Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Outline

This year, Health/Wellness will be taught in conjunction with Phys Ed by your child’s Phys Ed teacher. On Health/Wellness days, students will not be doing Phys Ed, so we encourage you to support your child in doing some form of physical activity on their own (or with the family) on those days. 

The Health teachers will share their individual expectations for the classroom (necessary supplies, classroom rules, etc.) through email. 

Volunteerism is a part of the Health/Wellness curriculum. Some of the teachers will require their students to do service hours while others will do class work to cover this portion of the curriculum. Your child’s teacher will clarify what their specific expectations are. 

Student wellness is a full school focus so some parts of the Health/Wellness curriculum will be supported by the other classroom teachers. 

Human sexuality is an important, valuable, optional part of the health/wellness curriculum. Your child’s health/wellness teacher will be sending home a letter with information on this portion of the course. We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if you would like information or clarity on any part of the curriculum. If you do opt out of Human sexuality, your child will be given an alternate assignment to do. 

Report Card Stems

  • Grade 6 - Demonstrates skills to support the well-being of self and others
  • Grades 7 – 9 - Makes safe and healthy choices based on experiences and information
  • Develops skills to form and maintain healthy relationships  
  • Explores roles and responsibilities to work towards life and learning goals
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