English Language Arts (ELA) is more than reading and writing. ELA involves:

  • Communicating effectively in various places for many different audiences and reasons
  • Selecting appropriate forms, structures and technology for a variety of contexts
  • Understanding, appreciating and creating a broad range of texts (including multi-media, visual, oral, and print)

A student who is experiencing a high degree of success in English at high school will have demonstrated a number of strengths. He/she will use critical thinking, exploration and increasing sophistication of thought in his/her approaches to literature, discussions and assignments. He/she will demonstrate increased accountability for his/her learning and a positive attitude and curiosity toward the course’s activities and texts. 

Ideally, all students will become effective, flexible collaborative workers capable of demonstrating empathy toward others (social and cultural awareness).  English courses are designed to foster students’ sense of leadership and initiative by being respectful, active members amongst all people in the learning environment.   

See more about English Language Arts Expectations.

Course Descriptions

English Language Arts 10‐2, 20‐2, and 30‐2 

(5 credits each)

This stream is designed to offer many strategies to maximize opportunities for success in English Language Arts. Students of English 30‐2 are required to write the 30‐2 diploma examination. This sequence is not designed to prepare students for entrance to university. 

English Language Arts 10‐1, 20‐1, and 30‐1 

(5 credits each)

The English Language Arts 10‐1, 20‐1, and 30‐1 sequence is for students of average or above average ability who wish to pursue further academic studies at the university level. The ability to read and write well, to think critically and analytically, and to reason abstractly are definite assets for these courses. Students of English 30‐1 are required to write the 30‐1 Diploma Examination.

English Language Arts 30‐1 Advanced Placement

(5 credits each)

These courses have been developed with three basic objectives in mind. The first and foremost is to foster the enthusiasm of students with a strong love of literature. The second is to promote an approach to learning which will leave students better prepared for the rigors of University. The third is to ensure, as much as possible, success in the writing of the AP exam.

Because of these three objectives, students can expect the literature, the required writing and the pace to offer greater challenge than in the regular program. Students who register in these courses must have proficient writing and reading skills and must be strongly self‐motivated, independent learners.

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