Dec 14

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school development plan spans three years time and 2021-2022 is Year 2 of this plan. To that end, our 2021-22 goals intentionally continue from last year, with the exception of the Mathematics goal (new in 2021-22).

  *Literacy Goals 2021-22 |

  *Student achievement in making personal connections to reading in order to explore, construct, and extend understanding will improve.

  *Well Being for Learning Goal 2021-22 |

  *Student independence in social problem solving, by
demonstrating citizenship, collaboration and problem solving strategies, will improve.

  *Mathematics Goal 2021-22 new |

  *Student independence in social problem solving, by
demonstrating citizenship, collaboration and problem solving strategies, will improve.

A detailed copy of our 2021-22 School Development Plan that includes student goals, instructional actions, resources, key outcomes and measures is posted on our school webpage at under the About Us > Our School tab.

Learning is energizing. The adults are learning as a collective endeavor during the scheduled early dismissal and professional days. In order to better serve students with their learning

Early Dismissmal Days:  Every Friday early dismissal afternoon begins with a staff meeting for all teachers and support staff. This is an excellent opportunity for the whole staff to all meet together in creating hopes and dreams for Taradale School and in developing goals for the school year. The rest of the afternoons are dedicated to professional learning, system work and professional learning communities.

Professional Days : The support for Friday Early Dismissals continues to be appreciated. The time to meet, work and dream together with the whole staff is invaluable. Teachers also meet in Professional Learning Communities, on Friday afternoons, to create student learning goals and to focus on inquiry related to the School Development Goal. We continue to thank  our Taradale community for adjusting your schedules to accommodate Friday early dismissals.

Thank you to everyone for participating in our VIRTUAL PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES.

It was a pleasure to meet with your families, in your homes, while celebrating your children's learning. We are grateful for everyone's willingness as we learn new ways of facilitating our process, during this unsettled time.


Student Enrollment : Currently we have 686 enrolled and we are continuously receiving more registration applications. We will continue to monitor our numbers.  If there is any re-organization for learning required, those families involved will be notified.  All decisions are based on the learning needs of the students.

Parent Account : Thank you to our parents who have created their “MyCBE/PowerSchool" accounts. This process gives parents the opportunity to book their parents/teacher meetings. Student report cards, school fees, and
other school communication will be delivered through this online method. If you haven't created your parent account, please go to this link for the step-by-step procedure: 


Students Arrival : Students come to learn. Most of the students arrive on time, prepared to learn. We are appreciative of that. When students arrive, their learning begins and the engagement process takes place. This affords the student the best learning experience. Sadly, we continue to notice how many  students are missing out on learning by arriving late. When a student comes late, they not only interrupt their own learning, but the learning of 20 other students when they enter the class to settle in for the day's learning. Please consider the importance of late arrivals on your child's learning as well as the learning of others. Having our students arrive on time, ready to learn will allow them to receive instructions to begin their learning day together and be a part of a successful day of achievement. 

School Council 

Our School Council Meetings are held virtually. Topics covered in November were:  

*Three-Year Education Plan                   *Calendar
*School Development Plan                     *Professional Learning
*Annual Report for Parents                     *Nominations
*Remembrance Day Ceremony               *Elections

We would like to welcome all of our parents/guardians to our next school council meeting on Tuesday, December 14 at 6:15—virtually.

Please watch for upcoming meeting dates for School Council; information will be updated on our school website.

Winter Celebration
Our Winter Celebration will look different this year, as we create new plans, during this unsettled time.

We will create a week of spirit and JOY with our students during the last week, as they participate in:

· Two assemblies (Tuesday and Thursday), celebrating learning and singing songs;

· Red and Green/Festive Sweater Day—Tuesday;

· Cozy/Comfy Day—Thursday

· Please watch for another notice coming soon about Winter Celebration

…..and it is my greatest pleasure,

 on behalf of all

 our staff at Taradale,

and from the bottom of our hearts,

        to send PEACE and JOY to all our Taradale Families.


      We wish you a safe and healthy Winter Break

      Jacki McLaren



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