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Below is a list of resources that students may find helpful: 

Math/Science Links

Grades 4-6 Science related websites:

 Grades 4-6 Math

 Grade 7 Math

 Grade 7 Science

 Grade 8 Math

 Grade 8 Science

 Grade 9 Math

 Grade 9 Science

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Taking a moment of silence to remember and honour our veterans. The ones who made it home and the one who did not. #LestWeForget #IndigenousVeteransDay #RemembranceDay #WeAreCBE

A HUGE thank you to ward 3 counsellor @JyotiGondek for answering ALL our questions. Your articulate, genuine, passionate responses allowed this group of Grade 6s to feel heard. #Democracy #Calgary #studentvote #RepresentationMatters #WeAreCBE

Last week, Grade 6 students 'met' with Mayor Nenshi to discuss democracy, municipal government, Calgary's future, and why representation matters. @nenshi spoke from the heart, and was candid and inspiring! #democracy #Calgary #civilsociety #RepresentationMatters #WeAreCBE