Cell Phone

During Classes

Students must turn the power off on cellular telephones and store in their hall locker while in class.

Away for the Day

  • Personal digital devices/cell phones are not to be used or visible at any time during the school instructional hours.
  • All digital devices/cell phones must be placed in their student locker upon entering the building 7:45 am - 11:23 am.
  • Students are permitted to use their cell phones in the school during our lunch hour 11:23 am - 12:03 pm.
  • All digital devices/cell phones must be placed in the student locker prior to the 12:03 pm start time of afternoon classes.
  • At the end of the school day (2:30 M-R, 12:00 F) students are free to use their cell phones within the school.

Students who do not follow these guidelines will be required to bring their cell phones down to the office to be held in safe keeping until the end of the school day. On a second offense, parents will be required to come to the school to pick up their child's cell phone. Any more than two cell phone infractions will result in a mandatory parent meeting with school administration. They are never to be used in bathrooms or changing rooms. The school does not assume any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

During Examinations

Students are not permitted to have a cellular telephone or other electronic communication device (e.g. tablet, touch-screen capable POD, smart watches connected to the Internet or any other personally-owned electronic device) in their possession during an in-class or final examination.

Outside of Classes

Use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices (e.g., iPods, cameras) outside of class must not interfere in any way with instruction or the safe and orderly operation of the school.


Any teacher who finds a student using an electronic device in contravention of this rule will confiscate the device in accordance with CBE policy and the School Act of Alberta. A student who is found with any electronic devices during an examination may be disqualified from writing the examination and be assigned a grade of zero.

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