Mar 20
Spring Break Update

Dear Westgate Families,

Thank you to all members of our school community for your cooperation and adherence to the guidelines outlined by AHS during the retrieval of personal items.  For those members who still have personal belongings within the school, rest assured that they will be safe and available upon our eventual return to school.  For those families with medical supplies stored at the office, please contact the main office to arrange for pick up after Spring Break.  

Spring Break is to continue as planned for the week of March 23-27, 2020.  I ask all Westgate School community members, including our staff, to recognize this is a “break” and is meant to be a time to enjoy family and to stay safe.  During Spring Break, I anticipate communication will be less frequent. I still encourage you to check your email for system messages, and I will re-connect with our community after Spring Break.  Westgate teachers have been working hard this week to prepare for instruction after Spring Break. They will be in contact with students on March 30, 2020 to begin instruction.

We continue to better understand the unusual and challenging events of classroom cancellation.  We do not want to overwhelm students and families with programming expectations or offerings while we settle into day 5 of this new reality.  In addition, it is important that consistent messaging and resources are offered to students across the CBE and Alberta. The resources found on the CBE “Learning At Home” webpage​ have been reviewed by CBE staff and offer wonderful learning opportunities for students to engage in.  Again, I encourage everyone to become involved in things that interest them and provide some physical and mental rigor.  Maintaining a balanced and consistent routine for children; including regular sleeping and eating times, breaks for activity and outdoor time, and healthy boundaries on screen time are very important to bringing normalcy to our days.    

Take a deep breath, be kind to one another and take care of yourself, family and friends. 


Scott Fehr
Principal, Westgate School


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