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June Message

June always opens doors before bringing a close to the year. Positions opened up across CBE schools and this gives teachers a chance to look at other opportunities to fulfill their professional aspirations. We would like to announce the following changes on staff for the 2021-2022 school term:
We are saying farewell to those who have been on staff in temporary roles to fill the spaces left by continuous contract teachers. These individuals have done a tremendous job supporting the growth of students over the year and we are grateful for their time with Tuscany School.
Caroline Carrier – Kindergarten French Immersion Matilda Wochiwo – Grade 2/3 French Immersion Stacie Groves – EES teacher
These teachers will be greatly missed as they head off to new adventures within Calgary Board of Education.
We say farewell to those with continuous contract teachers who have been with us in the French Immersion program for two years. Their ability to join a new school lifting a new program has been more than commendable. Their contributions have been extraordinary and we are so grateful for their gifts.
Kelley Ireland – Grade 1 French Immersion Lisa Oliva – Grade 1 French Immersion
We are also saying farewell to Jasmine Fung, our teacher in the EES program. We are so grateful to Jasmine for transferring into Tuscany School last year to lift the EES program. Her skills and talents working with students has taught us all so much and we will miss her very much.
On another note, we are saying “safe travels” to Christine Laser from our Community Kindergarten program. She will be gone for 6 months on a leave that had been postponed for a year due to Covid. Now she will be able to take this well deserved time. She will return to Tuscany School at the beginning of March.
We are saying a type of farewell to our Education Assistant, Sherie Lonsdale but hope we will see her frequently next year. Sherie is returning to teaching and will join the Substitute teaching roster for September. Teachers have her number on speed dial and will bring Sherie back as often as she will like. Congratulations Sherie. We are very happy to have you join the ATA as we move forward.
We know change can be difficult for students and their families but I know that when we open the doors and wish all of our staff the very best on their journey to new adventures, it always opens spaces for new people joining us on staff.
We wish to welcome the following people onto the Tuscany Staff. They will not begin their work with Tuscany School until the fall but we want you all to know we are very pleased to have them join us.
Cheryl Pelletier, Katie Welsh, Michael Jamroziak and Erin Bennett will be joining the French Immersion program. You will come get to know them in September as they join the Tuscany School family.
Heather Waters and Brian Hogan will be the teaching team joining the EES classrooms for the fall and will join our wonderful Education Assistants Kristie, Victoria, Fe and Janina as the program enters its second year.
We also wish to congratulate Michelle Roussy on her appointment as Learning Leader for the French Immersion program. She joins Colleen Gainor and Keri Glowacki in this leadership role.
I believe the teachers have shared their updates with the students and families so we are now sharing this with our communities of Tuscany, Royal Oak and Rocky Ridge.
I want to take some time to share the gratitude I have for the incredible staff at Tuscany School. This past 16 months has managed to test us all in our ability to redesign, think differently and follow protocols to the letter. Over this period of time I have come to know the staff at our school in new ways. I want to commend them all for their ability to “lean in”, teach from Google classrooms, work within their cohorts, clean, and function in a way that offered more restrictions and fewer opportunities to collaborate. Every person took on the challenge and provided quality education, safe learning environments, strong communication and support for students, families and each other. Every person in this building continued to bring their best to the education system each day, lifting each other up and cheering each other on. This staff continues to be the best staff on the planet. I thank them for their courage and tenacity. They make every day so much brighter. It has been such an honor to be part of this family for seven years.
Patrick Tomczyk, the new Principal designate for Tuscany School, has been spending time with us, getting to know the students and staff, planning and organizing for the new year. He and Laura Devitt, our Assistant Principal, are so energized and enthusiastic about what is coming, you can feel the positive energy fill the halls. I am so excited to hear all about great adventures as Tuscany School begins in the fall. I look forward to hearing all the great stories yet to be written.
From Patrick Tomczyk
Dear Families,
I would like to begin by thanking Mrs. White for her generosity over the past month in inviting me to Tuscany School on over a dozen occasions.  Her wisdom and leadership have supported my transition to Tuscany and over the last six weeks. I have spent time getting to know the students, staff and community. I participated in several Tuscany Together assemblies, visited classrooms, and attended the School Council AGM and a Tuscany Community Coalition meeting. I have also been fortunate to spend time in the Coulee, once with Saa’kokoto and once with Mme Ireland’s class. Tuscany is truly an exceptional school, with excellent teachers, wonderful students, and very committed parents – and for this commitment and support, I thank you.
Finally. I would like to wish you a warm and relaxing summer. I know many of you are wondering what the fall will look like, as soon as we have information about start up and hopefully post pandemic protocols we will be reaching out – most likely in August. It has been what feels like a very long year, for now, take the time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the summer sun. I assure you we already have many great things planned for next year – stay tuned. As always, please feel free to reach out . Best wishes, Patrick
Last words
The grade 4/5/6 students who are embarking on new journeys are adding their messages to our fence line. The messages are something we wish to share out into our community and then into the world. I know we have been living with greater awareness of how past actions have impacted people in such profound ways, we want to begin to share our messages of hope moving forward. We cannot change what has been done but through teachings and open hearts and minds we can change how we live together now.
We would like to invite all of our families to add your messages of light and love to our fence line in the way you would like. It can be through ribbons or plaques wired to the fence. All we ask is that you bring your love for children and families alive though your words and pictures that will lift this kindness and impact everyone who passes by. Our fence line will reflect the beliefs represented in the community and continue to bring light and love to one and all.
Richard Wagamese wrote “All we have are moments. So live them as though not one can be wasted. Inhabit them, fill them with the light of your best good intention, honour them with your full presence, find the joy, the calm, the assuredness that allows the hours and the days to take care of themselves, If we can do that we will have lived.”
Thank you for the moments, each and every one of them. They are in my heart and will inspire me to keep dancing…
Cindy White

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