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In the Foods program, work is completed using student managed learning courses. Students are expected to complete a unit of work approximately every three to four weeks. Courses include food preparation labs, teacher demonstrations, viewing of audio-visual materials, written activities and research projects. Students work through each course individually and/or with classmates with the teacher as facilitator. Each level of Foods includes five required courses of study, with the opportunity for students to earn extra credits by completing more than the required courses.

Foods Personal Introductory (5 Credits)

Fee: $50.00
Students new to the foods program at Western will begin their foods study from the introductory level of the curriculum. In the foods program, students work through five different courses of cooking (each worth 1 credit). The courses include: Food basics (prerequisite course), contemporary baking, snacks and appetizers, vegetables and fruit, milk products and egg cookery. Students will apply learned knowledge on food safety and sanitation to each lab to create beautiful tasty treats such as: pizza, meatballs, ratatouille, crème brulee, sushi, cupcakes and much more.

Foods Personal Intermediate (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Foods Personal Introductory
Fee: $50.00

Students will continue their study of food and food preparation at the intermediate level. The five courses of study include: soups and sauces, creative cold foods, bread products, cake and pastry, and fish and poultry. In these courses students will make sweet and savory items such as: stuffed chicken, pasta salad, broccoli cheddar soup, beignets, buttertarts and much more.

Foods Personal Advanced (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: Foods Personal Intermediate
Fee: $50.00

Students will build upon the previous two levels of courses to broaden their skills. They will make new and more advanced recipes in each of the five courses of study: food presentation, advanced meat cookery, advanced soups and sauces, yeast products and regional cuisine. Recipes for these courses include: croissant, French onion soup, pot roast, vol-au vent, lava cake and much more.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies Intermediate (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: None 

Legal Studies (Intermediate) presents students with practical and fascinating information about how Canada’s legal system works and its impact on Canadians. Students will explore legal issues through debates, discussions, film and documentary studies, famous crimes case studies, role plays and scenario examinations. The course includes: History of Law, Constitutional and Rights Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Employment Law, and Law and the Traveller.

Legal Studies Advanced (5 Credits)

Rec. Prerequisite: Legal Studies Intermediate
Legal Studies (Advanced) is recommended for students who wish to undertake in-depth study of specific legal topics,  either out of personal interest and/or for post-secondary preparation. The course places strong emphasis on enhancing research, writing and philosophical skills. Students enjoy considerable personal choice and are presented with a wide selection of engaging topics to investigate on their own terms. The course includes: Criminal Law II, Conflict Resolution, Controversial Legal Topics, Tort Law and Corporate/Commercial Law. 

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