Grade 12

IBO Subjects1st Semester2nd Semester
Math SL
Math HL  Math 35 IB HL
Further MathMath 35 IB HL, Further Math (first three terms)
Biology SL
Physics SL
Business Management SL
Psychology SLPsychology 30 SL (1 semester)
Economics HLEconomics 30IB HL (Full Year)
Chemistry HLChemistry 30/35 IB HL (Full Year)
World History HLWorld History IB HL (Full Year)
English Literature HLEnglish 30/35 IB HL (Full Year)
French B - ab initioFrench ab initio 30IB  
French B SLFrench 31 IB SL  
Spanish B ab-initioSpanish ab initio 30IB (Currently in the AM Block)   
Mandarin B ab initio Mandarin ab-initio 30 IB (Completed Off-Campus - Full Year)
Mandarin B SL Mandarin 30 IB SL (Completed Off-Campus - Full Year)
Cantonese B SL Cantonese 30 IB SL (Completed Off-Campus - Full Year)
Visual Arts HLArt 31 IB HL  
Computer Science HLComputing Science 30IB HL (full year)
Theory of KnowledgeDiploma Students: Once a week during tutorials with a online component and a few after school meetings

Art 31 IB HL - 5 credits

Prerequisite: Art 20 IB
Students in Art 30/31 IB continue to explore the exciting connection between their studio work and individual research. Students will have individual and class instruction and work towards creating powerful, and personally meaningful themes in drawing, photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media.

Chemistry 30/35 IB HL - 10 credits (full year)

Prerequisite: Chemistry 20 IB
This rigorous course, combined with Chemistry 20 IB, is equivalent to the first year of university chemistry. Topics covered include: energetics, reaction kinetics, equilibrium systems, acid/base chemistry, organic chemistry, oxidation-reduction systems, and periodicity. Two optional units (selected by the teacher) are also covered. The year ends with an IB exam in May and the Alberta Diploma Exam in June; Chemistry 30 credits are earned upon successful completion of the course. A lab portfolio is completed.

Computing Science 30 IB HL - 11 credits (full year)

Prerequisites: Computing Science 10/20/25 IB and enrollment as an IB Higher Level Computer Candidate
A student cannot get credit in both Computing Science 301 and Computing Science 31 IB
Students have an opportunity to engage in a rigorous and dynamic course that is of university level in rigor.
Topics include:

  • Dynamic Data Structures: Structures are studied as standard Java collections, using iterators, sets and maps, but student must also independently design ADT (Abstract Data Types) implementing their own versions of dynamic data structures such as arraylists, linked lists, binary search trees, stacks and queues.
  • File Handling: Both sequential and direct access file handling structures are designed and implemented.
  • Object oriented programming option will be selected and taught from the IB optional topics.
  • Computer Program Internal Assessment Project: Students will plan and develop program solutions from their choice of IB topic areas, the program will provide a solution to a problem and encompass exception handling, testing, file handling, a suitable data structure and a graphical user interface. The internal assessment provides students an opportunity to truly demonstrate and extend their skills.
  • Extended Computer Science Topics: Topics include: computational thinking, systems analysis and design, computer architecture and peripherals, data representation, number systems and representations, Boolean logic, Operating systems and utilities, algorithmic evaluation, social significance and implications of computer systems, and a case study of an industry wide application.
  • IB students complete the Computer Program Internal Assessment Project and present it for assessment using web technologies.
  • Extended IB Project: Students extend their knowledge and skills by undertaking a further project in which they select a topic of their choice. Previous projects have included app development, web services, creating a compiler and robotics solutions. This project commences once IB exams are completed in May. 

English 30/35 IB HL - 10 credits (full year)

Prerequisite: English 20 IB
This program is a continuation of English 20 IB and is designed to further develop student awareness of and appreciation for writers’ craft. Students will further develop a literary perspective by studying literature from different cultures, and time frames. At various points during this year long experience, students will be expected to complete both oral and written final exams as well as write a self-directed Works in Translation essay in order to meet expectations of the IB program. In addition, they will be responsible for writing the Alberta Diplomas by the end of the course. Pre-reading will be required prior to the beginning of the course.

Economics 30 IB HL (comprised of Macro Economics and International/Developmental Economics) – 8 credits (full year)

Prerequisite: Economics 20 IB
This course continues with the content described in the grade 11 course offering.

Psychology 30IB - 5 credits

No prerequisites required

At its core, Psychology SL is an introduction to three different approaches to understanding behaviour: the biological, cognitive and sociocultural approaches. Students will study and critically evaluate the knowledge, concepts, theories and research that have developed the understanding in these fields. Psychology SL also promotes an understanding of the various approaches to research and how they are used to critically reflect on evidence as well as assist in the design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of the students’ own investigations.  The themes of research and ethics are integral to the course and paramount to the nature of the subject.

Mathematics 35 IB HL – 3 credits

Prerequisite: Mathematics 30/31 HL IB
Students will focus on the study of complex numbers, polar geometry, statistical methods, and series and differential calculus.

World History IB HL - 10 credits (full year)

Prerequisite: Social Studies 20 IB HL
This course provides a detailed outline survey of modern American and European history from 1900’s to the present era. Emphasis is placed upon the study of major historical themes, document analysis, research procedures and class discussions. Our regional study is The Americas. Topics covered include events from the U.S. Civil War to the end of the Cold War.

International Languages – Ab Initio Level

French ab initio 30 IB– 5 credits

Prerequisite: French 20 IB ab initio
Based on the French 30 curriculum of Alberta Education and the language IB ab initio curriculum, this course prepares students for the French 30 IB ab initio oral, reading comprehension and written exams through the expansion of the three ab initio themes. Students will engage in more advanced enriched activities in terms of scope and depth, frequency, and richness of expression.

Spanish ab initio 30 IB– 5 credits

Prerequisite: Spanish 20 IB ab initio
Based on the Spanish 30 Language and Culture curriculum of Alberta Education and the language IB ab initio curriculum, this course prepares students for the Spanish 30 IB ab initio oral, reading comprehension and written exams. Students will further explore the three ab initio themes and enhance their understanding of the Hispanic community.

International Languages – Standard Level

French 31 IB SL – 5 credits

Prerequisite: French 30 IB
This course is designed to expand proficiency in all four primary skill areas of listening, speaking, reading comprehension and writing. Students will cover the regular French 31 curriculum of Alberta Education and IB language SL curriculum. They will continue to practice using language in practical and social situations, but will also cover more expressive and intellectual domains. They will be able to give and defend their opinions on controversial issues. Emphasis is placed on consolidation of grammatical structures to enhance written composition using a variety of formats: Journals, blogs, editorials, personal and formal letters, etc.

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