Jun 30
Year-End Principal Message

We have come to the end of yet another challenging school year. During the second term, the removal of some COVID-19 restrictions was welcomed and enabled students to participate in field trips, in person assemblies and to interact with students from different grades. We were also able to plan a “Westgator Fun Day" for students, which I know they genuinely enjoyed by students, teachers and parent volunteers.  Next year we are anticipating a return to an even “more normal" school year including clubs, more field trips and in person assemblies, as well as opportunities for parents to volunteer and visit the school to be part of the students' learning experiences. ​

Throughout the year, all of our students have shown us how special and energetic they are.  They are engaged in their work, always strive to do their best and are kind and respectful to each other. We are so proud of all our students for their accomplishments during these difficult times and look forward to seeing them continue to grow in the years to come.

This year I have come to learn that the staff at Westgate are kind, collegial, supportive and enthusiastic about collaboration and professional learning. Special thanks to teachers who devoted their time to planning field trips, organizing fundraisers and theme days, and who, on a daily basis, work hard to make learning fun and engaging for our students. I would also like to acknowledge the dedication of our support staff who work tirelessly each day to contribute to the smooth operation of our school.​

A huge part of the success of our students is due to you, the parents.  I would like to thank you for all the work you do supporting your children and for helping create a welcoming, safe, caring and inclusive school environment. Special thanks to our incredibly positive and supportive School Council and best wishes to Carol-Ann who is stepping down as our chair after many years of service. 

As this most extraordinary school year draws to a close, I am confident that, like me, many of you are looking forward to spending a more normal summer with friends and family. In spite of the circumstances, our students and staff have successfully completed another year.

I hope you all enjoy a well-deserved, fun and relaxing holiday with your friends and families. We look forward to reconnecting with you in the fall. 

Julie Muhlberger

Principal, Westgate School


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