Dress Code

The Calgary Board of Education strives for all of our schools to be safe and caring places for all students and staff. As a public school system, we welcome and celebrate students and staff from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs.

Students and their families maintain autonomy over student dress and appearance at school. We do encourage students to consider their choice of clothing and footwear to support their safe participation in school-based learning experiences that include (at times) outdoor PE.

Students are welcome to wear clothing/outfits to recognize dates of significance, special occasions, and/or community-based cultural events that take place over the school year. The school will not require students to wear specific clothing/outfits for any school-based or extracurricular events with the exception of some uniform requirements for school athletics teams. Learning is our central purpose.

We maintain a focus on equity and inclusivity at Terry Fox School, to support the work of creating a safe and welcoming school environment. Learning comes first and the work in classrooms is grounded in curricular outcomes.

The current CBE Administrative Regulation governing Dress Codes is currently under review and will be shared with families when it is available. Students are expected to adhere to AR 6005 (Student Code of Conduct) as well as AR 6031 (Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Work Environments).

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