Oct 08
School Start-Up

You bring me all the joy in the world just by being you!!”

Each year, at Taradale School, we start with a special picture book that we bring to life, throughout the year, in our 30 classrooms.

This school year, 2019-2020, we started with the book,



Corrinne Averiss

Averiss describes JOY as something that can be foundjoy.jpg

in the most unusual places, which is the message we are sharing with our Kindergarten to Grade Four students.


Our first 6 weeks have already been packed full of celebrations.  Please ask your children, each day, to share their celebrations with you.


I am honored to begin my thirteenth year as the Principal of our Taradale community, which has created a respectful tone of valuing education and appreciating the opportunity to learn.  It is a privilege to be working with our Taradale families.  I feel very fortunate.


As a school community, we look forward to continuing to frame our work this year with the Calgary Board of Education Mission, Results and Values: 


Mission - Each student, in keeping with his or her individual abilities and gifts, will complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning.


Results - Academic Success  Citizenship    Personal Development    Character


Values - Students come first.  Learning is our central purpose.  Public education serves the common good.



We are very pleased to welcome all of our families to Taradale School.

The Calgary Board of Education sent a letter home to our parents on September 15, 2009 stating, “….due to continued enrollment growth at Taradale School, the school is at capacity and will continue to be capped.”

The designated overflow bus receiver school for kindergarten to grade four students residing inside Taradale School’s attendance area is Guy Weadick School, which is located the community of Temple at 5612 Templehill Road NE.  You can contact the school at (403) 777-6740.

All new kindergarten to grade four students moving into Taradale School’s attendance area are designated to Guy Weadick School. 


Wow!  Wow! Wow! – Over 95% Attendance 

Parent Teacher Conferences


It was an absolute pleasure to meet with approximately 95% of our parents at our Parent/Teacher Conferences in September.  We were thrilled with the outstanding participation in attending conferences, as well as booking conferences online! During the next couple of weeks, we encourage the parents, who were not able to attend conferences, to contact teachers and schedule an opportunity to meet their child’s teacher and to participate in their first conference.   

We can feel the strong sense of community at Taradale.

I continue to be the Proud, Proud, Proud Principal of Taradale School.  What do we treasure?  We treasure our students, who are our Taradale Treasures!!


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