Mar 29
Principal Message | April

Dear Parents;

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

You have received messages from CBE Communications and our Chief Superintendent Chris Usih around the way we are moving forward. You also have heard from your child’s teacher prior to spring break and will hear from them again on Monday when teachers return to work. I just wanted you to hear from me, now.

These interesting times in which we live present gifts and challenges. No matter where we go in the world in the future, we all will share the memory of these days, together as a global family. The lessons we learn and how we have embraced them today will have tremendous impact on each one of us as we grow forward.

For me, I am so acutely aware of how much I miss the sound of children’s voices. When I sit at the front desk and close my eyes, I can draw upon the memories of the sound of their laughter, sharing ideas, jokes, engage in “running” commentary. I am so deeply aware of how their voices fill my heart; provide me with energy and enthusiasm. Their faces share smiles of delight that lighten my day. I also miss the sounds of the adults that flow in and out in varying capacities, whether volunteering, picking up children or dropping things off. The critical relationship of home and school is vital to building a sense of belonging. You are my “village” and I miss you all.

Now, I have a choice. I can stay in days of missing what I feel I have lost, or I can embrace the chance to learn new “dancing” moves. The way we are moving forward is an opportunity to get excited about design thinking. It brings children into a way of relating to education as a lived experience as it surrounds them. It does not rely on a building, a bell, or a lunch kit. It is about the relationship between big ideas and breaking down those ideas into smaller building blocks of understanding. Children’s experiences can continue be designed by excellent teachers with the help of parents. We are in this together and are perfect dancing partners to enrich the educational experiences of the children we share. We are looking forward to engaging in ways we have not thought of before and in doing so could be changing the way we all embrace and interpret education.

The staff of Tuscany School have all eagerly leaned in to doing things differently in order to maintain relationships with their students, design tasks in ways that all learners can engage and continue to believe so deeply in teaching and learning. They constantly inspire me. Our Facility Operator, Li, has been so thorough in keeping the building clean and sterilized to allow us to feel safe and healthy as we continue to do our best work possible. Our Support Staff continue to engage in professional Development to increase their skills and talents in working with children in so many different ways to benefit the educational supports for our students. Together, we all can make a profound difference in the lives of our children.

Get your dancing shoes on and let the music begin….​


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