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At Valley Creek School we believe that regular ongoing communication between home and school is essential for student success.  Below you will see two sections.  Parent Communication is the section for parents to access information from the teacher to keep you informed of student work and upcoming important dates.  Student login is where students login to their classroom work and assignments via either D2L or Google Classroom.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to your son/daughter's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.  We are happy to set up a phone or virtual meeting with you any time throughout the school year.  

Parent Communication

Grade / SubjectTeachers and Information
Grade 441: Breanne Blackburn
42: Hannah Rud
45: Katrina Bidulock
46: Claire Lodge
Grade 551: Anne Chapman
52: Michael Mittlestadt
55: Lisa Kirby
56: Natalie Roy
Grade 661Crystal Bohn / Quinn Healy
62Jeremy Smith
65: Renee Mechelse
66Josh Seguin
Grade 771Sarah Milliard
72: Benn Goddard
75Sheldon Senft
76Michelle Nichol-Tanner 

Grade 881/82: Ryan Howard
Kristen Scherban
83: Christie Rattee/Neil Drysdale
85:Chelsea O'Leary/Cody Anderson
86: Natalie Bergeron

Grade 991/92: Christie Rattee/Neil Drysdale
93: Katrina Bidulock/Kristen Scherban
95/96Chelsea O'Leary/Cody Anderson
Phys. Ed.The Phys. Ed. department sends an email update every Friday.

Student Login

Grade / SubjectStudent login                                                                                                                                                  
Grade 441: Google Classroom Math/Science
42: Fabulous 42
45/46: Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom Math/Science
Grade 551Google Classroom Math/Science
52: Google Classroom Math/ScienceGoogle Classroom Humanities
55Google Classroom Math/Science - Google Classroom Humanities
56Google Classroom Math/Science - Google Classroom Humanities
Grade 661/62: D2L Math Science - D2L Humanities
65/66: Google Classroom Math/Science - Google Classroom Humanities - D2L ELA
Grade 771Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom Math/Science
72: Google Classroom HumanitiesGoogle Classroom Math - Google Classroom Science
75/76: Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom Science - Google Classroom ELA
Grade 882: Google Classroom HumanitiesGoogle Classroom Math/Science
83Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom Math/Science
85: D2L MathD2L Science - Google Classroom ELA - Google Classroom Humanities
86: Google Classroom HumanitiesGoogle Classroom ELA
Grade 991/92: Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom - Math/Science
93Google Classroom Humanities - Google Classroom Math/Science
95D2L Math - D2L Science - Google Classroom Humanities
Phys. Ed.Phys. Ed. Google Classroom

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