At Sunalta we are trying to reduce our litter and waste. We will be starting a composting program at the school and encourage all our families to use reusable containers for lunch. We will also be sending uneaten lunches and snacks back home. This practice helps parents determine how much their children are actually eating at school. Students will be encouraged to take lunch garbage home as well to recycle and dispose of.

Lunch Supervision

The Calgary Board of Education provides students with the option to stay at school for lunch. Lunch Supervision is offered to all students in Grades 1- 6 and in our full-day kindergarten programs for an annual fee. Students in these grades require direct supervision during the lunch hour, regardless of the grade configuration of the school or the mode of transportation the students use to get to and from school each day. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for more information.

Fun Lunch

Sunalta School is once again offering an optional Wednesday fun lunch program through Healthy Hunger. The weekly menus are posted on their website so that you can order in advance for the lunches being offered in the upcoming months. Parents have until Friday midnight each week to order for the following Wednesday lunch. We will also offer a treat/smoothie day on the last Monday of each month. Please go to Healthy Hunger to register your child(ren) and see the upcoming menus. Additional registration instructions are attached. Please let me know if you have any questions about the fun lunch program.

Allergies | Nut-Aware School

A very serious and potentially life-threatening reminder involves sending snacks to school with your child. As you know, many students have a variety of food allergies that can have serious health implications. Nuts and products containing nuts, such as peanut butter, can be life-threatening to students with peanut allergies. As a result, most schools in the CBE ask parents to send snacks and lunches that are "peanut free." We respectfully ask that parents refrain from sending any snacks or lunches that contain peanuts as we do have children with severe nut allergies.

Please be aware that students may have allergies to things like tree nuts and that these allergens should not be brought to school. Parents of children with allergies must fill out appropriate forms. See more on our Illness & Medical page.

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