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NOTE:  If students have previous experience with Latin, please make an appointment with the Latin teacher at the beginning of the school year, before classes commence, to determine which course level is most appropriate.


Latin 10 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

This course introduces students to the Latin language and Roman civilization. In this beginner course, students will learn basic vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students will read about Greek and Roman Mythology, and students will be introduced to the early history of Ancient Rome (the foundation, early kings, and the first expansions). 


Latin 20 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Latin 10

Students enrolled in Latin 20 will continue their study of the Latin language. A more detailed emphasis will be placed upon Latin vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, with a greater range of linguistic, political, and historical understanding of Ancient Rome (Caesar’s time and history, the Roman army and the populous). Students will also continue their reading and study of Greek and Roman Mythology.


Latin 30 Language and Culture – 5 Credits

Prerequisite: Latin 20

Latin 30 is an enriching study and appreciation of the structure of the language and the translation of excerpts of classical texts into colloquial English. In this course, the cultural content of Latin will be related to the geography and history of Rome.  In addition, students will acquire an appreciation of life during the Roman Empire (the family, the home, education, and food).


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