Lab Exams

Lab work and laboratory skills are an important part of any course in science. The ability to work in a lab and to know how to safely and efficiently operate laboratory equipment is also paramount to student success in later science courses both at Sir Winston Churchill School and beyond.

Grade 10 Students

The Science Department takes the time and effort to set up a unique Laboratory Skills Exam for it's grade 10 academic science students. 

This lab exam is worth 5% of you Science 10 mark; your Science 10 Final Exam is worth 25% of your Science 10 mark.

Important things to know:

  1. Students should check the schedule for their name and exam time, which is located in the main foyer and on this website.
  2. Students wait in the main foyer for an escort to the room; you may not go upstairs un-escorted
  3. You only need to bring a pencil, ruler, eraser and cleared calculator into the room

Lab Exam Rules

  • Each student should arrive 15 minutes early for their lab exam appointment; wait in the main foyer, close to trifold that will be there, for an escort to room 234: if you arrive late, go immediately to room 234. If your group is still in room 234, you may start late. You get no extra time, however. If you arrive after your group has moved to room 236, you cannot start late, as you have missed the safety instructions, and you have earned a grade of zero. There will be no opportunity to complete this exam at another time.
  • Bring only a pencil, ruler and eraser into the rooms. You may bring a calculator if you can clear it yourself. We will provide rulers and calculators if they are needed. All books, bags, purses, pencil cases, coats, caps, IPODs, phones, MP3 players and other electronic items, should be put into lockers prior to the test. If lockers are no longer available, then we will lock valuables in a safe room.
  • Wear lab appropriate clothing (no open toe shoes, hair tied back, no jackets or caps).
  • Safety equipment must be worn from entry to exit of room 236.
  • You will be assigned a lab station by a supervisor.
  • There is absolutely no talking to any student or sharing resources during the exams.
  • Supervising teachers will not interpret questions or define terms for you.
  • You will have 15 minutes to complete the written portion of the lab exam, and 20 minutes to complete the three questions at you lab station (except for extended time students).
  • You will be escorted out of the room and back to the main foyer at the end of your scheduled time; you may not visit your locker if exams are being written upstairs.
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