 2020-21.  We will also take the time required to review and cover any key concepts our students need to be successful in their next grade level.  Tomorrow, teachers will engage in professional dialogue in their learning teams to discuss ways and means to enhance the online learning experience for our students.  Onward and forward!

If you are having to reconsider attending Sir Wilfrid Laurier TLC Program in 2020-21, please e-mail or phone the school and we can answer any questions you might have about the TLC program or help you with the transfer process.  At this time, we have 519 students registered, which is fantastic, and a healthy call back list.

It goes without saying that we are always here to support you and the school is far too quiet these days.  Enjoy a lovely and well-deserved long week-end.

Mr. Martin

Teacher Blogs
Can be found at this link:    http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/sirwilfridlaurier/teaching-learning/classes-departments/pages/default.aspx​
May 04
May 4, 2020

Hello SWL Families, 

A couple of messages to share with you this week. 

Go Outside and Play
Students are encouraged to get outside and play as part of their health and wellness. We all recognise that safety and social distancing is important, but getting outside and keeping a 2 metre distance is entirely possible and good for our mental and physical health.  Parents, please make every effort to get your children outside for fresh air and exercise.

Looking for more Physical Activity
Teachers will post easy to do physical activities on their blogs and you can also check out a cool PowerPoint on the school website that Mr. Couper, our Athletic Director provided.  Here is the link to the PowerPoint http://school.cbe.ab.ca/School/Repository/SBAttachments/6c1dfd12-c16f-4c63-9a3b-18652c88986c_ThisorThat_Tabata__.pdf

Google Meet Sessions
Google Meet Sessions are an important way for students to connect with their teacher and classmates, to gain insight into the week’s work and to get clarification and feedback on topics and skills being covered. We strongly encourage students to participate in these sessions on a weekly basis. Teachers post Google Meet times on their blogs and online classrooms. Staying connected with school and learning will help set students up far more success when we return to school.

Want a yearbook, but didn’t order yet?  It’s not too late!!
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is now accepting online ordering for its 2019-2020 yearbook. All orders must be made by the final deadline of June 30, 2020.  Here is the link to order:  http://ybpay.lifetouch.ca
If you can take some pictures of “at-home learning”, we could gladly consider putting them in the Yearbook.  Please send any appropriately cool pics to LightningYearbook2020@gmail.com.
Let’s make this a yearbook to remember!   More information in the attached flyer
Yearbook Flyer.pdf 

Parent & Student Technical Support
The CBE can now assist parents and students with technical issues that arise while continuing ongoing learning. Parents of kindergarten to Grade 9 students or students in Grades 10-12 can call or email requests for assistance with CBE supported technology.  

Visit Technical Support for Students & Parents and choose the relevant G Suite or Brightspace tab for more information. This service is temporary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hours of operation will be Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (excluding statutory holidays).  

Please have the following information accessible when you call: 
▪   Student ID number
▪   Student Email address
▪   Student Password (will not ask you for your password, but you must be able to enter it)

Enjoy your week,
Mr. Martin


Teacher Blogs
Can be found at this link:  http://school.cbe.ab.ca/school/sirwilfridlaurier/teaching-learning/classes-departments/pages/default.aspx​
Apr 20
April 20, 2020

Dear SWL Families,

The sun is shining today which always brings a sense of hope and optimism and on behalf of SWL, we wish you hope and optimism as we continue to navigate very difficult times.  I had an opportunity to visit most of the online classrooms this week-end and I was pleased to see so many students participating.  Thank you for being kind and patient with the teachers in the first few weeks as they put together what they consider to be the most important lessons for your child.  Please know you can e-mail teachers at any time if you have questions or concerns, we appreciate knowing what is going well and where you need further support.

We are missing the students and the noise, excitement and busyness of school life.  My heart goes out to the grade 9 cohort who received official word that there will be no farewell ceremonies…we think the world of our grade 9 students as their leadership this year has been amazing.  There will be better days ahead.  We were also scheduled to showcase “Into the Woods” musical this week and I have included a note from Mr. Taylor to the cast and school community.

Students, please keep trying your best and be good to yourself.  We will work hard with you in September to get you on the right track in your next grade.    

Take care,
Mr. Martin

Into the Woods Jr.

Dear Parents,

It is with sadness we have been obligated to cancel our production of Into the Woods Jr. However, despite the fact our community won't be able to enjoy the production this week, my team and I feel it important to pass on our overwhelming sense of pride for the cast and what they achieved in their rehearsal process. 

The very first rehearsal began with setting the goal of our first school musical being great experience for all the community. It was to be the schools play and a celebration. Without a doubt, the continuing professionalism was by far the greatest success of this production. Additionally, the willingness of the community to buy tickets and offer in-kind support was overwhelming - everything from engineering expertise to food donations to keep the directors going!

Every cast member, crew and teacher brought joy into the rehearsal room. Every one of you showed that you believed in the production and trusted in the process. So yes, thank you to all of the parents and supporting teachers. Finally, congratulations to our cast who poured their hearts into this production and showed us many new facets of leadership.

Mr. Taylor                       Ms. Palleschi                       Mr. Ng 
Ms. Sharma                   Ms. Renner                          Ms.  Rydahl   
Ms. Stvarnik                   Mr. Martin                             Mr. Cousin   
Ms. Wattamaniuk           Ms.Fuchshuber

We would also like to thank these community partners:

  • Central Memorial high school PVA program:  Mr Mulloy and  Mr Simon for incredible technical support.
  • Anonymous Hollywood film production unit for a donation of scenery backdrops
  • FFCA for Costume Loans
Eventbrite for forfeiting ticket fees for our ticket holders.​
Apr 06
April 6, 2020

Hello SWL Students and Parents,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy and adjusting to the necessity of staying home whenever possible and physically distancing yourself from others. 

I want to share a few key points as we enter our first week in an online environment.  First, thank you to so many who sent a positive note to a teacher.  We are going to do our best to make this as smooth as we can for our parents and rewarding for our students.  On that note, to avoid the need for parents to check ALL of the teacher blogs and/or websites every day, please remember that teachers will have communication ready for parents according to the following timetable:

Monday-English Language Arts​


Wednesday-Social Studies


Students can also follow a similar timetable:





(Grade 7-9)

(3 hours)

(3 hours)

(2 hours)

(2 hours)

​​​​​​​(Grade 6)

(1.5 hours)

(1.5 hours)

(1 hour)

(1 hour)


Due Dates:  Teachers will make sure there is some flexibility and understanding around assignment due dates to ensure students have an opportunity to ask questions and seek help.  Our teachers have posted times when they are available to provide support and our SWL students have already been contacting them; I think the students might actually miss us J 

Our Online Digital Citizenship Policy that students are to review to keep our online classrooms appropriate, fun and respectful to self and others must be reviewed by students and parents and can be found on our website under Culture & Environment - Technology Tools - Digital Citizenship

Online Digital Citizenship Policy ​​​​​​​

When I receive more detailed information around fees and the process for refunds, I will let you know.  We will act on what we can at the school level and do our best to support you.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Picking Up Student Belongings:  Any belongings that are left at the school at the end of this week will be disposed of.  Please make sure you contact the school between the hours of 8:30 and 2:30, either by phone (403) 777-7370 or respond to this e-mail to make an appointment to pick up your child’s belongings.  Please return any textbooks or other school material at that time.

To our students, we miss you, school isn’t that fun when you aren’t around to make life interestingJ  Good luck this week, do your best, communicate with your teachers, and take a breath when you need to.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Martin
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In addition to our Secret Path exploration, homerooms have been walking every day this week to honor Chanie Wenjack and his family #walkforwenjack #SecretPathWeek #CbeIndigenousEd https://t.co/cbT7sDjxED

Enthusiasm for learning even in the snow!! Great job Gr6s! https://t.co/XjtGslZTa8

Free lunches at Ian Bazalgette school. Daily 11am to 1pm. Thanks for donating the food Bro'kin Yolk! https://t.co/mxtK1Zf5td

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