Grade 10

Students apply for IB in November

IBO Subjects1st Semester2nd Semester
Math SLMath 10 Cohort IB (Candidate)Math 20 IB
Math HLMath 10 Cohort IB (Candidate)Math 20 IB
Further MathMath 10 Cohort IB (Candidate)Math 20 IB
Biology SLScience 10Bio 25 IB
    (term 3 or 4)
Physics SLScience 10
Math 10 Cohort IB (Candidate)
Physics 25 IB
     (semester 2)
Business Management SLFinancial Mgt. 101 (recommended) (term 1, 2 or 3)BM Intro IB
    (term 4)
Chemistry HLScience 10 (either semester) Math 10 Cohort IB  (first semester)
World History HLSocial Studies 10-1 (either semester)
English Literature HLEnglish 10-1 (either semester)
French B - ab initioFrench 10 (either semester)
French B SLFrench 20 (either semester) or French Immersion
Spanish B ab-initioSpanish 10 (either semester)
Mandarin B ab initio Through Sir Winston Churchill HS, Students apply for IB - IBO Registration is completed and the Final Exam is written at SWC.  CLASSES ARE COMPLETED at the Chinese Academy on Saturdays.  The academy has additional fees.
Mandarin B SL
Cantonese B SL
Art Visual Arts HLArt 10 (either semester)
Computer Science HLComputing Science 10 (term course) (CS 20 can be completed in Grade 11)  All 3 term courses need to be completed by the start of Grade 12.  
Theory of Knowledge

Prerequisite – Acceptance into the IB Program

Biology 25 IB - 3 credits

Prerequisite: Science 10
This course continues the biology section of Science 10. Topics that are studied may include: an in-depth study of cells and cell processes, cell division and nutrients. As well, the course introduces the statistics needed for IB science classes. This course is a prerequisite for Biology 20/30 IB SL.

Business Management Intro IB - 3 credits

Suggested course: Financial Management 101
Students will identify basic management and marketing concepts, explore organizational structures, management theories, the nature of business, organizational planning and decision making, growth and the impact of globalization, and the management of change.

Computing Science 10 & 20 - 3 credits each

These are not IB courses, but are prerequisite for Computing Science IB.
We can add the descriptors from the other section of the course descriptions since they are not IB courses.

Mathematics 20 IB - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Math 10 Candidate
Students will study an enriched and extended presentation of the Math 20-1 curriculum. This course is taken in the second semester of the grade ten year. Therefore candidates must take Math 10 Candidate in the first semester. Continuation in IB Mathematics SL or movement into IB mathematics HL will occur in consultation with Mathematics IB teachers at the end of 20IB and the beginning of 30IB.

Physics 25 IB - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Science 10
Students will study an enriched presentation of various topics covered in regular Physics 20, such as: the scientific process and measurement with uncertainties, and kinematics and dynamics in one and two dimensions. This course is a prerequisite for Physics 20 IB. Math 20 IB is strongly recommended for the Physics IB program, as the sequence of topics in the Math IB program more closely matches the needs of the Physics IB SL program.

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