Dress Code

It is expected that good taste and judgment be exercised in the selection of clothing worn to school by students. Students must come to school appropriately dressed to promote a positive learning environment. They should also be dressed for all weather conditions and be prepared to spend some time outside during the day, particularly for Phys. Ed.

Clothing, such as halter-type tops, tank tops, muscle type T-shirts, revealing midriffs, shorts/skirts shorter than fingertip length when arms are extended, and clothing with inappropriate messages (e.g. depicting violence, obscenity, drug paraphernalia, etc.), are not to be worn to school. Students will be expected to change or may be sent home to change if they do not meet these standards. All students are asked to remove hats upon entering the building.

All students are required to wear non marking running shoes for Phys. Ed. activities. Gym strip (shorts and a T-shirt) is also required to be worn during Phys. Ed. / team sports for all students in Grades 6 – 9. Phys. Ed. classes are scheduled outdoors throughout the year. 

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