Sep 02
Welcome Back! Bonne Rentrée!

Hello / Bonjour / Welcome Back! / Bonne rentrée!

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome returning and new families to the Westgate School Community. I sincerely hope you've all had a wonderful summer spending relaxing and enjoyable time with friends and family. It has been a very busy summer for Westgate School as all hallways, gym and Learning Commons have been beautifully and freshly painted. You will have a chance to see the amazing difference on Thursday, September 22nd, when you attend our “Meet the Teacher Night" (more details to come). We have had a busy week reorganizing and preparing classrooms after the work done this summer to get ready for students. We also took time to engage in professional learning for the new K-3 Math curriculum.

I would like to welcome new staff members to Westgate School!  Natalie Vila, who was with us last year, and Michelle Biefer, who is was M.Mathieu's student teacher a few years back, have both joined our Grade 1 team.  We also welcomed Laura Crosby in Grade 4 and Laura Nicholson in Grade 2. You can see an updated staff list with Grade teams at this link on our school website. We also have three new lunch supervisors joining us this year; Lily Heshmati, Carrie Ramage and Leanne Minton-Vodopija.

This year we are implementing new curriculums; Math for all K-3 students, ELAL (English Language Arts and Literature) in Grade 3, and (PE&W) Physical Education and Wellness for all K to 6 students. Also, in Kindergarten and Grade 2, we will be piloting the new FILAL (French Immersion Language Arts and Literature).

Our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Actions will continue to focus on strengthening the experiences of students and staff by establishing practices that make visible and address each element of the holistic lifelong learning framework in our learning environment. We are really looking forward to working with and Indigenous knowledge keeper to deepen our learning on, with and from the land.  More information related to Indigenous Education for K-12 students can be found here.

Finally, we are all thrilled to see the return of clubs to Westgate School. There will be more information to come as we get prepared for club start-up in October.

I couldn't be happier to transition into my second year as Principal in this very warm and welcoming school community. I look forward to seeing and meeting you throughout the year at our monthly School Council meetings, school conferences and other school events.

Warm regards,

Julie Muhlberger
Directrice/Principal, Westgate School ​

Jun 30
Year-End Principal Message

We have come to the end of yet another challenging school year. During the second term, the removal of some COVID-19 restrictions was welcomed and enabled students to participate in field trips, in person assemblies and to interact with students from different grades. We were also able to plan a “Westgator Fun Day" for students, which I know they genuinely enjoyed by students, teachers and parent volunteers.  Next year we are anticipating a return to an even “more normal" school year including clubs, more field trips and in person assemblies, as well as opportunities for parents to volunteer and visit the school to be part of the students' learning experiences. ​

Throughout the year, all of our students have shown us how special and energetic they are.  They are engaged in their work, always strive to do their best and are kind and respectful to each other. We are so proud of all our students for their accomplishments during these difficult times and look forward to seeing them continue to grow in the years to come.

This year I have come to learn that the staff at Westgate are kind, collegial, supportive and enthusiastic about collaboration and professional learning. Special thanks to teachers who devoted their time to planning field trips, organizing fundraisers and theme days, and who, on a daily basis, work hard to make learning fun and engaging for our students. I would also like to acknowledge the dedication of our support staff who work tirelessly each day to contribute to the smooth operation of our school.​

A huge part of the success of our students is due to you, the parents.  I would like to thank you for all the work you do supporting your children and for helping create a welcoming, safe, caring and inclusive school environment. Special thanks to our incredibly positive and supportive School Council and best wishes to Carol-Ann who is stepping down as our chair after many years of service. 

As this most extraordinary school year draws to a close, I am confident that, like me, many of you are looking forward to spending a more normal summer with friends and family. In spite of the circumstances, our students and staff have successfully completed another year.

I hope you all enjoy a well-deserved, fun and relaxing holiday with your friends and families. We look forward to reconnecting with you in the fall. 

Julie Muhlberger

Principal, Westgate School

Dec 15
Holiday Message

Dear Westgate Families, 

We have all enjoyed a very festive week here at Westgate School, it was amazing to see so many students taking part in our spirit days! The effort by all classes in our door decorating contest was very competitive and the results were outstanding. Please see photos of the winning doors below.  Students also participated in writing a story about “Chomp”, our alligator, during the holidays. You will find below the complete version of the entertaining story.  

I have sincerely enjoyed the first four months here at Westgate School. I continue to feel fortunate to be working with a very dynamic, creative and friendly staff as well as respectful and kind students. As our teachers work through the continuing difficult circumstances of the pandemic, I would like to acknowledge their astounding commitment to professional growth and learning as well as the personal well-being and academic success of our students. We are all looking forward to the winter break and to returning in the new year feeling recharged.  

Special thanks to the Westgate School Council for their support and generosity toward our staff as well as families in need here at Westgate School and our sister school, Catherine Nichols Gunn.  

A reminder that Friday, December 17, 2021 is the last day of school before Winter Break. Students will be dismissed at noon. Classes resume at Westgate School on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Please call the attendance line if your child will be absent outside of these dates. Voicemail is available 24 hours a day.  

I know many families have questions related to travel and COVID-19 guidelines, please refer to Chris Usih’s email sent to families.  

In the CBE we have an Indigenous Education team who prepares seasonal newsletters, please find this season’s edition linked here 

I wish you all an enjoyable and restful holiday season. See you in the New Year! 

Sincere regards, 

Julie Muhlberger 

Principal Westgate School  

Sep 03
Welcome Back!

​I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our returning students as well as new students to Westgate School. Our first week has been absolutely wonderful and I am thrilled to start my new role here as Principal. During my first week I have learned that this is indeed a special place. The teachers are kind, collaborative, thoughtful and creative and I have observed many examples of this in our whole school planning and small group discussion and activities throughout the week. Since the first day of school, the students have shown enthusiasm toward their return to school and respect for our health protocols put in place. I am already so impressed with the students' ability and willingness to speak in French with myself and teachers. I anticipate a fantastic year and am sincerely looking forward to getting to know the students and families in our school community. ​

Julie Muhlberger


Jun 24
Year End Message from Administration
​Dear Parents and Guardians,

Tomorrow, Friday, June 25th, is the last day of school for Westgate students. As this most extraordinary school year draws to a close, I am confident that, like me, many of you are looking forward to a summer of eased restrictions and a more normal life.  In spite of the circumstances, our students and staff have successfully completed another year.  Throughout the year, all of our students have shown us what a special bunch of people they are.  They are engaged in their work and always strive to do their best.  A huge part of the success of our students is due to you, the parents.  I would like to thank you for all the work you do supporting your children. 

At this point we do not know what kinds of restrictions will be in place in the new school year.   The school will keep you informed of any changes to the policies we are currently following.

I would like to offer my congratulations to a number of our teachers whose status will change for the ​2021/22 school year. We will miss these teachers but wish them all the best in these new exciting positions.

• Laurelle Edmiston has accepted an Assistant Principal position at Georges P. Vanier
• Allison Robb has accepted an Assistant Principal position at Hidden Valley
• Dan Chapman has accepted a teaching position at CBe-learn.​

We were excited to be able to offer probationary contracts to the following teachers which means they will be returning to Westgate next year:

• Zoée Fenelon
• Emily McMullen
• Taylor Bradley

This is truly a special school community. I would like to sincerely thank the teaching and support staff for their hard work, feedback, input, cooperation and openness.

I have stated before, but I would like to reiterate, that being principal of Westgate School has been an incredible privilege.  Thank you all for your kindness.  Your kids are wonderful citizens of our community and it was a pleasure being their principal and teacher.  

The Montreal Canadiens have the following quote on their dressing room wall:  "To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high.”  So I am passing the torch to Julie Muhlberger. Your kids are in good hands.

I wish you all an enjoyable summer!  Passez un bon été!

Scott Fehr
Principal, Westgate School
May 03
Staff Update

​Dear Westgate Staff, Students and Families, 

I am happy and sad to share with you that I am retiring on June 30th, 2021. I have worked for the Calgary Board of Education for 32 years and it is now time to start a new chapter in my life. I hope to keep working in education or in some other area. I love cycling, hiking and skiing, so I plan to do a lot of those activities as well. One of my priorities is to volunteer either in Calgary or in other parts of the world. I can’t wait!! 

Throughout my career, I have had so many great positions and opportunities. I was a French Immersion teacher at Branton and William Aberhart. I worked as a technology specialist helping other teachers use technology in the classroom. I was Assistant Principal at Robert Warren and worked in the Spanish Bilingual program. Throughout all of these positions and years I worked with incredible students, colleagues and mentors. 

Being Principal at Westgate School has been by far my most rewarding professional experience. The Westgate School community is special. Everyone has been welcoming, kind and forgiving from my first day here. The staff are so dedicated to our students and families. It has been an incredible privilege to work with all of you. I will be sad not to come to school every day to work with such a great group of people. 

I wish you all the best. 

Warm regards, 

Scott Fehr
Directeur, École Westgate

Feb 01
Message from Administration

Good Afternoon Gator Families!

J’espère que vous allez bien cette belle journée, le premier jour de février. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome back our students who are returning from Hub Learning. We have 11 students returning out of 50 that chose Hub Learning in the fall. We know they will be happy to be part of in-person school and see their friends again on a daily basis.

We continue to adapt and refine our process relating to COVID-19. Although we have had two positive cases at the school, a subsequent Alberta Health Services inspection determined that we were compliant with all health precautions and guidelines. We truly appreciate the support of our students and families to comply with these guidelines.   

Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I would like to clarify how we will manage cards that students may wish to exchange. It is important to note first that each teacher will decide how best to mark the day. Activities may range from exchanging cards to engaging students in activities that contribute to creating a safe and caring school community. If teachers choose to have a card exchange, they will contact you directly about their process. Please note that we are only allowing an exchange of cards. We are not exchanging items or food. Please do not send items such as pencils, erasers, chocolate or candy. Cards must be brought to school by Friday, February 5th, so that they can then be quarantined and distributed on Wednesday, February 10th, the last school day before Valentine’s Day.

Report Cards

Report card marks and comments are now available in the MyCBE/PowerSchool Portal. The school has sent an email to all families with information about how to access your child’s report card.

Student Safety

Just a reminder of a few safety issues we have been noticing around the school.  

Dogs -  dogs are not allowed on school property. Our Administrative Regulation No. 6004 states: “Dogs are not permitted on school grounds in accordance with the City of Calgary Bylaw with the exception of accredited Service Dogs accompanying an individual on school property.” The City of Calgary does not allow dogs in the following areas: school grounds, playgrounds, sports fields, golf courses, cemeteries, and wading or swimming areas.  

Parking - please do not use the staff parking lots for drop off and pick up. These parking lots are intended for staff use only. We frequently see children walking through the parking lots while other vehicles are backing up or parking. We ask that you please park legally on the street.

Thank you for your cooperation.  

As always, please call or email if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Scott Fehr
Directeur, École Westgate
Calgary Board of Education
Sep 04
Westgate Update

​​​​​​​Dear Westgate Families,

As the first week comes to a close, we would like to provide you with some reflections on our re-entry, as well as a look ahead. 

Most importantly, we want to say how wonderful it was to welcome students back into the school. We would like to extend a huge thank you to you for your ongoing support. The students have shown patience, kindness, leadership and respect as we all work together as a community to follow safety protocols and embark on our exciting new year of learning. We recognize the care and attention that you have put towards supporting your children. Thank you!

One thing that would really help us is to ensure that your child is able to independently open their lunch/snacks. This allows us to maximize eating and recess times and keep the integrity of health protocols in place. Also, please note that we cannot provide emergency lunches and food this year and need to call parents to provide food if lunch or snacks are spilled or forgotten.

Even though it is the end of the first week of school, we are still not able to confirm your child’s teacher.  Teacher placement in the HUB has not yet been determined and as a result, we are not able to finalize our staffing at Westgate. We anticipate being able to confirm your child’s classroom teacher early next week. Thank you for your patience.

This is a learning experience for all of us.  As we settle into the school year, we will adjust as necessary to ensure that everyone stays safe and that your children have an excellent educational experience.  We welcome your comments and feedback.

Wishing you a wonderful long weekend with your families. See you Tuesday, September 8th.

Best Regards,

Scott Fehr and Stephanie Leech​
Jun 30
Message from Administration

​Chères familles de Westgate,

As we are about to begin our summer I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all members of the Westgate School community: to parents and guardians for all of the learning support they have provided to their children, to staff for the incredible way they adjusted to the new realities in our lives, and to our students who worked so hard to continue learning in very strange circumstances.  Although we don’t know how things will evolve in the next school year we can all rest assured that we have a close-knit and supportive school community that will ensure success for all of our students no matter the circumstances.

We are currently planning for the re-entry in September.  As we do this we follow guidance from Alberta Health Services, Alberta Education and the Calgary Board of Education.  We are thinking through the various challenges that life in a school of 570 students will pose.  We will have more information after August 1, 2020, which is the date that Alberta Health Services and Alberta Education will make a final decision regarding the re-entry model.  Through this process I commit to you that we will provide you with clear and accurate information regarding our work to plan and create a safe educational experience for our students. 

At this time of year we have to say good bye to some of our staff who have been covering the leaves of other teachers:

Zoée Fenelon
Breanne Erbacker
Kim Leroux
Brenda Olorenshaw

Thanks to you all for jumping in in very difficult circumstances and doing such an outstanding job.

We also have to say good-bye to Rhonda Griffiths, our bookkeeper, after many years of service at Westgate.  Rhonda’s wealth of knowledge about all things relating to money and the purchase of educational resources will be sorely missed.  Rhonda will continue to work part-time at Bishop Pinkham and part-time at Midsun.  We wish you all the best Rhonda.

Rachel Goudreau is retiring and today, June 30, is officially her last day of work.  Rachel has been an outstanding teacher at Westgate for many years.  She is such a fantastic colleague.  We will mss her kindness and sense of humour.  We hope to see you back at Westgate from time to time in the future.  Enjoy your retirement Rachel!

We are excited to announce that Sarah Charlebois will be returning to Westgate after completing her maternity and parental leaves. 

I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.  In French we say “Bon courage!” which means I wish you strength and courage.  Take care of yourselves.

Passez un bon été et à bientôt,

Scott Fehr
Directeur, École Westgate

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