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Grade 6 Students

Students attending Grade 6 at Tom Baines will be following the Alberta Education Grade 6 curriculum for their core classes such as Math/Science and Humanities. Students will be participating in daily Phys. Ed where they need to change into gym clothing to participate. Grade 6 students be enrolled in a Complimentary Wheel where they will have the opportunity to experience the wide variety of Complimentary (Option classes) courses over the course of the school year. Grade 6 students will also have access to a variety of clubs and teams outside of the regular school day. 

Teacher Blogs

Mrs. AdshadeMr. Jones
Ms. Newson

Mrs. Amey

Mr. Kadri
Ms. Ngo-Saito

Mr. Bacon

Miss Kim
Mr. B. Paddock

Ms. Bretzer

Ms. Kotkas 
Ms. L. Paddock

Ms. Broen

Mr. Kuwahara
Mr. Salem

Ms. Chow

Mr. Lemon
Mrs. Scott

Ms. Cicoria

Mrs. Lloyd
Ms. Siemens

Mr. Dougherty

Mrs. MacDonald
Mrs. Spriggs

Mrs. Haywood

Mrs. Masse 
Mrs. Tam

 Ms. Hockley

Ms. McGuey
Mr. Walker
Mr. Hogg
Ms. Moehling
Ms. Zawislak
Ms. Hogue Grade 6
Mr. Morgan

Ms. Hogue Gr 7-9
Ms. Irsa

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