Nov 07
November Message


I want to share with a​​ll our families the importance of belonging to the “village”. Dr. Martin Brokenleg shared in his book Reclaiming Youth at Risk pg. 37-38, “In traditional Native society, it was the duty of all adults to serve as teachers for younger persons. … Children were trained to see themselves as related to virtually all with whom they had regular contact. … Treating others as related was a powerful social value that transformed human relationships. Drawing them into one’s circle motivated one to show respect and concern, and live with a minimum of friction and a maximum of good will.” Our ability to recognize and know we belong is vital to our well-being. It is also important to know we need to actively reach out and connect others to the village and show them how important they are to the village and how much they are valued. This helps us to connect to others beyond our community.

The strength of our village is shared every day in the way we engage with each other. The school is connected to each family who is connected to the community. With every positive, caring action of our children, families and school the community reflects this caring and shares it out to the larger stage. The ripple effect is so far reaching it is felt by those connected to each of us beyond the community of Tuscany. Each member of this “village” is critical to our well-being and everyone has an important role in lifting each other up, inspiring, supporting and holding each other in our care.

This Friday our students and staff are paying honor to those who have served and those currently serving in the military showing how important they are to us as members of our village. Each of us have family member names that have been part of a history and those who continue to make history by their actions to create a world of peace. You are welcome to join us for either the 9:00 or 10:30 ceremony. For those new to Remembrance Day ceremonies at school, photos and video recordings are not allowed. We invite you all to come and share your respect alongside of us. If you are unable to join us, wherever you may be at 11:00 am on November 11th, please take a minute to think about the larger village to which each of us belongs and give thanks for those who impact our lives in so many ways enabling us to build such strong communities of caring, generous and loving people. We are grateful to you all.​


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