​​One way parents/guardians can make a meaningful difference for students is by participating on our school’s parent society. Parent societies are a formal group of parents, incorporated under the Societies Actfor the purpose of raising funds for the school. A society is a separate legal entity from the school council. More information can be found in our CBE Administrative Regulation 5001 – School Councils and School/Parent Societies.​​

Parent Society

Join Us!

The Parent Association welcomes all SWC school community involvement as we work to raise funds to support our school, our staff, our students and our families. 

Our meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month in conjunction with the SWC School Council meetings.  The SWCPA meeting generally starts at 7:00 PM, followed immediately by the SWCSC meeting. Due to COVID-19, all meetings have been held virtually using Microsoft Teams. A link to join the meeting is sent out approximately one week before the meeting date.

Meeting Dates

  • September 20 (Annual General Meeting in Library)
  • November 1
  • December 6
  • February 7
  • March 6
  • May 1

SWCPA Executive

  • Chair: U.T. Sundararaj 
  • Past Chair: Kelly Scott
  • Treasurer:  Lisa Turner  
  • Secretary: Taryn Conley
  • Key Communicator: Badru Laiwalla
  • Casino Chair:  Windchill Ha

What is the Parent Association?

The SWC Parent Association (SWCPA) is a registered group of parent volunteers that raises funds specifically for SWC school-wide programs, activities, events and needs to enhance the educational experience of students at Sir Winston Churchill High School. SWCPA fundraising efforts typically include hosting a casino fundraiser approximately every 2 years and a Request for Annual Donations Campaign (RFAD) at the beginning of each school year.  

The SWCPA Executive sets the monthly agenda, as well as plans for the year in terms of organizing volunteers and coordinating efforts for fundraisers.  The Executive for both SWCSC and SWCPA are typically the same individuals and similar to the School Council, Parent Association positions are open to any parent/guardian in the SWC school community with elections held at the September AGM. Monthly SWCPA meetings discuss potential fundraisers and decide on funding priorities to address school needs put forth by the administration in support of SWC. All SWC parents/guardians are welcome to and encouraged to participate in the Parent Association.

SWCPA Fundraisers

Casino Fundraisers

Every 24 months, the SWCPA is allowed to apply to AGLC to host a casino fundraiser. AGLC will then do a draw each quarter to slot nonprofits throughout the city into available dates at local casinos.  As you can imagine, these fundraisers are highly sought after as they provide the greatest return.  For just two days of volunteering at a casino, our school receives enough to cover 2 years worth of expenses, that’s approx. $60,000-$70,000 for our efforts! 

SWCPA typically coordinates and organizes upwards of 36 volunteers plus 5-6 back ups over the two day event. A great advantage to these fundraisers is that anyone of legal age can volunteer with no prior experience required as on the job training is provided.  And anyone from neighbours, relatives and friends are all welcome to volunteer for a shift to support our school as well! It's a lot of fun to socialize with other members of the SWC school community during a shift.  Meals and snacks are provided as well. 


Many activities, equipment, supplies and teaching resources for our school are funded through this important fundraiser including most recently, the following SWC wish list items:

  • Science: Online license to science labs (Explore Learning), various supplies & equipment (probes & carts)
  • Social: Educational DVD ’
  • Yearbook: Nikon Camera
  • Math: T84 calculators & Wacom Tablets
  • Robotics: Robotic supplies & reduction of student fees
  • English: Portable PA system & Wacom tablets
  • Second Languages: Language specific resources (dictionaries) & board games
  • Physical Education: equipment required to adapt to COVID

Request for Annual Donation (RFAD) Campaign

However, a casino is a promise of funds in the future as we will not see the proceeds from the casino for at least 18 months.  As well, there are many items that AGLC guidelines will not allow casino proceeds to fund (eg. Staff appreciation, prizes, etc.). In order to fill these funding gaps, every year SWCSC and SWCPA launches the Request for Annual Donation Campaign.  Our annual ask is to raise approximately $10 per student which provides an opportunity to further enhance the educational experience of the students at Sir Winston Churchill High School. This Campaign typically nets about $5,000.00 - 8,000.00 for the year with the funds raised used in support of student clubs and activities, as well as SWCSC/SWCPA sponsored events like staff appreciation events and urgent needs put forth by the school Administration as necessary. A small amount of money is also set aside to aid students who couldn’t otherwise participate in events (for example, grad banquet tickets).

Previously, funds raised from this campaign have supported:

  • special student events to foster school spirit, strengthen our student community while alleviating stress such as Halloween Trick or Treating, Winter Wonder Week, Spring Carnival, Grade 12 BBQ, the Grade 12 Farewell and many Spirit Days
  • Staff Appreciation events to show gratitude to our hardworking SWC staff and boost morale
  • urgent needs put forth by the school Administration as necessary

This is generally the sole campaign where SWCSC and SWCPA will ask for funds directly from our school community as we typically will  not be running any sales campaigns. 100% of your donations will go directly to SWC school, its students and the operation of SWCSC / SWCPA for this year and next.  *Please note that SWC students, teams or the Band Parents Association may still run fundraisers throughout the year for their own causes separate from this campaign. 


The Parent Association operates a casino account that houses the Casino Fundraiser proceeds and a general account that holds the RFAD funds.  As required by AGLC, the Casino funds must be disbursed within 24 months of receipt along with accompanying financial reporting to account for their use. SWCPA completes an Annual Financial report, arranges for an annual audit and then files an annual return for all funds raised. 

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