Bulldog Athletics

FriDAY (1st): 

 Jr Girls Basketball -                Our Lady of the Rockies Tournament (Fri/Sat) 

Jr Boys Basketball -               Western Tournament (Fri/Sat) 

 Sr Girls Basketball -               Holy Trinity Tournament – Okotoks (Fri/Sat) 

 Sr Boys Basketball -              Pearson Tournament (Fri/Sat)

What does it mean to be a Bulldog? 

Many of us are familiar with the feeling of uncertainty when we first walked into Churchill with the sea of strangers and the overwhelming possibilities in store for us. We also remember what it was like to put ourselves out there in tryouts and our nervous jitters as we try to put our skills on display. As we got settled in, we found a family, one that is competitive yet welcoming; a place where we were quickly humbled, but then built confidence and leadership. Together we cheered, we cried, we laughed, and most of all, we grew. Growth came from facing our weaknesses and our identity came from how we approach our shortfalls. As Bulldogs, we do not stay stagnant, we are dynamic in taking every chance to be inquisitive and open minded. Being a Bulldog is an accumulation of all the chances we took despite the challenges we faced. With every fall, every foreign idea, we leaned into them and found comfort in being uncomfortable. This family of Bulldogs found strength in prioritizing internal growth over superficial external ideas of achievement. In the end, we are united, not just through the sports we partake, but through the strength of our passions that gave us the will to be vulnerable before finding success.  To returning athletes, be the leaders who represent this incredible community. Be the relentless competitors that this school is known for. Even at times of hardship, find strength in the reasons why you are here. Before you turn away from the impossible, believe in the hard work you put in towards your passions and follow through with every step you take. Whatever the next year may look like, you have the responsibility to make the most out of all situations and find your own definition of success. Stay strong, be a Bulldog.  We would definitely not be the people we are today if we did not have our coaches steering us to not only be better athletes, but more importantly, better people. We commend you for your unwavering patience and dedication to us athletes and in gifting this opportunity to pursue our passions. In the beginning, it seemed like you were our biggest obstacle, the ones we wanted to impress the most. The ones who challenged us to be uncomfortable and possibly made us question our existence. Over time, it became evident that those challenges our coaches place in front of us were our greatest tools for growth and advancement of ourselves. These stepping stones disguised as obstacles were a test to our mental toughness and commitment to being a Bulldog. Thank you for believing in and expecting greatness from us before we even knew that greatness was possible. Thanks to you, we will all be using the skills and the lessons we learned from this athletic program to find success in our future endeavors.  We hope we made you proud.

On behalf of our graduating students Jean Tu and Charles Taimani.

Athlete of the Year Nominees 

Sports You Can Get Involved In

For more information, please contact the coaches listed below.


Beginning of February to the Beginning of May


End of August to end of October


Mid November to end of March

  • Junior Girls
    Mr. S. Krause
  • Senior Girls
    Ms. S. Williams
  • Junior Boys

         Mr. Kerkhoven

  • Senior Boys
  • Mr. I. Thomson, Mr. I. Mackenzie

Swim & Dive

Beginning of October to beginning of December

Cross Country

End of August to mid October

  • Ms. Macauley
  • Ms. Mah 
  • Mr. Hamel
  • Ms. Krause
  • Ms Gallad

Track and Field

Mid March to mid June

  • Mr. Besplug
  • Ms.Williams
  • Ms. Macauley
  • Mr. Andrews
  • Ms. Mah
  • Mr. Slaght
  • Mr. Hamel

Field Hockey

Mid March to mid June

  • Junior Girls
    Ms. L. Drysdale
  • Senior Girls
    Ms. K. Wright


End of August to end of November

  • Junior Girls
    Ms. Heron and Ms. Plosz
  • Senior Girls
    Ms. H. Coco and Ms. Keller
  • Junior Boys
    Mr. Penny and Mr. T. Johnson
  • Senior Boys
    Mr. A. Schoenthaler


End of August to mid mid November

  • Mr. Slaght 
  • Mr. Pengelly
  • Mr. Fitz
  •  Mr. Besplug
  • Mr. Froment
  • Mr. Szol 


Mid November to mid March


Mid March to mid June

  •  Girls
  • Ms. Sparks and Ms. Clemente
  • Junior Boys
  • Mr. Horne and Mr. Decock
  • Senior Boys
    Mr. Morante and Mr. Najand

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