Jun 29
End of School Year


Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers

Well, that was strangest school year that I can recall.  Today would have marked the final day of in-school classes, as we all prepared for Summer Break and said our farewells.  Things unfolded differently this year, but our students made it through.  We are so very proud of them all.

Congratulations to our Class of 2020

It is a tremendous achievement for anybody to successfully complete Grade 12.  Years of growth, determination, effort and sacrifice go into high school completion.  This year we have several students to celebrate – both at our satellite program at Central Memorial High School and at our main campus school.  These young people have faced challenges and hurdles in their lives, but they stayed the course.  They refused to quit on themselves or their education.  They persevered.  We want to wish each and every member of our Class of 2020 every success in the future.  You did it!  Please continue to look after yourselves and strive for a life of happiness.  You have all earned it.

New School Calendar

Please remember that for the 2020/21 school year, William Roper Hull School (like all schools in the Calgary Board of Education) will follow the Traditional School Calendar.  As such, students are scheduled to return to school on Tuesday, September 1.  Please note that our Calendar is available on our school website.

August 1 Updates

As you are likely aware, on August 1 the government of Alberta is planning to update all of us regarding the plan of action for a return to school in the Fall.  The Calgary Board of Education will follow up any announcements by putting into action their plans for a return to school, and will communicate these plans to students and their families once they are confirmed.

Thank You

The staff of William Roper Hull School has worked tirelessly to assure the continuation of educational, social and emotional support for our students and their families during these unprecedented times.  We want to thank these incredible people for their dedication and heart, and for continuing to put our students first.  We also want to thank the families, caregivers, and programs that support the wonderful young people that we serve together.  Without this support it is unlikely that we would have had the remarkable levels of student engagement and success that we have achieved over the past few months.  And last but most certainly not least, we want to extend our most sincere thanks to the students of William Roper Hull.  We are immensely proud of all of you.  We can’t wait to see you again.

Enjoy your summer everyone.


Yours sincerely,

Joe Sturgeon


William Roper Hull School



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Students worked with braiding the sweetgrass to collaborate on an art installation to commemorate the tragedy in Kamloops. It will be taken to Kamloops to put up in front of the residential school .. (the Buffalo). @hullcalgary @WeAreCBE @Indigenous_cbe https://t.co/5EpXxJjuhp

RT @CBELanguages: Splendid vist @HullSchool @yyCBEdu . The new crosswalk painted by the students looks great! The results of thework in the garden by the students of teacher A. Simms and Educational Child and Youth Care Counsellors V. Somers and J. Maddigan Wood are truly amazing! https://t.co/7P839oUbW9

Team work makes the dream work at William Roper Hull School! Students and staff collaborated to create this beautiful mural in front of our wonderful school on Thursday afternoon. #Pride2021 @yyCBEdu @hullcalgary https://t.co/LKufCKqCxu