Oct 09
School Culture for October

Our school culture this month is focusing on identifying with the indigenous culture and learning on the land. Being outside and learning on the land are important to our staff and teachers. Our students have been listening to indigenous music, exploring the fields and nature by looking at Fall leaves, talking about patterns in nature, walking down to Christ Church and doing the mathematical maze...etc.  This month we have paired up with Ever Active Schools in order to support us with our goal of getting outside and learning on the land.  Our Grade 2 class with Mme Puchalski will be leading this work with this new partner this Fall for our school.  They will be actively participating in directing their learning and interests towards how they want to get outside and what they want to learn.   All classes are encouraged to go outside to the playgrounds and outside to the nearby parks in order to continue and to enhance thier learning.  With Ever Active Schools all of our students are encouraged to explore the 2.4km walk zone of our school.  We want to encourage physical activity, improve traffic safety skills and foster a sense of connection to the space and to indigenous ways of knowing. Teacher's will email or school message your child's class 48 hours in advance of an outdoor activity off the school grounds within walking distance.  We look forward to enjoying the next few weeks before it snows outside the school grounds.  At this time, unfortunately we cannot have parent volunteers but you can participate by asking your child what did you learn in school today and outside the school grounds today. 

Christine Stiles, 


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