Oct 30
Here comes November

Dear William Reid families

                Our teachers were involved in many different forms of Professional Development on our CBE System Professional Development  Day Oct 30 2020.  The sessions they attended will trickle into your children's classrooms over the next few weeks.  Our teacher's were happy to be students for the day and are looking forward to sharing what they have learned in thier classrooms with your students.   Please feel free to ask their teachers about the highlights during these sessions.  Some of the sessions they attended included but not limited to:  Indigenous Education, Learning Opportunities in Outdoor Spaces, Thrive outside, Combined-Grade Classrooms K-6 | Planning for Differentiated Instruction, Literacy Development, Assessment and Calibration, Health and Physical Education amidst COVID 19, Fostering Fun, Engaging students in Asynchronous Environment, Keeping students engaged, Exploring On-line resources such as Smart Notebook, Google Suite, Je lis je lis and Idéllo.

We will be continuing getting student's outside exploring curriculum on the land for the month of November.  Getting students outside allows for more space and more movement.  This helps students with engagement, sensory and emotional regulation.  Large-scale models can provide real world applications. Being outside is not just for recess and play and the shift in our building is to go outside to learn as well.  Mother Nature can be a wonderful teacher.  As teachers, we feel the more life like the activity is, the more meaningful it is to students and the more enhanced learning.  Additionally the outdoors provides 'just right' sensory experience.  There are softer colors, natural light, and noise is easier to tolerate.  A regulated sensory system is necessary for higher level thinking and learning to take place.

For this month of November, we will be taking skills from indoor learning and challenging students to apply it to the outdoors.  For example, measurement in math, jumping in the gym.  We are continuing to build our outdoor spaces and we ask for donations of tree stumps, buckets, rope, string tape measurers, magnifying glasses, old pots and pans, milk crates, and tarps or other useful supplies. 

Looking forward to an exciting new month of learning in November,


Christine Stiles,


William Reid School​


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