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Health & Wellness at the CBE

At the CBE, we believe in a whole school approach to health and wellness. We call this our Comprehensive School Health (CSH) approach. CSH is about healthy eating, active living, supportive social environments and positive mental health. As a system, we focus on the following four areas: healthy eating; healthy relationships; physical activity; and positive mental health. Each school creates its own approach and goals for health and wellness.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about health and wellness in schools.​​​​​

Health & Wellness

Nutrition Break

Students are encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to eat during the nutrition break each day. Students are also expected to use this time to exchange books at their lockers as no backpacks will be allowed in the classrooms. 

Backpacks, Book Bags and Lockers

Backpacks are to be left in the lockers.  The schedule allows students time to return to their lockers during the day if necessary.  Shoes should be stored in the lockers as well.  There are empty lockers in the PE change room that students may access when they change for PE.  Do not leave money or valuables in PE lockers.

We recommend that money and other valuables be left at home, where possible.  The school will not be responsible for tracking and relocating these items if they go missing.  Other than their locker partners, students should not share their locker combination with others.  Lockers are considered school property and can be opened by staff if necessary.

School Resource Officer

The role of the Resource Officer is to provide guidance and act as a legal resource for teachers, students, parents / guardians and the community at large. Part of this role is to encourage communication and greater understanding among young people and the Calgary Police Service. 

Principal's Student Advisory Council - Wellness Team

We believe that it is imperative that we develop the leadership skills of our students.  When students feel connected and invested in their education, they are more likely to find success and happiness in school.  The Principal's Student Advisory Council is made up of students who meet with administration several times throughout the year.

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