Jun 24
June 24, 2021


This week students are finishing their final assessments and everyone is excited for summer break, including a very dedicated and hard working team of teachers.  This year has required students, families and staff to be adaptive and strong and our SWL community has been nothing short of amazing.  On behalf of the faculty, I extend sincere gratitude to all of you for your flexibility and support of education.  It is through our collective efforts that we are emerging from a year of uncertainty and hardship for so many.

We were able to find opportunities to have some fun during the warm spring days with our students, including a wildly entertaining talent show which made everyone's day.  Grade 9 students enjoyed themselves immensely during our grade 9 farewell celebration activities and the grade 6 -8 awards was another hi- light we celebrated this June.  Congratulations to our award recipients and to Ms. Fuchshuber, our amazing French teacher who is retiring and hanging up her chalk; we are really going to miss her and our grade 9 students as they embark on new adventures.  We are concluding the school year with a school wide cohort activity day on Monday! 

​Report cards are available through PowerSchool starting on Saturday, June 26.  Ms. Jernigan and I read all the report cards, nice work SWL students! 

Appeals Day is scheduled for June 29, please call the school or e-mail the teacher if you have a question about report card marks or comments and they will make themselves available to you on June 29 from 9 am – 12 pm.

I am still not yet in receipt of specific re-entry information for September.  At this point, we plan for a new school year with optimism and hope that we will be resuming activities and providing educational enhancements that we love and cherish in service to your children.

Happy Summer to a fabulous and caring school community.

Mr. Martin

Jun 04
June 4, 2021

​AHS COVID19 Rapid Testing at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School
On June 9, Alberta Health contractors will be performing COVID19 Rapid Testing for Grade 6 and 7 students at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School.  Today (Friday) your child will be bringing home an information package and consent form.

If you wish to have your child tested, sign the consent form and return it to the school on Monday, June 7.    Do not return the form if you do not give your consent.

Principal's Message
The summer weather has finally arrived and vaccination roll outs for Albertans aged 12 and over are going well.  As we see vaccination numbers increase, it gives a sign of hope and anticipation to bring back so much of the work and programming we enjoyed providing to our students before the pandemic. Thank you to our parents for getting student vaccinations booked as soon as possible.

Please remember to pack a water bottle,  a healthy lunch/snacks, and dress in clothing that is appropriate for school and warmer weather.

Congratulations to our Kiwanis Watch Award Winners who were recognized for being outstanding citizens,  and to Ariam who took first place in a province wide essay writing contest, and to Shaurya for placing in the top 50 students in a nation wide math contest.  So great to see our students excelling in citizenship and academics. 

We are preparing Awards Celebrations (tailored and modified due to COVID) and will provide a YouTube link on June 17 for the grade 9 Farewell and June 18 for grades 6-8.  Early Dismissal days that were scheduled in June will be used to assess students in ALL academic subjects. We have subscribed to exam bank and Solara for students who want to practice and study beforehand.

We have heavy hearts this week as we discuss and come to terms with the terrible discovery of the remains of 215 Indigenous children at a former residential school in Kamloops.  We support truth and reconciliation at SWL, and this week and throughout our time together at SWL, we will continue to build and bridge understanding and show solidarity with residential school survivors. 

We welcome our grade 8 and 9 students back to in-person learning on June 11.  Until then, be safe and be well.  Wishing you a lovely weekend.


Mr. Martin

Apr 29
April 29, 2021

Hello SWL Families and Students,


Yesterday we received notice that our grade 7-9 students will continue to work online for an additional two weeks, resuming in-person learning on May 17.  Our grade six students will be returning to school on May 5 and we look forward to seeing them. 

Student attendance in online classes these past two weeks has been excellent, ranging at about 95%!  Thank you for supporting the continuation of learning by making sure your children attend school, get daily physical activity and show their faces and share their voices while working online.  It is so helpful and so important!  Good work SWL!  Our students continue to demonstrate resiliency and perseverance; so proud of them.


With respect to learning, we have purchased exam bank which students are welcome to use to enrich their learning by way of extra practice.  Students can also use Solara which is a free online bank of questions to support extra practice.  To access these resource, please follow these links and instructions. 

Steps to Accessing Solaro 

Link to Solaro Access Instructions if you can't access the attachment:  https://school-edit.cbe.ab.ca/School/Repository/SBAttachments/097394b1-91dd-472b-8c73-5fcb08b6d75c_STEPSTOACCESSINGSOLARO(UsingCBEGmailAccount).pdf


Congratulations to all of our grade 9 students for conducting thorough research and putting on some amazing presentations in support of a local charity as part of our Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.  The Children's Cottage Society team took first place and secured a contribution of $5000 to support this organization.  Congratulations to Yuvika, Divya and Tanishsa!  A special thank you as well to Akashdeep, Archana, Shaminder, and Hari for their willingness to be student judges.

We also had quite a few grade 7-9 students participate in a University of Calgary Math Challenge yesterday.  Nice work!

Stay safe and be well. 

Daryl Martin

Apr 15
April 15, 2021

Hello SWL Families,

The Spring weather has arrived bringing some relief, warmth and joy during these difficult times.  Please make note of a few announcements for this week, the most important being the move to online learning for grades 7-12.


If you have not heard the announcement from the provincial government, our students in grades 7-9 will move to online school effective Monday, April 19.  At this time, we have been told this is for a two week period. Please ensure your child takes home their belongings, including their violins.  Grade 7-9 students are to follow their timetables and attend classes virtually.  It is important we do not lose momentum in our learning so please discuss with your child that school assignments and work will continue as will grading and assessment.  Please contact the school or e-mail your child's teacher if you experience any difficulty accessing classes online or if you have any questions or need further support.  The school office remains open.

Grade  6 students will continue with in-person learning.  They are quite excited to have the whole school to themselvesJ


If you are interested in contributing your voice to the CBE Budget and Fees, please access the survey through this URL:


Grade 7 parents should have received access codes in the mail from Alberta Education.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey as it provides valuable information to support our school program.  The survey closes April 23.  Please contact the school if you have not received a code.


Congratulations to our students who participated in the Young Writers' Conference and to our grade 9 students who put together some amazing presentations for our YPI project.  The Finals are tomorrow so stay tuned for notice of the winning team.  We are now moving forward with an essay writing contest.  Good luck, SWL students!

Final call for students to sign up for the virtual talent show.

These are challenging times as we pivot between in-person and online teaching and learning.  Your children are doing remarkably well and really showing us some solid academic growth.  I hope this helps ease your minds somewhat.  Thank you for your ongoing support of education as we continue to do our utmost to provide continuity, support and care. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Mr. Martin​

Apr 09
April 9, 2021

Hello SWL Families,

I hope you are staying well and safe during these unprecedented times.  School life and learning continues and we are excited about our Youth and Philanthropy Initiative happening next week and we also hope to see students participate in the SWL Virtual Talent Show.  Sign up for this event is underway.

We are looking at ways to celebrate student achievement in May and June and honour our departing grade 9 students. We will provide information on this in the coming weeks as we work with senior administration to ensure privacy concerns and other safety considerations are met.

We received this notice from the Centre for Newcomers yesterday and I wanted to share it with you in support of any newcomers in our SWL school community.

  • COVID-19 Support for Newcomer Families to Canada

The Centre for Newcomers recently received funding to support newcomer youths that have been impacted by COVID-19. The Centre for Newcomers can assist youth in the following ways:

  1. Financial support (food gift cards)
  2. Mental health support (counselling)
  3. Psychology Assessments

The Centre for Newcomers wants to reach newcomer youths who are at risk of hunger and mental health challenges due to the pandemic. Schools are welcome to provide the Centre for Newcomers contact information to families in order for the families to access this service.

Newcomer families who are in crisis can reach out to Ekene Balogun, Manager of the Youth Programs at 403-648-2232 or email at E.Balogun@centrefornewcomers.ca.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr. Martin​

Mar 25
March 25, 2021

Hello SWL Families,

In response to a few phone calls today, please be advised that tomorrow, Friday, March 26 is a school day.

On behalf of the staff at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School I would like to wish our students and families the best of what Spring Break has to offer.  The students have done so well adjusting to a very different school year and it is my hope you will be able to celebrate with them next week.  Wearing masks for long periods of time, mandatory cohort groupings, facing forward, limited physical education opportunities, just to name a few, are a part of our current reality and we are mindful and appreciate how positive our students have been and how well they have adjusted to school during COVID.

We will celebrate tomorrow with a comfy clothing day, but make sure the clothing choices are warm and appropriate for school as we will be conducting wellness activities outside.  The weather is looking good!J

Students are reminded that they are still required to dress for school; ripped jeans and crop tops are not a part of school and active wear. 

Grade 7 parents and students will be asked to participate in the Alberta Education Quality Assurance Survey in the upcoming weeks.  The surveys were mailed out this week.  We greatly appreciate your feedback to support continuous improvement at SWL.  Please take a few minutes when you receive the survey to complete it.  If you are a grade 7 parent and you do not receive a copy of the survey, please contact the school following Spring Break and we will make sure you receive a copy.  Thank you in advance.

SWL students return to school on Wednesday, April 7. 

Have a wonderful week,  stay safe and have fun!

Kind Regards,
Mr. Martin​

Mar 10
Thursday March 10 2021

Hello SWL Families,

I hope this finds you well. A few important reminders.

  • A reminder that Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences are scheduled for Thursday and Friday of this week and you can book through your my CBE/PowerSchool account .  Here is the link  https://sis.cbe.ab.ca/public/.  It is important your child attend these conferences with a parent/guardian.  By middle/junior high school, a student should be an active participant in these conversations with teachers and parents.
  • Grade 9  Students:  Transfer requests for out of attendance area high schools, as well as expressions of interest for AP or IB are due on March 15.  Please ensure your child speaks with Mrs. Rydahl or Mrs. Jernigan by tomorrow, MARCH 11 if you need any help or support.  There are no extensions to this deadline.

I hope our families are keeping well and safe.  Enjoy your week-end and your time with SWL teachers during conference times.


Daryl Martin

Feb 25
February 25, 2021

Hello SWL!

NON-INSTRUCTIONAL DAY: A reminder that tomorrow, (Friday, February 26) is a non-instruction day for SWL students. I hope the weather is warm and there will be outside play. Teachers will be reviewing report card data and  mid-year reading assessments tomorrow.  We will use the data to refine our targeted strategies to keep your child on a positive learning trajectory until end of year.  This is critical given that absenteeism rates are higher due to COVID and we have had to adjust teaching practice during a pandemic.

LEARNING: Congratulations to all the grade 8 and 9  students who wrote the nationally acclaimed and very challenging PASCAL math test this week!  Way to go! 

UNIFORM: A reminder to ensure students have  a crested uniform top, black/navy pants and either a SWL cardigan or SWL hoodie for school. No exceptions! Thank you!

COMMUNICATION: Parent/Student/Teacher conferences will be held virtually on March 11 and 12.  The school office will send a messenger when bookings upon up a week prior.  We had very good feedback using a virtual platform during the last round of interviews. 

COVID:  We had two confirmed cases dating to Feb 18 and 19.  Please ensure you continue to use the AHS screening tool and keep students at home who have any COVID related symptoms.  Parents who use private bus carriers are encouraged to make sure COVID transportation guidelines are being followed, including seating plans and communicating to your child that food and beverages are not permitted on busses.  Masks should always be worn and students should be seated in family groups as much as is possible.

SCHOOL/PARENT COUNCIL:  Thank you to our School Council Executive for supporting SWL in purchasing chrome books and i-pads for the upcoming school year. We need to decommission up to 120 old devices to keep our technology suite updated.

As always, I feel fortunate to work with such a fantastic school community.  Your support of our work to keep SWL safe and caring with a concerted learning focus is greatly appreciated.  Thank you parents and most important, a huge thank you to our students, many of whom have had to pivot to in-school and online learning one or more times in 2020-21.  Our students are doing a good job and we are proud of how well they are handling such a difficult time in our world.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mr. Martin​

Jan 14
Principal's Message January 14, 2021

Hello SWL! Happy New Year!

The students have been so excited this week, lots of laughter and talking as they reunite with friends and their teachers.  We are hopeful that the number of confirmed COVID cases in Calgary will steadily decline so that continuity of learning is not impacted as we finalize semester 1 and move into semester 2. 

Teachers are finalizing report cards this week in preparation for semester 2, which officially starts on February 1.  Report Cards can be accessed online using MYCBE on February 1.   

Grade 9 parents and students have been asking about high school registration and transfer requests.  There are some new processes which we will communicate to families later in February when we know which high schools have open or limited spaces.  The deadline for any high school transfer requests and for expressing an interest in Advanced Placement (AP) and/or International Baccalaureate (IB) is March 15, so there is no need to worry right now. At this time, parents and students can look on the SWL website as well as high school websites for information on virtual open houses and tours and they are encouraged to attend these events.

Starting tomorrow, students in grade 9 will start attending high school presentations during school hours. HUB students should also be receiving information shortly.  Students should complete all the forms sent by their designated high school as they receive them, even if they plan to request a transfer to another high school.  I have told the grade 9s to keep all doors of opportunity open in preparation for grade 10.   Please stay tuned for more information in mid to late February and feel free to call our school office if you have any questions at this time.

Lots of badminton happening at school this week and lots of last minute assignment completion.

Stay safe, have a wonderful week-end.

Mr. Martin
Principal ​

Dec 16
Principal's Message December 16, 2020

Dear SWL Families,

I hope this finds you well and healthy in preparation for Winter Break.

We moved all grade 6-9 students online as of Tuesday, Dec. 15 to ensure continuity of learning and prevent any further prolonged periods of isolation for students and staff members.  There have been no cases of in-school COVID transmission, but the rising number of confirmed cases in our AB communities has had an impact on school programming.

We will remain in online learning for the week of January 4-8, but unlike Emergency Response teaching, students will follow their timetable and participate in all classes.  The students have transitioned well into online classrooms and their behaviour and conduct while in school has been fantastic! Our SWL Hub students have also done exceptionally well based on reports from teachers across the district. 

Here are a few important dates to keep in mind:

Friday,  December 18:  Last day of School before Winter Break

Monday, January 4: Non-Instructional Day for Students

Tuesday, January 5:  Classes resume (online for grades 6-9); students follow regular timetable, period 1 starts at 8:50 am.

Thursday, January 7, 6:30 pm:  SWL TLC OPEN HOUSE
We will be hosting an Open House on Microsoft teams for any students who reside in the communities attached to SWL who are interested in registering in the SWL TLC Program. Please share this information if you know any families who are interested. They can RSVP by noon on January 4 to  Ms. Jernigan at tjjernigan@cbe.ab.ca to receive a link to the Microsoft Teams Open House.  Grade 5 students/families currently registered at Chris Akkerman TLC do not need to attend, but are welcome to do so if they wish.

Friday, January 8, 12:00 pm: Last day for students in HUB who wish to return to in person school to register in MYCBE.  Please note that MyCBE/PowerSchool will be inaccessible for legal guardians and students during winter break as upgrades are installed. The planned outage is set for Dec. 18 at 5:00 p.m. to Dec. 27 at 11:59 p.m

No Action is required for Hub students who want to remain in Hub for the entire school year.

Only students registered in HUB have the option of returning to in person school for semester 2. Students currently attending in person school do NOT have the option of joining HUB.

January 11:  Registration for TLC Opens

January 11:  In-Person Classes Resume

January 13:  Last day for students to submit work for semester 1 report card marks.  This includes HUB and in-person students.

February 1-5:  Report Cards available to parents online through MYCBE

​The year 2020 is a year like no other in our lifetimes and I can only say there is hope for 2021 as a vaccine becomes more available.  On behalf of the SWL Faculty and Team, we want you to know we take pride in establishing great relationships with our school community and we look forward to welcoming you into our school, our classrooms, gymnasiums, music rooms and parks in the distant future.

Thank you SWL Community for working so closely with us through a difficult time for our staff, students, families and communities. Onward and forward toward brighter and sunnier days…Happy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,
Daryl Martin

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