Math Alberta Curriculum

Math is more than memorizing formulas and doing calculations. Math involves:

  • Highly practical and hands-on problems and skills
  • Rich problem-solving activities in collaboration with your peers
  • Some problems that will stretch your understanding to the abstract and theoretical
  • Using technology to develop, demonstrate and communicate your mathematical understandings


Four Program routes are offered in Mathematics

To address diverse needs, abilities and interests of students, WCHS offers five different sequences of mathematics. Each course in a sequence is worth 5 credits, except for Math 35IB(HL), which is 3 credits. Students must successfully complete a minimum of two high school math courses (including one at the Grade 11 level) to earn an Alberta High School Diploma.


The IB routes (Applications and Interpretations or Analysis and Approaches) combine the International Baccalaureate and Alberta Education programs of study. The courses in this rigorous path are intended for motivated and talented students who wish to pursue mathematics beyond the Alberta curriculum. Students wishing to follow the Analysis and Approaches (AA) route should take the Math 10C Cohort IB course in September, while students who wish to follow the Applications and Interpretations (AI) route may take Math 10C or Math 10C Cohort IB in September. The Analysis and Approaches courses are offered in English and French, and the Applications and Interpretations courses are offered in English.

The Pre-Calculus (-1 or dash 1) route is intended for students whose post-secondary studies will include calculus such as engineering, science or business. This route is both more theoretical and algebraic than the Principles (-2 or dash 2) route. Both routes can lead to post-secondary studies.  However, Math 30-2 may not be accepted for some post-secondary programs. Math 31 is for programs requiring Calculus. Offered in English and French. 

The Principles (-2 or dash 2) route is intended for students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies which do not require calculus (such as arts programs and medical technologies). Topics will include relations and functions, equations, probability and trigonometry.

The focus in this route is on the practical applications of mathematical thinking. Offered in English and French.

The Apprenticeship and Workplace (–3 or dash 3) route provides students with the skills and knowledge for the first three levels of most trades or direct entry into the work force after high school. The course topics include measurement,  geometry, basic trigonometry, as well as personal finance and logical reasoning. Offered in English.

It is strongly recommended that students, in consultation with their parents/guardians, research the entrance requirements for post-secondary programs so that students are enrolled in the appropriate program.

Math 15 is for students intending to take Math 10C, and who have demonstrated basic achievement of Grade 9 level expectations, but who have been challenged by algebra, exponents, fractions and problem-solving. This course develops competency in mathematical thinking, enhances numeracy and problem-solving skills, and sets students up for success in future courses in mathematics. Offered in English.

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