Course Descriptions

Dance 15

(5 credits)

Dance 15 is an introduction to dance in a high school setting. Senior high dance focuses on the development and growth of the whole student (physically, cognitively, creatively and socially.) Students are provided with a studio style class that gives them the opportunity to participate in various forms and aspects of dance in a non-competitive environment. No experience is necessary for this level of dance as all fundamentals and foundation will be introduced and reviewed. Areas of study may include Jazz (including but not limited to swing, funk, afro, lyrical street etc.), Hip Hop, Creative, Ballet, Contemporary, and ethno-culture. Dance technique, creativity, choreography, performance, anatomy, and history are all integral components of the program. All students in Dance 15 will have the opportunity to perform in the main stage production at the end of the semester.

Dance 25 

(5 credits)

Pre-requisite: Dance 15

Dance 25 is a continuation of Dance 15. Students continue to develop personal and social growth through dance experiences. Dance 25 students will develop more of a leadership role by teaching a full warm-up and across the floor combinations. Dance 25 challenges students to build on their technique and performance skills as we focus on choreography taught by the teacher, guest choreographers and the Dance 35 students. All students in Dance 25 will perform in the main stage production at the end of the semester.

Dance 35 

(5 credits)

Pre-requisite: Dance 25

Dance 35 is an extension and continuation of skills developed in Dance 25. Emphasis will be placed on mastering choreography and leading/teaching other students, as well as honing performance skills. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to stage their own choreography for the main stage production at the end of the semester.

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