School Property

We take great pride in keeping a tidy school; both inside and out. We ask all our students to be good citizens by putting garbage and recycling where it belongs, and helping to keep our classrooms and school grounds clean.


The use of the elevators is restricted to those unable to use the stairs. Permission for elevator use must be obtained from the office.

Skateboards, Inline Skates and Scooters

These items are a safety concern. Calgary Board of Education prohibits the use of these items on school property.


Smoking is not permitted on school property, which includes the building, all the entrances to the school, all school walkways, parking lots, and grounds. Students under the age of 18, who are smoking, may be subject to a fine by the Calgary Police Services. (CBE Administrative Regulation 4024 Smoke-Free Environment)

Snowballs / Water Balloons

Students are expected to respect others and refrain from throwing snowballs, water balloons, etc. This type of activity could result in suspension from school.


  • Textbooks are issued to students twice a year at the beginning of each semester. Times for picking up textbooks will be posted around the school and advertised on the main website page when appropriate.
  • Textbooks are the property of Sir Winston Churchill High School. Students are required to look after the books and will be charged for any loss or excessive damage which is caused.
  • Textbooks are assigned to students for a semester. Textbooks must be returned, no later than the day of the exam, to the Business Office. We appreciate you returning your textbooks on time.
  • Each textbook is barcoded with a unique number. Students are expected to return the exact same textbook.
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