We strive to assist students in developing an understanding of their educational goals and how to attain them successfully

  • Includes: course advising, high school program planning and pathways to completion, support of success in courses, Post-Secondary planning, timetable conflicts, applications to summer school and online courses.

Guidance Team

Nicole Peters  Surnames (A - G)

Shauna Arrell   Surnames (H - O)

Becky Verwaayen, Surnames (P - Z), Learning Leader

Christine Nordhagen,  Unique Pathways, Off-campus Education, Work Experience

Leanne Lasiuk,  Secretary

Booking an Appointment & Hours

Students are encouraged to make appointments to talk to their counsellors about issues that are affecting their success at school.  You may discuss your personal situation in a supportive manner with your counsellor and work collaboratively to develop strategies to succeed.  At times, your issue may be more urgent and we encourage you to come to the Success Centre to see us, as we will have a guidance counsellor available to you.

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Drop-In Hours: will be posted outside the Success Centre. 

High School Guidance

CBE Course Guides

Graduation Information

Post Secondary Planning

U of C Program Entrance Requirements

  • Each degree program has specific admission requirements.  This tool is a great resource for students and families to get a better understanding of entrance requirements including required courses for admission as well as estimated competitive admission average for each program.

Additional Guidance

Individual Program Plan (IPP) Counselling and Learning Support

An IPP works on providing accommodations and strategies, which supports a student’s learning and/or social emotional needs. The IPP is based on a diagnostic assessment from a qualified professional. It is in the form of a Psycho-Educational assessment and may include cognitive and psychological assessments as well as medical and health related assessments.

Each learner (with or without an identified special education code) has the right to access accommodations (e.g., time, assistive technology, tools, space, equipment, alternative formats), also referred to as instructional supports, that remove barriers to learning tasks and assessment, without consequence to grades.

Process for Requesting a Course Change

Consideration will only be given to requests received via the Request for Course Change 2022 -2023 Form. Please submit it to your Guidance Teacher by email.    Guidance Teachers work with students and families according to the student’s surname.

Student Surnames:

Requesting an Online Course

The Calgary Board of Education’s online school is

Process for Requesting an Online Course

Summer School, High School Upgrading

  • Chinook Learning (
  • focused on providing , summer school, high school upgrading, adult English language learning, continuing education
  • Summer school registration begins in May.

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