Business Administration, Finance & Information Technology (BIT)

Information Technology

Business & Software Essentials (5 credits)

Power School Reference: [IT Essentials 10 INF199XA]

This courses allows students develop core software skills necessary to use computers at both Western Canada High School and in their future academic and workplace pursuits. Students learn how to use technology tools such as word processors, presentation, and spreadsheet software to efficiently and effectively simplify tasks, manage information and stay organized. Software explored include Google Suite, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel other Web 2.0 tools. Students utilize these skills to create a final project tied to Canadian business and entrepreneurship. This course pairs well with Marketing & Management 20 and consists of five modules worth one credit each.

Management & Marketing

Marketing & Management 20 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: None
Power School Reference: [Marketing & Mgmt 20 MAM299X]

This course begins by looking at the role of business and entrepreneurship in a free market economy and the various types of business organizations that exist in Canada today. Students then take a deeper look at marketing and leadership and in business success. Students complete course by either planning a venture or building a marketing & re-branding plan for a business of their choice. This course touches on the use of spreadsheets for calculating profit, financial reporting and exploring personal investing.   Throughout the course, students are encouraged to follow local, national and international business events affecting 21st century business leaders. If you plan on working in a business, this is a great foundational course to get you thinking like a business person!

Marketing & Management 30 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Marketing & Management 20
Power School Reference: [Marketing & Mgmt 30 MAM399X]

This course expands on the Marketing & Management themes introduced in the 20-level course.  Students discuss significant business news events from a local, provincial, national and global context while learning about the importance of international trade and how money flows within an economy. Using course theory, case studies, and role play, students explore the importance of Human Resources to business enterprises, the impact of organisational structures on business strategy, the power of leadership and how to keep employees motivated at work.  Complete the semester by working on a final group project.   

IB Business Management SL

IB Business Management 20 (5 credits)  

Prerequisite: None
Power School Reference: [Business Inter IB BUS20XXH]

This is the first of two courses needed to obtain credit in IB Business Management SL. It is intended for incoming 2022-2023 students enrolled in IB OR current Grade 11 students with no business courses interested in pursuing IB. This first course in IB introduces students to key theories and tools used by business organisations for strategic decision-making, human resource planning, and finance. Students analyse, discuss and evaluate current local, national and international business stories and cases using course theory, tools and content. Students will explore themes underpinning the IB Business Management curriculum - creativity, change, ethics & sustainability. (5 credits)

IB Business Management 30 (6 Credits)

Prerequisite: IB Business Management 10 from 2022-2023
Power School Reference: [Business Adv IB BUS30XXH]

This is the second of two courses needed to obtain credit in IB Business Management SL. It is intended for students who completed IB Business Management 10 in the second semester of  the 2022-2023 school year. Students expand on skills, knowledge and tools learned while exploring new topics such as: Marketing & Sales, Leadership and Operations Management. Students conduct in-depth analysis of a business, including: its product offering, management structure and hiring, financial position, production processes, operations, and marketing strategy. Students write Internal Assessment and prepare for IB exam. 

Computing Science

Computing Science 10 - pairs with Robotics Engineering 10 (6 credits)

Fee: $35.00 
Power School Reference: [Computing Science 10 CSE199X]

Students are introduced to robotics and computer programming where they will be strongly engaged in exploring foundational skills that will be essential for future studies in Engineering and Computer Science.  Students will spend approximately 9 weeks in each focus area. 

In Computing Science, students develop skills in the C++ structured programming language, learn basic problem solving techniques, and learn fundamental computer science concepts. These concepts are foundational to the disciplines of Computer Science and all disciplines of Engineering and are strongly recommended for students interested in these career paths. Most Alberta universities accept Computer Science 30 as a science when applying for programs and Computer Science 10 is the entry point to this program.

Click Here for Robotics Engineering course description.

Computing Science 20 (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Robotics Intro & Computer Science 10
Power School Reference: [Computing Science 20 CSE299X]

Students continue to develop mastery of computer and programming concepts and switch to the JAVA programming language with hands-on algorithm and program development projects. Students focus on writing computer programs with a heavy emphasis on solving problems. Students will enjoy the relaxed environment of the class while being rigorously challenged with intermediate computer science concepts.  These include computer science skills, use of functions, use of arrays and structures, file writing skills, as well as the ability to program in a second language. By the end of this course, students will be proud of their ability to create simple AI programs that can play games such as Wordle, Mastermind, and TextTwist. Strong mathematical and problem solving skills are recommended.

Computing Science 30 (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Computer Science 20
Power School Reference: [Computing Science 30 CSE399X]

Students will continue to develop mastery of advanced concepts of computers and programming using the Java computer language with hands-on algorithm and program development. Students will learn new methods of  problem solving and algorithm development. Concepts include Searching and Sorting methods, Object Oriented Programming, Breadth and Depth first search algorithms, Pathfinding algorithms, as well as the ability to program with programmer defined data types in a second language. By the end of the course, students will have assembled a portfolio of projects that will showcase their programming skill.  Students completing this course will be situated in a position to have a competitive advantage in university programs in Engineering and Computer Science.  Interested students will be able to demonstrate their skills by participating in the University of Waterloo's Canadian Computing Competition.

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