Mar 01
Literacy Resource Update

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

It is very important as educators that we consider ourselves as lifelong learners. Best practices in teaching and learning are continually evolving, and at the times the research reveals that things we “have always done" may not be as effective as what we once thought. 

With this in mind, we wanted to let you know that we will not be renewing our current Raz Kids subscription. We know that this is a resource that families often use at home for reading practice. It will be expiring mid-March. 

As a staff we have been listening to the 6-episode podcast called, “Sold a Story." If you haven't heard this podcase before, it is an investigative report on the evolution of reading instruction over the past several decades. This podcast is based on information from the U.S., however there are many similar themes in Canada as well. Themes include whole language approaches, guided reading, leveled readers (Raz Kids), predictive text, etc. 

If you are interested in listening for yourself it is a very eye-opening listen:

As a school, we are committed to finding research-based literacy materials that will more effectively meet the needs of our learners. After consulting with several experts in the field we have moved forward with purchasing more decodable books along with teacher resources that include an element of home practice if parents wish to still engage in additional practice at home with their child. You can watch for these in the coming weeks, particularly in our younger grades. We have also been fortunate to have Mrs. Robertson join our team in the past few months and she will be working on targeted literacy intervention with identified students to supplement this work. She will have contacted you already if your child is working directly with her. 

We thank you for your support as we move forward in this ongoing learning journey. We will be exploring other options for digital resources as well that support our common vision of effective literacy instructions based on current research. 




Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School​

Sep 10
​Combined Grade Classes: An Overview​

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

We are fortunate to be in a position of a growing student population at Terrace Road School. This Fall we have seen an increase in students in almost every grade. We're very thankful for this continued growth and support of our community school. 

Each year in the Spring, CBE schools budget for the following school year based on projected and current student numbers. Historically at Terrace Road School we have planned for a mix of straight grade classes and a mix of split grade classes. The grade configurations often changed year to year depending on the projected numbers. As a staff, we engaged in many conversations about moving instead to an intentional, long-term and sustainable plan that a new model of combined grade classrooms would provide for students. The benefits of this model were also shared at our Spring School Council meeting and decisions were made in response to our Spring Parent survey on prioritizing lower class sizes at our school. 

Below you will find common questions regarding this shift in practice.

What is the difference between a Split Grade Classroom and a Multi-Age or Combined Grade Classroom?

The difference between split grade and combined grade classrooms is in the overall structure, organization and philosophy of the school. Some of the differences are highlighted in the table below.

Split Grade ClassroomsCombined Grade Classrooms
A mix of straight grade classes and split grade classrooms in the schoolThe entire school is organized into pairs or teams of combined grades
Often the teacher is the only one in the school with their particular split grade configurationTeachers are organized into pairs or teams of teachers teaching the same two curriculums. This provides an opportunity for team-teaching.
Split grade classroom configurations can change year to year (ex. Grade 2/3 one year and Grade 3/4 the following year)The school is organized into the same pairs of combined grades year to year (ex. Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6) 
Teacher must manage two curriculums individually and concurrentlyAllows for flexible groupings by task, grade, special interests, curricular topic
Teacher is responsible for their own classroom of learnersPair or team of teachers share responsibility for knowing the group of learners in entire combined grade group. Students have access to multiple teachers to meet their needs
Classroom teacher changes each yearAn effort is made for the students to stay with their same teacher(s) for two year's in a row. The learning community is supported by a team of educators already knows them well in their second year of looping. 
Teacher is often responsible for all planning  of tasks and assessments of both curriculums on their own and with their studentsPairs or teams of teachers plan common tasks and common assessments with and for their groups of students. This allows for alignment between classrooms and high- quality instruction with the benefit of two or more teachers' combined expertise. 


What are the benefits of Combined Grade Classrooms? 

 There are many research-based benefits of combined-grade classrooms including: 

positive peer interactions between older and younger grades

ability to meet the needs of all learners more effectively which does not always correspond to their grade

opportunities for student leadership and extension activities 

academic gains similar to straight grades

balances class sizes are often lower overall compared to straight grades

increased collaboration between teaching partners

Here are a few additional resources if you are interested:

How will the teacher(s) manage both curriculums? 

When classes are organized in a combined grade classroom configuration, teachers organize concepts from the Program of Studies through common tasks, similar tasks, and/or tandem tasks. Teachers are able to plan and assess common learning outcomes for each grade while explicitly teaching the discreet outcomes for each grade level along with a different focus and expectation for formative and summative assessment(s). 

Teachers often capitalize on cross curricular connections by embedding curricular content across subject areas. A common concept or skill can be addressed with the whole class with the flexibility to apply specific content for each grade. Tasks can be differentiated by content, process, and product. Teachers may also increase or decrease the breadth and depth of knowledge according grade and the specific learning needs of each child. 

We appreciate your support as we move to this combined grade model of teaching and learning. Our teaching and support staff are very excited about this shift for the benefit of all of our students. 


Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School​

Jun 29
End of the Year 2021- Happy Summer

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

What a year this has been! 

I want to thank you all for the incredible welcome I have received being new to the school this year. I feel truly blessed to be part of this incredible learning community. Your children light up my day each and every week, the staff work tirelessly to ensure all students are loved, supported, and successful, and our families have shown us overwhelming kindness and generosity this year.  

My very first read aloud to the students at Terrace Road was called “Everybody's Welcome" by Patricia Hegarty. It was the same book I read to students during our final virtual assembly this morning for our last day of school. This book embodies our values as a school around building belonging and showing generosity to others through our words and actions. Thank you all for helping me to feel so welcome here. 

Staffing Updates

We would also like to welcome a few new Terrace Road Tigers to our school next year. Leslie Tarry will be our new Administrative Secretary in the Fall and comes to us from Louis Riel School. Megan Axford and Devina Shah are joining our staff from Olympic Heights School. Heather Wacker is joining us from Captain John Palliser, and Laura Hall comes to us from Rundle School. We know each and every one of these educators shares our commitment to student success and inclusive practice. They will make wonderful additions to our team in the Fall. 

Sadly, we are also saying “see you soon" instead of goodbye to several of our beloved current staff. Noor Jabran is beginning her maternity leave shortly. We wish her well with her expanding family. Colleen Olmats continues to seek opportunities within CBE at this time. We will miss her joy and kindness for our young learners. Heather Sigurdson and Alicia Bateman will be joining the staff at Glenbrook School in the Fall. Congratulations to Mrs. Sigurdson on her new leadership role as Learning Leader there. We are also pleased Mrs. Bateman was able to secure a more permanent position at CBE for next year as her contract with us ended in June. Mrs. Au is also taking a personal leave next year. We will miss her leadership, guidance, and kindness in so many ways and wish her the best during this transitional time. Finally, a huge congratulations is in order for our two retirees and long-time staff members of our community: Yvonne Clark and Sandy Hoefling. Their tireless dedication to Terrace Road School has been unwavering. Their impact will be felt long after their departure. 

And with this final message we wish you a happy and healthy summer! Our school office will be open beginning Friday August 27 if you require assistance before the first day of school. Also our back to school information can be found on our website:


All the best! Thanks for a great year! 




Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School​

Apr 27
Food Security at Terrace Road School

​Dear Parents/Guardians,

All students at Terrace Road School have the opportunity to access basic needs such as breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks throughout the day as required. As this is an identified need in our community, we endeavor to ensure all students are well fed and ready to learn. 

There are a few different ways students are able to access each of these programs. Please see information below for specific information regarding each program. 

Breakfast Program: Meals on Wheels

There are many benefits of beginning the day with a healthy breakfast. Eating breakfast in the morning is linked to improved concentration, increased energy, and improved academic performance. 

Terrace Road School provides a morning Breakfast Club that is available to all students. All options are provided in partnership with Meals on Wheels for healthy food options. Our hardworking breakfast supervisor visits all classrooms each morning and students are able to request breakfast food at this time. Rotating available options include: fresh fruit/vegetables, cereal, muffins, eggs, yogurt, and cheese. Many of our students access this program regularly.

Lunch Program: BB4K

Our school lunch program is provided to students through the Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids Program.  Students are provided with a Ham, Turkey, Tuna, Sandwich as well as vegetables or fruit. Gluten, Dairy Free, and Vegetarian options are also available upon request. Some of our students access this program regularly, while others use this program intermittently to supplement their school lunches. Students can request additional food at lunch hour through their lunchroom supervisor for intermittent use, however if families would like to access this program on a consistent basis it is recommended to email your child's teacher or the school administration team. This will help us to plan for the number of needed lunches as we receive twice weekly deliveries. You may also request this service directly from BB4K here. If your child is accessing HUB learning this year, there is additional support available through the same link. 

As both of these programs are accessible for all students, please email the office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child's access, dietary concerns, or special considerations for your child/family. 

Thank you as always for your ongoing support of our school and these programs that ensure all students are successful at school. 


Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School 

Feb 19
Building Positive Relationships: Rude, Mean, or Bullying Behaviour?

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

As part of our Wellness Goal for our School Development Plan this year, our school focus has been to help students to develop positive relationship skills with their peers and other adults within our school. 

As part of this commitment, we have been working through the URStrong Program, a locally developed collective of lessons on making and maintaining healthy friendships, conflict resolution, and self-advocacy skills. 

In addition, we have been learning the difference between Bullying and Mean-on-Purpose Behaviour. This aligns with the CBE Bullying and Awareness framework pictured below. 

Bullying Framework.png

It is important all parents know that we are first and foremost committed to ensuring a welcoming, caring, safe, and respectful environment for all students at Terrace Road School. If your child is experiencing rude, mean/aggressive behaviour, or bullying at school it is important to bring this to the immediate attention of your child's teacher and/or school administration. We will work with you and your child toward a solution. Once we have a better understanding of which part of the continuum of behaviours your child is experiencing, we will be best equipped to support them in reaching a positive outcome. ​

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of this work at the school level. When parents and educators work together we can ensure that all students feel welcomed, safe, and supported at school. 




Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School

Feb 19
Notice - Monday Messages have Moved

​Please see our News Feed for updated Monday Messages every week. 

Our Principal Messages will now include messages for our school community to communicate broader messages and specific curricular tasks or values we are focusing on at Terrace Road School. 


​Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School

Feb 01
Monday Message - February 1, 2021

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

Welcome back to some of our HUB students who have been learning online for the first portion of the year and are returning to in-person learning today! We are so excited to have them back learning with us. 

Indoor Shoes

As the weather temperatures dip to below freezing, it is important to remember that all students require indoor shoes. This keeps our hallways clean and safe for all students and adults in the building. If you need support with indoor shoes for your child please contact Mrs. Austin at

School Council Meeting Tonight

We have a School Council Meeting today at 6:30pm via Teams. We will providing school business updates, discussing recent purchases and talking about exciting upcoming events at our school. We hope you can join us:  Click here to join the meeting

Kindergarten Open House

We also have a Kindergarten Open House this Wednesday February 3 at 6:30pm for all families whose children are starting Kindergarten with us in the Fall. Mrs. Bisson our Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Au our Resource teacher, our School Council chair, and Summit Kids will all be joining us for this special event! Click here to join the meeting

Valentine's Day Cards – By This Friday

We will be welcoming families to bring in Valentine's cards this year as an optional activity. If you would like to send Valentine's with your child, they must be at school no later than Friday February 5, 2021 in order to adhere to CBE paper protocols and paper quarantine guidelines. 

All students will have a bag with their name marked. Students will drop their Valentine's in the bags on the Friday and the bags will quarantine over the weekend and will be handed out on Wednesday February 10 prior to the Family Day Long Weekend. If you would like to send Valentine's please send one for all students in the class. Teachers will send a list of first names for you prior to this date. 

Report Cards

Report Cards are LIVE in Powerschool today! Please watch for a separate email today with instructions for access. 

Hope you all have a wonderful week!​



Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School

Jan 25
Monday January 25, 2021

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

At Terrace Road we believe that student voice is an integral part of building a strong school community where everyone belongs. As a result, we have implemented a student advisory council to give voice and choice to celebrations of learning and emerging student issues that we can support and address within the school. The council was chosen through a democratic process in each classroom, and these students will aim to represent the voice of their classmates for the remainder of this school year. 

This council will meet with me once per month following weekly circle talks in their classroom, and bring forward relevant items to discuss with the council. The intent is to continue to make our school a great place to come every day, and for students to feel ownership regarding school decisions. 


Our School council has generously agreed to fund a new program to our school this year that will support friendship skill-building in four main areas: 1) How to make a friend 2) How to be a great friend 3) How to put out friendship fires 4) How to remember that UR Strong.

This program was suggested in response to our school learning data results from the OurSchool Survey where it is evident that our students would benefit from targeted support in building and maintaining positive relationships. 

If you would like to learn more about this program please visit the URStrong parent page at: 

No School Friday

There is no school on Friday January 29, 2021 as teachers are engaging in a professional development day. 

Pick up and Drop Off Reminder

Before school teacher supervision begins at 8:20am. If students are arriving at school prior to this time they must be accompanied by an adult outside to ensure the safety and security of all of our students. 

After school is it important to please be prompt in picking up your child at the designated time as we have limited staff and space to accommodate late pick-ups. If on the odd occasion you are running late we do appreciate a call to the office to let us know. 

Finally as the weather gets colder and the snow piles up please slow down and watch for our young students in our school playground zone. It can be difficult to see students behind snow drifts and other blind spots. We appreciate your diligence and attention to this.

Valentine's Day Cards

We will be welcoming families to bring in Valentine's cards this year as an optional activity. If you would like to send Valentine's with your child, they must be at school no later than Friday February 5, 2021 in order to adhere to CBE paper protocols and paper quarantine guidelines. 

All students will have a bag with their name marked. Students will drop their Valentine's in the bags on the Friday and the bags will quarantine over the weekend and will be handed out on Wednesday February 10 prior to the Family Day Long Weekend. If you would like to send Valentine's please send one for all students in the class. Teachers will send a list of first names for you prior to this date. 

Reminders of Upcoming Events: 

January 27 – Family Literacy Day

January 28 – Bell Let's Talk Day

January 29 – No School (PD Day)

February 1 – Report Cards are viewable in Powerschool. You must be signed up for a Powerschool account to view online. No paper copies will be printed. 

February 3 – Kindergarten Open House @6:30pm 

Please join us via Teams using this link: Click here to join the meeting


​Tiffany Austin, Principal

Terrace Road School


Jan 20
Monday January 15, 2021

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

Thank you for your ongoing support of our staff members and students at Terrace Road. I have to tell you that in the few short months I have been at this school, I have felt the care and support of our parent community daily. Thank you for the kind words you have sent in regards to online learning the first week back and your care for our in-person return this week. Your diligence in helping keep all of our students safe is noticed and appreciated. 

Kindergarten Open House 

We will be holding a Kindergarten Open House on Wednesday February 3, 2021 @6:30pm. We will be providing an overview of the Kindergarten Program at Terrace Road and also hear from School Council Chair Russell Koehler about ways you can be involved as parents within our school. There will be time at the end of the meeting to answer any questions as well. 

Please join us via Teams using this link: Click here to join the meeting

Follow us on Twitter!

We are on Twitter @TerraceRoadCBE

Follow us for school and learning updates as well as important information for parents in real time!

Family Literacy Day

Family Literacy day is coming up soon on January 27th. Check out the following resource for some family literacy activities you can enjoy together:

What Shall we do with the Children After the Pandemic?

If you have ever worried about the impact of the current pandemic on academic achievement, this article is a brilliant reminder for all parents and educators. It is definitely worth a read!

Lastly please remember to send your children in warm clothes as the weather shifts into cold near the end of this week!

Have a wonderful week!​


Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School

Jan 04
Monday January 4, 2021

Dear Terrace Road Families, 

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful and relaxing break with those you love. January is here and we are excited to welcome back all students to online learning this week. Your child's teacher will be sending you an email by 8am this morning. If you have not yet received communication please let the office know and contact your child's teacher directly. 

Online Learning Expectations

This week's online learning experience differs from the “emergency teaching" model in the Fall in that students will be following the same general schedule they would if they were in person this week. Each student is required to attend school online for the full day during regular bell times. There is a mandatory morning and afternoon Google Meet with each teacher. Attendance will be recorded. As well all assigned coursework must also be completed each day. If you require paper materials to complete please contact your child's teacher directly.

Music Class

All students are invited to take part in drop in music lessons during this week with Mr. Avery. There are repeats of sessions to accommodate lessons outside of your mandatory learning times. Please see link for schedule:

Front Doors of School

The front doors of the school are not operational this week as they are being replaced and reinstalled. If you need to pick up materials from the school please come to the teacher parking lot doors and either ring the bell or call the school. 


Kindergarten Registration

Online registration for the 2021 - 22 school year will begin on Monday, January 11, 2021. The registration process during a health emergency is found here.

  • Registration begins January 11, 2020.  No in person registrations are being accepted. 
  • Children born in 2016 and who turn 5 years of age on or before December 21, 2021 are eligible for kindergarten programming.  
  • At times, parents have requested their child be able to take 2 years of kindergarten. This is not an option as once they enter the system, they continue through the grades.
  • Children who are not resident to CBE may be enrolled in a Kindergarten program in CBE. However, enrolment in an early childhood services program does not guarantee enrolment for grade one in the school. Priority will be given to CBE resident students living in the designated attendance area for the school.
  • Parents / Legal Guardians / Independent Students who do not wish to provide the proof of age, legal name and citizenship document via email must contact the school and arrange a time to provide this in person before the registration form can be processed. Given that access to school buildings is limited at this time, it may take some time to get an appointment and we ask for your patience as we work to protect everyone's safety.


Hope to see your kiddos next week back for in person learning!



Tiffany Austin

Principal, Terrace Road School

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