​Is this Program the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • Self-management and organizational skills and a commitment to daily homework
  • A willingness to participate in positive social interactions and take a leadership role when engaging in problem solving, acts of citizenship, and service
  • A willingness to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum and an eagerness for knowledge and service

Characteristics of Traditional Learning Centre Program

  • Character Education intentionally taught and reinforced daily and demonstrated through service to the school, local and global community
  • Whole group direct instruction that is sequential and enriched as the primary teaching approach
  • Students are provided with a structured, orderly setting appropriate to the learning activity
  • Elementary students are in straight grades. Students are grouped by skill ability for language arts and mathematics. Early literacy includes explicit instruction in phonics, spelling, and grammar. Horizontal enrichment opportunities are available to challenge students based on their achievement.
  • Middle School students are in straight grades in Language Arts and Math and in electives, as needed. Students may be grouped by skill ability for core. Opportunities are provided for horizontal and vertical enrichment in preparation for high school programming.
  • French as a second language begins in Grade 1 and is mandatory until the end of Grade 9; Music is mandatory until the end of Grade 9 with Band beginning in the middle school setting
  • School uniform (see uniform requirements)

Visit the CBE website​ to help determine whether or not the Traditional Learning Centre Program is right for your child, for the Alternative Programs Handbook (Alberta Education) and to find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.​​

Traditional Learning Centre Program

Traditional Learning Centre Commitment to Excellence

This section contains the commitments for students, staff and parents that all TLC students and parents have agreed to in their TLC application.

School Commitment 

  • Set High expectations for student achievement 
  • Provide structure and teacher-directed whole group instruction to ensure success
  • Model respectful, positive, professional behaviour in working with students and parents 
  • Make contact with home
  • Contact parents through phone and e-mail when needed, and be available for appointments as needed
  • Reinforce Character Education throughout the program 

Parent Commitment

  • Provide a quiet work place for nightly homework
  • Make homework a priority and regularly check the agenda and/or other school communications
  • Reinforce virtues at home
  • Expand the child’s education through the family wherever possible
  • Encourage high achievement in all subject areas
  • Support the delivery of the program primarily by whole group instruction
  • Support the staff and administration in their efforts to maintain an orderly, disciplined, safe and caring school environment
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences as scheduled
  • Ensure that your child is respecting the school dress code 

Student Commitment

  • Demonstrate respect, responsibility and other virtues in daily conduct
  • Listen to and cooperate with all staff members
  • Participate in all activities and school community service as appropriate
  • Display a positive attitude with everyone in and around the school
  • Complete assignments and homework; always aim for excellence
  • Respect and follow the TLC dress code 

How to Register for the TLC Program

Please visit the How to Register page.

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