Student Technology Guide

Part I: Setting Up & Applications    |   Part II: Technology at School      


PART I: Setting Up & Applications


Your Username and Password

  • Your username is your student ID number. This username will never change.
  • You have been assigned a temporary password. It is your birthdate in the format YYYYMMDD. Once you connect, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • Create a password with at least 8 characters and a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols.
  • We recommend you do this on a school computer so that the network can verify your credentials and staff can support you. Please visit the library on the second floor.
  • Remember to log out COMPLETELY when you finish your session. Do not shut down the computer.

Manage Your Password

  • Use the CBE Student Password Hub to manage your password.
  • Set up your security info so that you have the ability to change your password at any time.
  • Find the CBE Student Password Hub under Quicklinks at the WCHS website.
  • CBE Student Password Hub




  • WCHS teachers will use Brightspace/D2L, the CBE’s online learning platform. You can find the link on the WCHS homepage.
  • Use your regular username and password to log into Brightspace/D2L.
  • Your teachers will discuss how they plan to use Brightspace/D2L with you.
  • Brightspace/D2L will connect you to your course content. It also features many useful tools for learning.




  • PowerSchool allows you to track your attendance and grades.  You will also use PowerSchool to make your course requests and pay school fees.
  • Your parents or guardian can create a PowerSchool account too.
  • PowerSchool has an app your can download for your devices. Use the CBE district code DDXT
  • Use  your regular username and password to log into Powerschool. 




Remember: Google has password complexity requirements. You may need to change your password to something more complex (8 characters, with a combination of letters and numbers).

Don’t know your email address? You can find it in D2L, or ask your teacher or the Library staff. 


PART II: Technology at School



Student computers are located in:

  • The WCHS Library (2nd floor)
  • Open 8:00am – 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday; 8:00am – 2:00 pm Fridays.
  • The Tech Centre (east wing)
  • Students in the Tech Centre must be under teacher supervision, so hours will vary.
  • Computer Lab Classrooms (east wing)
  • These classroom labs are available for class use only.  They are also the classrooms for some CTScourses.



The library has laptops for student use.

  • You can sign out a laptop with a student ID card.
  • The laptops are CBE-Owned devices.  They automatically connect to the CBE network. You can access your student drive and print from these laptops.  The laptops will print to the Library printer.
  • Make sure the laptop has logged out completely before you close it. Don’t close the laptop until you have confirmed it has logged you out.

Working in a Networked Environment

  • computers are networked and save to a central server; that's why you can access your files from any computer in the building connected to that server.
  • Since they are all connected, what happens on one computer can affect other computers. What you do on your workstation impacts others. This is why we insist you follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • Since our computers are networked, they may be slower than your computer at home.



  • Your  privacy expectations at school should not be the same as they are at home.  Please remember that in a school environment, you have no guarantee of absolute privacy when using school technology or networks.
  • Our technology is the property of the Calgary Board of Education; the CBE has the right to monitor how this technology is being used (and yes, this applies to teachers too).
  • Violating Acceptable Use policies could result in the suspension of your technology access privileges.


YOUR STUDENT DRIVE - Saving Documents

  • When you save to My Documents, you are saving to a Student Drive on the server.  Since the files are saved in a central location, you can access these files from any computer connected to the server.
  • Your Student Drive is labelled H: and will be named as yourstudentnumber$.
  • A suggestion: use your CBE Google Drive whenever possible as student storage on the server is limited. 



  • In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, there are print limits on student accounts. Please think carefully before you print.
  • Before printing, confirm the name of the printer you should be printing to. Printers will be labelled.
  • If you exceed your limit, you can pay for additional pages at a cost of 10 cents per page. See Library to pay for additional printing.



Listen carefully to your teachers' expectations around cell phone or personal technology use in class, and follow them.

  • Generally speaking, your cell phones and other devices should be turned OFF when you are in a teaching and learning setting, unless you are using the device for a legitimate learning activity, or have permission from your teacher. 
  • If there is an important reason for you to leave your phone on, talk to your teacher first and explain the situation. Reasonable requests will be dealt with reasonably.

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